Animal Extremists Preparing To Do Battle With NJ’s Pending 150′ Bow Perimeter Bill

Animal Extremists Preparing To Do Battle With NJ’s Pending 150′ Bow Perimeter Bill

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

Trenton, NJ – -( The animal extremists (NJARA) are preparing to do battle with a high profile campaign against the 150′ bow perimeter bill. I urge you to ask others to join the NJOA Action Alert so people will be able to contact their legislators and stay informed. Ask them to sign up at the following link under Action E List (at bottom of page.)

or you can personally send people a request to sign up by clicking:

The link below will take you to their new initiative to portray the outdoor community as radical and to create public hysteria. They have a navigation bar dedicated to assinating my character with half-truths and misinformation. (See “Who’s Behind These Bills.”) (WARNING: This is a lied filled website full of twisted facts by anti gun and anti hunting groups. –

I will be sending additional information shortly, so please ensure that you have others join the Action Alert. We will also have angling bills that will need your support in the very near future. Remember, “unity” has been the key to our success. Please have any angler, hunter, trapper, forester – anyone interested in conservation and the good of the ecology. Sign up for the Action Alerts… it’s free.

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Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.
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