Palm Pistol In Advanced Design Phase

Palm Pistol In Advanced Design Phase, Emphasizes User Safety

Palm Pistol In Advanced Design Phase
Palm Pistol In Advanced Design Phase

Maplewood, NJ – -( The Palm Pistol™, an ergonomically unique single-shot self-defense handgun conceived with seniors, disabled and others having limited strength or dexterity in mind, is in the advanced stages of final design.

The inventor, Matthew Carmel, President of Constitution Arms, reported the company is in discussion with potential manufacturers, and may be able to produce working prototypes in late 2009.

In addition to its novel ergonomic shape, the Palm Pistol™ incorporates 10 distinct safety features including:

  • Two Triggers Covers
  • Hand Guard
  • Two Independently Operable Grip Safeties
  • Safety Sear
  • Striker Safety
  • Striker Biasing Spring
  • Latch Safety
  • Loaded Chamber Indicator
  • Cocked Striker Indicator
  • Integral Combination Lock

The initial offering of the Palm Pistol™ will be chambered in .38 special. The Palm Pistol™ received international media attention in late 2008 when it was initially listed by the FDA as a “medical device.”

The designation was subsequently withdrawn by the agency following objections from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Handgun Violence. Patents are pending for the Palm Pistol™. Production may begin in 2010.

Discounted pre-production reservations for over 400 units have been received to date and are still being accepted. See additional details at

The Palm Pistol is an ergonomically innovative single shot double action only defensive firearm chambered in 9mm that may be fired using either hand without regard to orientation of the stock. Suited for home defense, concealed carry or as a backup gun. It is also ideal for seniors, disabled or others who may have limited strength or manual dexterity. Using the thumb instead of the index finger for firing, it significantly reduces muzzle drift, one of the principal causes of inaccurate targeting. Point and shoot couldn’t be easier.