S&W Sigma Sub Compact 380 SemiAuto Handgun

S&W Sigma Sub Compact 380 SemiAuto Handgun

Budd's Gunsmith Shop
Budd's Gunsmith Shop

Lily, Kentucky – -(AmmoLand.com)- I am usually impressed with what Smith and Wesson puts out. In addition, at first glance the compact .380 auto is very nice.

The safety is the pivoting trigger segment, and it is double action.

Getting into it
I have a slight problem with these integrated pivoting triggers. I do not really like them. This gun is no exception. The whole trigger is plastic, and rock or pivot in the lower extension of the barrel housing. The barrel is held to the frame with a cross pin the goes through the trigger and hold everything in place.

Looking at the slide
The slide is held in place by the barrel going through it and in the rear it slides on about one half inch metal tabs. This means that disassembly is by driving the cross pin out, and raising the slide. The half inch tabs come up with the slide, and on reassemble have to be very carefully positioned for the drive pin. I also do not like autos that only have ½ to 1 inch of steel matting with the slide.

Sighting is straight down the top of the slide. No adjustments so this is not really a target gun, more self defense

With the slide coming off. After driving out the cross pin, that makes cleaning not as fast and easy as other guns I have handled or owned.

The mag has to be pinched on both sides to pull it out. Not very problematic, but still takes more effort than my Barretta .380 and 1911 which both have the same type of mag release. As do many other guns.

Overall this would be a back up gun of last resort. I say last resort because a .380 is a 9mm short with less powder than the 9mm.  I have talked with combat vets coming back from action.  They shot the enemy 4 plus times and the enemy did not go down dead.  If I had to carry a .380 and pull it I would empty the clip and be ready for the next move.  I prefer my Barretta 85 .380 all steel, if I needed to carry a .380

Budd Gardstein of Budd's Gunsmith Shop
Budd Gardstein of Budd's Gunsmith Shop

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Eric Garoutte

Having trouble with my S&W 380 Bodyguard. Mag does not go in and lock without hitting it with my hand. Feels like something is bolcking it. Have not fired it yet. Not sure I will.