DoubleStar 420 Handguard – The Answer for Large or Small Handed AR Shooters

DoubleStar 420 Handguard – The Answer for Large or Small Handed AR Shooters
Law Enforcement; Not a game of Jeopardy.

DoubleStar 420 AR15 Handguard
DoubleStar 420 AR15 - Handguard DoubleStar Corp. has created a handguard for use on 20 inch barrelled AR styled rifles that will allow both large and small handed shooters the ability to properly grip their rifles. The unique oval design used by DoubleStar offers this and much, much more.
DoubleStar Corporation
DoubleStar Corporation

Winchester, KY – -( “What is… the DoubleStar DS-420 Handguard,” answered DoubleStar President, Teresa Starnes.

The question, “Name the 12-inch handguard designed at the request of law enforcement to outfit their AR rifles with 20 inch long barrels. The handguard consists of a 4-rail picatinny system, is aircraft aluminum tough, and has a unique oval shape that fits both large and small-handed shooters.”

The DoubleStar DS-420 Handguard is a full 12-inches of aircraft-grade 60-61 T6 aluminum. This offers a tremendous weight advantage and strength to men and women in uniform, as well as shooting sports enthusiasts. The four-sided picatinny rail is a mil-spec system. This universal system enables you to mount a variety of tactical accessories to the forearm of the rifle. The 12 inch oval design leaves ample room for you to add accessories and allows both large and small hands the ability to grip the 20 inch barrelled AR rifles.

DoubleStar Vice-President Jesse Starnes said, “The DS-420 Handguard was specifically created in response to requests from law enforcement officers’ for a longer tactical forearm to fit the 20 inch barrelled AR rifles. Our unique oval design allows for lights, lasers and other accessories to be mounted on the forearm and at the same time gives shooters of all hand size the ability to properly grip the rifle.”

The snap-on installation has a spring pressure that forces the handguard against the front handguard cap. A tight fit forms, eliminating any side to side movement. This precision fit provides a stable base of placement for all tactical accessories.

DoubleStar Corp. is a Kentucky-based firearms manufacturer specializing in tactical weapons for the law enforcement, military and shooting sports markets. More information about DoubleStar’s product line is available on its website at Orders can also be placed by calling 1-888-736-7725 toll-free from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern time Monday through Friday.

The DS-420 retails for $189.99 and is available by calling 1-888-736-7725.