Congressional Sportsmen Foundation: Tracking The Capitols April 22nd 2009

Congressional Sportsmen Foundation: Tracking The Capitols April 22nd 2009
Weekly update on federal and state legislation affecting sportsmen.

Congressional Sportsmen Foundation: Tracking The Capitols Report
Congressional Sportsmen Foundation: Tracking The Capitols Report
Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation
Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation

Any Capital City, USA – -( Welcome to this weeks issue of the weekly “Tracking the Capitols” report.

Tracking the Capitols is intended to keep you informed on the most pertinent and timely federal and state legislation affecting hunting, fishing, and conservation issues currently being tracked by the CSF and NASC policy team. Subscribers to the CSF electronic mailing list will receive this report in their email inbox every Tuesday morning.

Pro-Sportsmen Tax Exemptions

Louisiana SB 52 would establish an Annual Second Amendment Weekend Holiday to exempt from state and local sales tax each year consumer purchases of firearms, ammunition, and hunting supplies from the first consecutive Friday through Sunday in September.

Gun Legislation

New York AB 7499 would establish a registry of information disqualifying certain persons from the purchase of a firearm; provides information to the criminal justice information services division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of promptly responding to a query from a federal firearms licensee regarding an individual’s attempt to purchase or otherwise take possession of a firearm.

New York SB 4084 (AB 6294) attempts to add additional weapon models to the definition of an assault weapon and adds related definitions; bans the possession, sale or manufacture of assault weapons, subject to an exception; expands the duties of the superintendent of state police with respect to identifying assault weapons.

Oregon HB 2991 sponsored by Sportsmen’s Caucus Chair Representative Brad Witt exempts sellers from performing criminal history record check if purchaser or recipient has concealed handgun license.

Alaska HJR 17 sponsored by Sportsmen’s Caucus Chair Representative John Harris having passed both the House and Senate is a resolution opposing H.R. 45, called the Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009, which is currently in the U.S. Congress .

Montana HB 317 sponsored by Sportsmen’s Caucus Member Rep. Timothy Furey and signed by the governor on April 9, guarantees any member of the armed forces who forfeited a special hunting license or permit issued by drawing as a result of deployment outside of the continental United States may retain the same permit without additional fees for one year after their return from active duty.

California AB 962 is a bill that would, among other things, effectively ban mail order and internet sales of handgun ammunition and require purchasers of handgun ammunition to provide detailed personal information, including their name, address, drivers license number, and amount of ammunition purchased. AB 962 is scheduled for hearing on April 21, 2009 in the Assembly Committee on Public Safety.


Maryland HB 1309, legislation that would have “doubled” the distance from a dwelling in order to discharge a firearms or shoot an arrow – 150 yards to 300 yards – was withdrawn by its sponsor, Delegate Barbara Frush, during the final hours of the 2009 Session of the Maryland General Assembly.

North Carolina HB 1253 (SB 515) would prohibit the placing of live foxes or coyotes in enclosed areas for the purpose of field trials or the training of dogs.

North Carolina HB 1295 is an act to prohibit hunting with a center-Fire rifle from a vessel on a navigable body of water.

Louisiana HB 529 is a proposed constitutional amendment that would abolish the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission.

Colorado SB 235 “Wildlife Habitat Stamps & Passports” sponsored by Sportsmen’s Caucus Chair & NASC Executive Council Member Senator Dan Gibbs is bill for an act concerning certain fees charged by the division of wildlife, and making an appropriation in connection therewith.

California SB 589 would help protect hunting license tag and stamp revenues from being inappropriately expended by the Department of Fish and Game for non-game or non-hunting purposes.

California AB 1423 would 1) clarify existing commercial hunting club license requirements and establish a new license fee structure; 2) update the Shared Habitat Alliance for Recreational Enhancement Program (SHARE) so that the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) may access new federal funding for support of the program; and 3) expand and increase penalties for willfully interfering with the lawful activity of hunting and fishing.

We can have the best wildlife habitat imaginable and a record number of people who buy fishing and hunting licenses, but it won’t matter if misguided laws and regulations are made at the federal and state levels that negatively impact our outdoor traditions. Keeping sportsmen’s issues front and center is what the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation does. Day in and day out, our sole focus is on providing a voice for sportsmen in the political arena. Serving as the first line of defense in protecting America’s outdoor traditions as well as promoting the sportsmen’s agenda through the collective muscle of sportsmen’s caucuses.