Birchwood Caseys New Sharpshooter Targets

Birchwood Caseys New Sharpshooter Targets
Offer shooters a host of different challenging options for target practice or shooting games.

Birchwood Casey Gun Care
Birchwood Casey Gun Care

Eden Prairie, MN – -( Sharpshooter targets are constructed of tough corrugated plastic that will stand up to the elements and plenty of rounds of shooting.

Animal shaped targets include Crows and Prairie Chucks in a 7 ½” size and a 24″ x 48″ Bear silhouette.

The Crow and Prairie Chuck models come with Shoot-N-C overlay targets and the Bear with two Shoot-N-C 12″ Crosshair targets and 48 Repair Pasters.

Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter Targets
Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter Targets

Two 24″ round Sharpshooter targets are also available in a Bulls Eye or Sight-In version. Both targets are great for long range shooting and can also be used in conjunction with any Birchwood Casey adhesive target.

Whether it is sighting in or just a fun day of plinking, Sharpshooter targets can help you hone your shooting skills.

Crow and Prairie Chuck models sell for $8.80, the Bear silhouette sells for $13.90, and the round Sharpshooter targets sell for $6.50.

From legendary Tru-Oil® Gun Stock Finish and Perma Blue® Liquid Gun Blue to revolutionary Shoot•N•C® Targets, BIRCHWOOD CASEY has pioneered innovative products – with an unwavering dedication to quality. As always, we value your comments. So let us know how we can improve BIRCHWOOD CASEY products and service by calling 800.328.6156. We want to keep you shooting for many years to come!

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