Thoughts on Black Powder Guns with the Gun Doc

A Few Thoughts on Blackpowder Guns with Gunsmith Budd “Gun Doc” Gardstein

Budd's Gunsmith Shop
Budd's Gunsmith Shop

Lily, Kentucky – -( The ATF does not consider Black powder guns a firearm. That is strange, because they expel a projectile out of the barrel just the same as any other gun. But it is great for me and you because there is no NICS check then. They are also great fun!

Care of the iron
Black power weapons need some special care. One of the most important things to remember, is to keep them clean and greased. If they are not properly greased, they will seize up and become welded together.

Avoiding the problem
After a shooting session, the gun needs to be cleaned and taken apart. Any part that could freeze up must be removed and cleaned. More importantly when reassembling the components anit-sieze grease formulated for black powder needs to be used. This would apply to nipples and breach plugs.

If it is possible to take off the side drum from the side hammerlock, it should be done. Clean the port and grease the threads. Carefully installing the drum with the right alignment for the hammer is very important.

Checking your work
After the gun is reassembled, you should be able to blow through the barrel and breech hole and hear airflow. Preventive If you feel comfortable remove the side lock and grease the lock, then reinstall.

Inline and breakdowns Rifles
While the inline and breakdowns style rifles have eliminated the side hammer there are still issues to deal with. The inline with a nipple should still be removed, cleaned and greased. And the breach plug also cleaned and greased. The 502 type breach also needs to be removed, cleaned and greased

Any type of gun dealing with Blackpowder needs this care but with just a little bit of attention your Black Powers Rifle should last for years.

Budd Gardstein of Budd's Gunsmith Shop
Budd Gardstein of Budd's Gunsmith Shop

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