USA Buys Enough Guns in 3 Months to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Army

USA Buys Enough Guns in 3 Months to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Army
Law abiding US citizens bought on average 3,177,256 guns every 3 months in 2008.

EveryTown, USA – -( In just 3 months Americans bought enough guns to outfit the entire Chinese and Indian army's combined.

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto WWII

You also bought 1,529,635,000 rounds of ammunition in just the month of December 2008. Yeah that is right, that is Billion with a “B”. This number takes no accounting of reloading or reloaded ammunition.

This is an evaluation of overall firearms and ammunition purchases based on low end numbers per Federal NIC instacheck data base Statistics. The numbers presented are only PART of the overall numbers of arms and ammunition that have been sold. The actual numbers are much higher.

Follow Up:

For those who asked see our follow up post with links to the data.
Update: USA Buys Enough Guns in 3 Months to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Army

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    1. If you have any issues with the current state of firearms procurement in the USA. Go for a walk after dark through Camden, NJ. The land is divided between the haves and the have nots. I dont have much, but those that have nothing dont see it that way. So I carry a cell phone to record the event and carry a legal weapon to protect the little I have.


    2. Alas that Yamamoto quote is a fabrication by the hoplophile propaganda. It is bogus and exists in no documented source.

      Who could seriously believe that Yamamoto would imagine the US militarily "undefended"? Let us not insult the man's intelligence, shall we?

    3. Once again the question arises whether to vote for the lesser of two evils. No Infringement means no compromise. Any compromise is an infringement. If you support compromise or those who do, you do not support the second amendment. Besides, compromise to them means to compromise your position. There two meanings to the word, both treason to the second amendment.

    4. 2 years ago I signed up for the 5 year membership. Since then, I am deluged with weekly mailings from the NRA soliciting more funds, and irritatingly, more mailings asking me to renew my membership (no one seems to understand that a 5 year term is in force). If they would limit themselves to one mailing every 2 months they would have more funds saved from the waste that all the crap mail costs and the landfill would not be as deep.

    5. Found this by accident looking for the quote from Yamamoto.

      Now, many months later it is interesting to read quotes from two years ago. There are many who are very angry with the NRA for its move on the ability to run ads close to election. I think it was the "disclose act". The end result is just what it should have been. Whether the bill passed or failed, the NRA retained the right to run ads that would reveal the stance of politicians regarding the second amendment. Sure it excluded small groups, but it made certain at least large pro-gun groups would be able to reveal the truth about anti-gun politicians in the last few days before election WITHOUT the requirement to list ALL who support the organization with funds.

      Check this out.

      As the bill was written, in order for any pro-gun organization to run ads close to election time, it would have been required by law to provide a listing of every person who donated funds. That means there would have a been a list of all gun owners for the anti-gun people to review and maybe, just maybe they would have found a way to abuse that list. They want to disarm us at any cost. Who knows, maybe they would have hired private investigators to dig up dirt, or just plain harass. It would also be a shopping list for people hoping to steal guns.

      At first I didn't think it was right for the NRA to squeeze a special exemption for itself, but now I see the wisdom of that decision and I hope others will come around as well.

      The people who sponsored the bill aren't happy that the NRA will be exempted from listing its donors so they are regrouping to find a new way to get what they really want. It is not just campaign reform, they want to know who has the guns and where they live.

      I certainly hope those who left the NRA will consider my words and rejoin because it will take a great deal of support to keep the anti-gun group at bay. Divided we have no where near the clout as if we are united.

    6. get dug in and get your BAG LIMIT BEFORE THEY GET YOU.sorry about that,its open season with NO BAG LIMIT.

    7. The NRA may have its usefulness for those who play within the "tug of war","give and take" of lobbying groups within the political system that's designed to put pressure on politicians,but in the end,it will be tens of millions of Americans who adamantly refuse to relinquish weapons that will stymie any governmental effort of disarming us.

      To me it's irrelevant if there is an "NRA" "fighting for my gun rights",neither do I care what some group of federal judges declares regarding my guns.

      I don't care what words some trendy politician utters about guns.

      I don't care what the media says about them.

      I don't care if we become just another nation within the global UN framework having to abide by its global rules and laws.

      I don't care if the death penalty is eventually invoked for gun ownership-I'm never giving mine up,get used to it.

    8. Forget the NRA. The leadership has been selling out gun owners and freedom loving Americans for the past 30 years. They endorse anti 2nd Ammenment candidates against pro freedom candidates. They also signed on to the instantcheck system. Support Gun Owners of America instead!

    9. The GOA is a great pro firearms organization who WORKS with the NRA on many occasions.

      This debate about which is better is a waste of time, and only helps our enemy's.

      The truth is we have enough potential members to go around and enough funds to support both. We need both types of organizations working to protect our 2nd amendment rights and you can see that the NRA and the GOA pick and choose which battles they fight or let the other one fight.

      And if you disagree with the NRA's position on something the GOA can be there to steer the path.

      You should support and belong to both groups as they each do great things to protect our right to keep and bare arms.

      Statements like the "NRA = Gun Control" do more damage to each organization by confusing those who have yet to throw in their support by making them second guess which group is better when the reality is we need them to belong to both.

      The Bottom Line is stop the internal bickering. If you personally like one group more than the other then put all your effort into that organization, but do not tear down the other as each is a powerful force for good.

      We have much worse enemy's like the HSU, PETA, United Nations and the current Administration.

      If you want to complain, write about what they are doing wrong.

      The last word of caution is anyone can comment on here so who is to say that our enemy's are not the ones trying to divide us.

    10. Jorge B. Thank you, I was about to post the same.

      Folks…the NRA was established as a gun control lobby so that the "black folks" would be limited as to their ability to own firearms. They were for the '68 Fed bill. They are controlled oppositoin. Understand what I'm saying…the NRA is a gun control group! In their own words they believe in "reasonable gun control" . Well, I believe that an armed society is a polite society, I am a life time NRA member and wish I could revoke my membership. Just try it. They won't let you because they want to keep their "numbers" ; what a crock! Seriously, they will stop sending you literature but you remain a life member in "body count" Learn just a few of their lies at the following link.

      Please. Larry Pratt's organization is the only no compromise gun lobby. Unless you believe that the 2nd Amendment is about shooting sports and hunting then you have no choice but to expose the true NRA and support GOA.

      There are thousands of good NRA people with good intentions they are simply uninformed. That is what is meant by controlled opposition. They are so invested emotionally like a favorite sports team that they simply won't open their eyes to the truth. We've been duped! Admit it. NRA = gun control …three steps foward and one step back for the "Brady bunch" is not forward progression when we're the one step back!

      That does not equal any sort of victory for our God given right. that' s right…God given, not Gumbint given. There is no right for legislation to take away because legislation did not give us the right to defend ourselves. NOT HUNT…DEFEND OURSELVES. Get it?

      Don't wait for the NRA to grow a pair, they already have….a pair of breasts.

      BTW, I'm a woman so I can say that. I can also say that the NRA are a bunch of pantywaist sellouts that couldn't hold a fist size grouping to the GOAs no compromise 2nd amendment protection. Now that' s real feminine protection. Keep yer powder dry.

    11. The NRA is for compromising with Washington. WE don't want a compromise! The right to keep and bear arms, shall NOT be infringed.

      The NRA compromised on registration, out-right bans and the outlawing of full auto.

      The NRA was founded to co-opt and disarm our militia.

      Try Gun Owners of America. They are the real patriots.

    12. GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA….. a better defender of the 2nd Amendment than the NRA. I appreciate the NRA but IF you want to support a gun rights group with a pit bull attitude about defending OUR RIGHTS…. Join Gun Owners Of America.


    13. God you people are IDIOTS. Yes the NRA is a Trojan Horse, but there is another organization you can join…

      Gun Owners of America! Wake up you fools!

    14. Boycott the NRA. They are selling our gun rights down the river. By the Gods, they helped write the 1968 Gun Control act!

      NRA children, grow up and fight for your rights. Support Gun Owners of America.

    15. If anyone still thinks that by joining the NRA that the "Government" will eventually get their hands on the "List" of members thus discovering the gun owners, they are crazy. The "Government" knows who the gun owners are (legal owners anyway).

      You can't legally buy a gun anymore without tons of paperwork and background checks. Every time you buy weapons or ammunition with a credit card, go to the range, go to a gun show, visit a website, or answer/read/contribute to a blog/newsgroup you are being traced by one agency or another. Big brother is on the ball and if you think it's different, you're only fooling yourself.

      You can't hide anymore so you might as well join the "paranoid" majority and enjoy the freedom while it lasts.

    16. God Bless The Republic, Death To The New World Order, We Shall Prevail, The Empire Is On The Run, We Are On The March Both Day & Night!

      -Steven Aric Otero

    17. You NRA ers need to wise up. I have been a member of the NRA and GOA(Gun Owners of America). GOA is the FAR superior advocacy group. Yes the NRA is larger, but there are way too many compromisers and worse at the top. Even some out and out traitors. GOA has not and hopefully will never sell the constitution and the 2nd amendment out. So far so good. If it's a choice of only one organization then join Gun Owner's of America! Get real and get real smart!

    18. I certainly hope DC is not so stupid as to not realize what these purchase figures imply. Remember your Oath of Enlistment?


      Remember what you swore to protect, and from whom. You swore to protect the Constitution, not the politburo. So long as those elected work within the boundaries of our founding document, it's all good. POTUS or Congress violate it, they must be removed. SCOTUS tries to apply foreign law in consideration of a case before them? Wrong answer.

    19. Well first of all …ever since I came home from the Marine Corps and guns and hunting etc became my choice of the way to spend my free time the gun owners of this country have been threatened with loss of their guns and 2nd Amendment rights…I am fed up with the continuous hassle….all things considered the NRA is the strongest voice on the scene … don't like them join all pro-gun organizations…you think they have sold us out or beg for money…????

      Our government has sold us out and they don't ask for our money they just take it and have it spent years worth they haven't even collected yet… don't kid yourself about your name on a list… they already have it and it had nothing to to with the NRA… and the list is so long that if they came to your house it would be pure coincidence or luck of the draw… numbers is all the two egotistical, arrogant elitist fraternities (Dems/Repubicans) who govern (and I use that term very loosely) understand. So if we don't belong to every organization we can afford to that stands for our rights and hang together surely at some point we will hang alone. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be so divided in this country as we are today. The list of distinguished and serious problems is long but the loss of the middle class… the back bone of America is on the brink of being gone and that my friends will spell the end. Everyone in the layer of governance wants to blame someone… is looking for who to blame… none of them knows enough about hard work and sitting down and finding the root cause of a situation and working on a solution… it is all about getting re-elected… because it means money in the pocket for them and care for life…

      The bottom line is that the Democrats, Republicans, high end corporate America, the media and the entertainment world (including the sports world) is taking America down the river Stix…..and the unwashed masses think they are on cruise….if they would look at the side of the boat it says "Titanic"…greed is king…the truth is gone…and we have seen the best this country has to offer….and the good that we have enjoyed was provided by the effort, blood and lives of those who served to keep her upright and free…..but even our troopers haven't been able to keep us safe from our own "politicians"….I would hope that our Heavenly Father will have mercy on us let us get back on track but we have thrown Him out of every part of lives so it would not be strange that he could leave us alone to our own demise.

      Semper Fi D. Nelson

    20. I have been an active member of the NRA for 20 years and can tell you that the decisions they have made are sound.When anti-gunners lose a battle they blame it on the NRA.When Bill Clinton lost the House and Senate in 1994 in his book he blamed it on the NRA.When Al Gore lost his bid to be president they blamed the lose of at least 5 states on the NRA.When our enemy blames the NRA you can bet it is doing a great job!!

    21. I did my part. I'm knee deep in MBR (Main Battle rifle) ammo for both NATO and WARSAW pact, for you never know which one the Black-turd-impostor-to the Whitehouse will send. We're ready. Like so many before, if we must water the tree of liberty, so be it.

      I gave up on the NRA when it became apparent it was one huge "take the members money and solicit them for more" organization, and our objectives of punishing our enemies were not being met. The NRA never met a gun-ban they didn't endorse, and that ticks me off. So instead of making LaPierre and his scamsters rich, I'm 100% GOA now!

    22. Yea, Thats brilliant Whitey split our resources and power. Have you ever heard of "Divide and Conquer"? The Main reason we can still own Weapons is due to the NRA. The gun grabbers fear them ,the NRA is the one they mention by name. The gun grabbers can go to local groups and make them disappear without much press. But it would be hard to do that with an orginization several million strong. There are over 80,000,000 gun owners in the USA if 1/3 of them were members that would be impossibel for even the leftwing news media to ignore. If you own a gun and you are not a member of the NRA then you could be the cause if we lose that right. To put it in Military terms, if you were in battle would you rather fight a Rifle Squad or a Division?

    23. "OK, so you don’t like the NRA. Who is at least as good and at least as effective?

      Don’t say GOA or JPFO. While they are great on their positions, they aren’t as effective and don’t have the numbers."

      Gotta say, that's just stupid. So, if a group has blatantly SOLD OUT it's members and there are other FAR MORE DEDICATED AND TRUSTWORTHY options, yet smaller, your solution is to simply forget about it and continue supporting the backstabbers? How about ALL the People who are Fed Up, Sick and Tired, Pissed Off and DONE with the NRA who are members, CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP and join GOA or JPFO? Not only are you now supporting groups who UNDERSTAND that "Sporting Purpose" has NOTHING to do with the 2nd but you're sending a signal that WE AS A CULTURE understand that. By supporting the NRA because they're "Well, they're the biggest", you're supporting what they believe and are willing to fight for.

      If you can straighten out the NRA – fine. Do it. The easiest way to do that, however, is through the pocketbook. QUIT THEM like they quit us. Maybe then they'll get the idea and start using they're enormous infrastructure for the right reason.

      Oh, and if anyone with the NRA happens to read this, STOP SENDING ME MAIL. Christ, I haven't been a member for years and I'm still getting my Bi-Monthly letters asking for money. Have they considered for just a second that if they QUIT sending out all the damn mail they wouldn't HAVE to constantly ask for money? Especially when the mail they are sending is the mail asking for money. It's like wiping before you poop, just don't make no sense.

    24. I'd never join a controlled group like the NRA. I'm doing my part by owning guns and ammo and properly informing myself. Centralization of power in groups like NRA is always a major target for subversion. You want to be more effective? Create local groups which YOU control. use these groups to do lobbying or what ever. Then the politicians will have to listen to MORE groups and they can not as easily subvert the groups. Centralization is INHERENTLY subject to authoritarian techniques.

    25. No NRA for me,, if push comes to shove they will give the Gov't their membership list and Baba-Bing Bada-Boom Obama knows who has guns and where they are.

    26. They are correct when they say that the US war/service veteran will be there biggest threat.The soldiers and vets will never turn on the people of this country.They will turn on the monster of a government that we have been tolerating for far too long.They will be our backbone when we finally do stand up and take this country back from these greed sucking scumbags once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Saw this posting just now. I think that is great and a telling reflection on people's beliefs. What I didn't think was so great was the video linked to it. Now, I understand the sentiment, but posting a video that tacitly approves armed rebellion and does it in a raw and righteous manner can't help anything.

      The people who agree with the message aren't going to be disgusted by its absence, and the people who disagree are probably going to be offended by its presence. But regardless of anyone's reaction, the thematic aspects of it were not so great, and the production quality was not very high.

      So . . . I think you should consider taking it down and replacing it with something more positive. The video rejoices in the perceived negative aspects of firearms, destruction and violence. While firearms are certainly good for killing people, that is widely known. Wouldn't it be better to pick something other than rioters as the symbolism for gun owners?

      1. Regarding the above video: You make some very good points, AmmoLand supports law abiding respectful gun ownership and does not endorse the images of violence that maybe showing the Youtube video above. But, we do not want to remove the video because that was the source that triggered this article. Hopefully anyone can clearly see it is a Youtube video and not from us, but it is the catalyst that caused us to review the numbers and author this post.

        Thanks for everyone's comments.

    28. OK, so you don't like the NRA. Who is at least as good and at least as effective?

      Don't say GOA or JPFO. While they are great on their positions, they aren't as effective and don't have the numbers.

    29. It's logical that gun sales took sharp upturn.

      The concern is that the super majority of Democrats in Washington will make firearms either harder to obtain or outright contraband.

      Gangs will inherit more and more of the gun market. The murder rate will increase as an unintended consequence of stiffer gun laws because the gangs will sell the guns to anybody including drug addicts. That in itself is a motivation for the law abiding citizen to arm themselves.

      As for myself, I have all the weapons I could possibly need, so I've just been stocking up on ammo because I think ammo will be subject to new regulations and increased taxes under this President and Congress.

    30. The problem with all the moaning about the NRA is that like it or not, they are the largest advocate for our cause. We either stand together or loose it all… this is it folks… the dems control everything and the anti's are chomping at the bit to take all our rights away. Feel free to call it paranoia, but we need to stand in numbers here. Stop complaining about the NRA and join the cause, or you might be complaining about having been disarmed later. It's this kind of separation within our community that will eventually be our downfall.

    31. Yeah,m What about when you don't renew your NRA membership and then they sell the mailing lists of non renewing members like they have done in the past. Not only can the bad guys get a list of people who have arms in the home but so can the gov't.

    32. Nothing is perfect. not the NRA, nor the U.S. gov't. As a retired member of the U.S. Air Force, I will remember the oath I took when I enlisted. ' I will protect and defend the united states and the constitution from all enemies, foriegn and domestic." Whom ever they may be. And that's why I am a member of the NRA.

    33. I'm a relative newbie to the NRA and I also teach Government. As with ALL large organizations there is always something we would like to see done differently. I am never in total agreement with any of the organizations I join or support. However, when in comes to dealing with Washington AND our local governments there is DEFINITELY strength in numbers and no pro gun organization can put up the numbers like the NRA can. I urge all gun owners to support and join the NRA and it's local chapters as well as any other perepheral organization you might find. Also, please be aware that the NRA has a new toolbar for internet explorer that allows you to support them while doing your normal browsing of the internet. Go to the NRA website and check it out.

    34. The NRA is having a free membership drive good for a year in order to have a stronger membership to represent when fighting against the gun controls that Holder is trying to have signed into law. If you are not a member I urge you to sign up. It will cost you nothing and will give them stronger fighting power.

    35. Mr. Williamson is exactly right. If you are not helping the NRA and its state affiliates you are not really helping.

    36. Politicus, I, too, resigned from NRA membership in 1986 over the FOPA'86 MG ban. I did not rejoin until the NRA grew a pair and stood firm against renewal of the 1994 AWB.

      There has been a shakeup in NRA leadership, and a lot of the compromising and backstabbing Fudds are gone.

      Why not sign up for a free one-year membership and see how you like it? If you don't, then don't renew at the end of the year.….

      1. I have to agree with Brian. The NRA is a big lumbering beast some times and many of us do not agree with their decisions, but over all they do more good than bad for gun owners. It is the size of the same beast that is needed when we have to put the squeeze on our government to force them in the right direction.

        You should try joining again. Especially when it is free.

        See our story on Free NRA Memberships.

    37. Glad to do what I can to help the cause 🙂

      Read somewhere that The Nuge buys his ammo by the pallet…COOL

      I am also a member of the NRA

    38. And some of us remember that the NRA has sold us down the river before and will NEVER support them again.

    39. Law abiding citezens

      appear to be concerned about


      "Right to own and bear arms"

      now if they would just join the NRA

      we could stand together in great numbers

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