iMarksman Virtual Target Shooting System

iMarksman Virtual Target Shooting System


Langhorne PA – -( iSniper Inc. from Langhorne PA developed Interactive Shooting System for training with real firearms and gun simulators at home or classroom.

Evaluation of iMarksman™ products is based on reviews of experienced instructors from Law Enforcement agencies.

The system includes the following components:

  • iMarksman Dry-fire Target System:
  • iMarksman special laser devices can be used with real firearms (Handgun, Rifle or
  • Shotgun) for Dry-Fire training. The laser inserted into the barrel (boresight) or can be attached to the rail of the firearm (regular laser sight).

Firing pin will activate the laser device and the laser beam will act as a bullet.

iMarksman Use of force Software:

Unique Patent Pending software replaced expensive Video scenarios and allows Shooting Range instructors to control the training environment.

The instructor will be able to make the real size Target to shoot at trainee; make to appear the target in the random sequence and the sequence can be changed during an exercise.

The same picture/target programmed for different number of shots. It requires the trainee to make a decision for how long to shoot.

Auto mode:
The targets from the Auto Mode Folder will randomly appear on the screen.

Video mode:
The instructor will be able to copy any existing video scenario to the iMarksman Use-Of-Force Software™. Without modification the video will became an interactive video target.

Script mode:
The appearance, size, number of shots and timing will be preprogrammed by the instructor.

Manual mode:
he appearance, size, number of shots and timing will be controlled by the instructor.


  • Sensor camera and tripod;
  • CD with Installation Software;
  • iMarksman software with the set of targets and iMarksman Judgmental Use-of-Force Software;
  • Full size simulator handgun or AR15 Rifle simulator without recoil;
  • 2 lasers (Boresight laser and Tactical Red Laser Sight);
  • Aluminum Gun Case, spare batteries.


  • Recoil simulator kit;
  • LDP Projector;
  • Spare laser devices.

Price from $695

For more information please visit

Andrey Safanyuk
CEO iSniper, Inc.
Langhorne PA 19047
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    2. Hello. I am from Romania and i am Interested in to open commercial shooting range here with your product.what do you recommend, what kind of product you’ll recommend me, and approximate price for all necessary equipment.

      Thank you!

    3. I know this is an older post I have some additional information based on personal experience with one of the company’s products, iDryFire.

      Spent over two hours trying to set this up, one issue after another. The software and driver files that came with the camera were corrupt. I had to request that another set be sent to me. After I obtained a new set of software (which had to be verified and took about 20 hours of waiting), the camera was then not detected by my computer. I received an error about the device itself malfunctioning. The iDryFire software itself kept crashing as soon as it opened. I tried this on two different PCs. I do not recommend buying this product. Great in theory, but useless in practice.

    4. Hello Andrey, It was nice talking to you and you gave very help full information. Thank you.
      Please provide me with more information on opening my own business via email.

      Rana Reddy

    5. Hi Im a British army veteran doing research for a business I would like to start in the future in the UK with video range equipment. What I’m looking for first of all is a complete price list other than this the ideal equipment setup would be multi range or split screen for multiple users. I need a range of weapons for customers to choose from but all deactivated or copies as UK gun laws prevent ownership of live firing weapons. Recoil is a must for a real exoerience. everything would be dependant on price and at this point its future research while I’m arranging funds to start up.

      Regards Barry mitchell

    6. Hello. My name is ilia jokhadze. I live in spain andInterested in to open comercial shooting range here with your product. how will be your recomendations, what kind of product you’ll recommend me, and approximate price for all necessary equipments.

    7. Hello! I live in Mexico and i wanted to know more of your product.
      I want to know the prices, the size, the uses and all the stuff that you can send me

    8. I have a Home Theater with 90″ screen and have WII hook up & play station 3 with Blue Ray DVD. B & W Speakers, gray Screen & Creston Remote. I recently took a mandatory course to acquire my Class A FID License. The course looked similar to what you havw with the Police video training and firing target. I believe they used a Glock Pistal. The expierence sounded and felt like you were firing a real weapon. My question is how much is the components I would need to attach tomy Home Theater and all the DVDS costs/ Can you use your own weapons? If not what are the prices of the 1911 ^ the Glock? I do want the DVDS I used which were battle and police secenerios and any other information you think will be useful.IS THERE A DEMO & SPECS, YOU COULD SEND?

      Thank You.


      Bill Re


      16 Fairview St.

      Boston, Ma 02131

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