CITIZENS BEWARE of Safe Backyards –

Citizens Beware of Safe Backyards –

Boycott - Don't be fooled by Radical Animals Rights Group
Boycott - Don't be fooled by Radical Animals Rights Group

Dania Beach, FL –Concerned citizen beware of the seemingly good intentioned Safe BackYards website as IT IS NOT what is seems.

Under all the warm, fuzzy, family photos of nice old ladies and children lays a well funded groups of radical animal rights nuts that are more interested in controlling people than helping animals. is sponsored by the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA), a documented supporter of eco-terrorists, who is intern funded by The Bear Education and Resource Group and Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and PETA., who claims to represent New Jersey residents (they do not), are opposed to Assembly Bill A 595. The bill reduces the current bow safety buffer zone surrounding homes and other occupied dwellings to a safe 150 feet.

The Facts Are:

  • Bow Hunting is one of the safest sports in NJ.  “Lawrence Herrighty, assistant operations director in the DEP Division of Fish and Wildlife, has stated on the record that he knew of no accidents involving bow hunting in New Jersey.”  So listing a bunch of archery accidents from other states is unrelated to bow hunting in NJ and the accidents listed mostly involve children and non hunters.
  • Archery in general is one of the safest sport in the world. The National Safety Councill rates archery more accident-free than every popular ball sport, including tennis and golf. Archery enables students to learn a safe, lifetime skill they can practice almost anywhere. More than 3.5 million students have participated in the program internationally since its inception in 2002, and there have been no accidents. That is right… Zero as in none, nada, zippo, accidents
  • Wildlife Management Areas or WMA were in fact bought buy hunters for hunting and have nothing to do with Public Green Acres Funding and long articles stating otherwise are only attempts to hid the facts.

We know our readers are much smarter than how the anti groups treat you. That is why we know you can use you own best judgment and research the facts for yourself and you will see that the management of wildlife through sound fundamental science, rather than by emotion or feel good policy’s, is much more effective for the healthy growth and management of animal populations.

Do not be fooled by benign looking website and misleading content. They are a a puppet of the radical anti hunting, anti gun and anti free thought movements that is more concerned about making money for their organizations than supporting wildlife.

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Need more proof read this OpED on SafeBackyards Deception: