Winchester Ammunition Receives IHEA’s Highest Award

Winchester Ammunition Receives IHEA’s Highest Award

International Hunter Education Association Foundation
International Hunter Education Association Foundation

Federal Heights, Colorado – -( During the International Hunter Education Association’s 2009 annual conference held April 23 to April 25, Winchester® Ammunition was presented with the Gladney Davidson Memorial Award.

“This is the IHEA’s highest and most prestigious award,” said Terry Erwin, past president of IHEA. “Through the years, Winchester Ammunition has done its part to help us improve hunter education. It’s an honor to present Winchester Ammunition with this award.”

Winchester Ammunition also received the Gladney Davidson Memorial Award once before and has always been an exceptionally strong supporter and sponsor of the IHEA. By providing training aids, literature, safety products, informational posters, product information and products for the organization, agencies and individual instructors, Winchester has helped increase the reach of a vital program.

For many years, Winchester Ammunition has also supported the IHEA financially as well. Those efforts have helped fund numerous projects, including the Incident Investigation Training Academy, as well as helping to make these projects available to each agency.

Winchester has been a sponsor of the Winchester Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor of the Year Award for twenty-one years, including co-sponsorship of the awards banquet ceremony during each annual conference.

“We are excited to be receiving the Gladney Davidson Award,” said Dick Hammett, president of Winchester Ammunition. “We as hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts support one another, but more importantly, we work together to educate others about the importance of hunting, and hunting safety. It’s a privilege to be associated with such an important organization as the IHEA and we look forward to many more years to come.”

The International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) is the professional association for 67 state and provincial wildlife conservation agencies including Puerto Rico and also the countries of Mexico, Peru, New Zealand and South Africa. There are over 70,000 volunteer instructors who teach hunter education in North America alone.

Hunter Education courses reach more than 750,000 students annually. Since 1949, more than 35 million students have been trained. Courses cover firearm safety, muzzleloading, archery, wildlife management, field care of game, ethics and responsible hunting, landowner relations, conservation, wildlife identification, and much more.

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Winchester Ammunition is proud to be a leader in hunter education.

The purpose of hunter education is to educate everyone on being safe, responsible, knowledgeable and involved when in the field with a sporting arm. For more than 20 years, Winchester Ammunition has recognized hunter education volunteer efforts and continues to be a major supporter of the International Hunter Education Association.

IHEA is affiliated with the Association of Fish and Wildlife agencies. Goals of this group include serving as the primary resource for information on hunter education; promoting hunter education by fostering cooperative efforts between government agencies, organized groups and industry; striving for constant improvement in hunter education programs; and providing opportunities for the exchange of related ideas, knowledge and experiences.

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