XS Sight System’s CSAT Sight Offers Near/Far Aim

XS Sight System's CSAT Sight Offers Near/Far Aim

XS Sight System's CSAT Sight
XS Sight System's CSAT Sight
XS Sights Systems
XS Sights Systems

Fort Worth, Texas –-(ShootingWire.com)- The XS CSAT Combat Sight eliminates the guesswork shooters face when trying to accurately engage targets in close quarters with the aperture sight commonly used on AR style rifles.

When engaging up-close targets with open sights on AR/M4 rifles, guessing and holding high has been the standard procedure. This is because the height of the sights above the barrel causes bullets to impact as much as 2 ½ inches below point of aim at close quarter engagement distances. The XS CSAT Combat Sight incorporates a square notch above the aperture. The square notch allows you to hold dead-on when the threat is only feet away and the aperture permits accurate shooting at extended ranges. With the easy to install CSAT Combat Sight, never again will you guess or take your hands from your weapon to flip sights when transitioning between close and long range targets. MSRP $ 35.00.

According to Richard Mann, Contributing Editor of NRA's Shooting Illustrated magazine, “The XS CSAT Combat Sight is an effective, simple and practical solution to a very real tactical problem.”

The CSAT Combat Sight was designed by Master Sergeant (Retired) Paul Howe. Howe is the lead instructor for Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT), the Senior Manager with Triple Canopy Law Enforcement Training. Howe spent 10 years with U.S. Military Special Operations as an Assault Team Leader, Sniper and Senior Instructor.

XS Sight Systems manufacturers a wide range of quality, adjustable iron sight systems for handguns, rifles and shotguns designed for military, law enforcement and hunting applications. For more information, visit XS Sights interactive web site at http://www.xssights.com/ or call 1-888-744-4880.

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