AIMI Ebook Pro A&D Software Will Change The Way The Firearms Business Works

AIMI Ebook Pro A&D Software Will Change The Way The Firearms Business Works
Coloseum Software Corporation announced AIMI e Book Pro is now available to any FFL Dealer.

AIMI Ebook Pro A&D Software
AIMI Ebook Pro A&D Software
Coloseum Software
Coloseum Software

Mansfield, MA – -( In an effort to reduce the number of FFL Dealers violated annually Coloseum Software has released its AIMI eBook Pro through G7USA. Our latest feature eTransfer “D2D” interface allows Dealers to process large amounts of transfers in less time more efficiently. With over 13 million dealer to dealer firearms transferred throughout the United States a year, eTransfer streamlines operations freeing up vital resources. Manufactures applaud its ease of use and sequential numbering capability.

Coloseum Software offers a range of innovative, revolutionary, state of the art tools that enable dealers to easily run day to day operations in this highly regulated industry safely and effectively. A true compliancy software, AIMI can keep up to three bound books in a single environment, touch screen interaction, built in Biometric Capability, e4473, network multiple computers, one click FBI-NICS checks, assign user/access rights and manage stores remotely. Free live online courses allow you a flexible training advantage. Live technical support staff are located in America, and go the extra mile to keep you up and running.

Coloseum Software, designs software exclusively for the firearms industry. We strive for innovation, our software architects and engineers are constantly generating new designs that will enhance your business effectiveness. Our company slogan Comply with Confidence is a proven strategy in everyday use throughout the United States. Please take a moment to visit our web site or and download our newest designs, these are full versions ready to work for you.

Contact: David @ 216.339.7271 for more information or e-mail [email protected]

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EBR Works

Worked for 7 hours to get this working. I transferred several firearms from retail to manufacturing. I tried to edit the new manufacturing book items and the program crashed. Several of the firearms then showed as being transferred out of manufacturing to nowhere and could no longer be edited. A complete waste of time….

Top Shot Arms

This program is horrible, terrible customer service, crashes, and poor support. Sure they will talk the talk when trying to sell you on it, but buyer beware. Just check out their forums:
Major issues on a ongoing basis.


FYI : We have had reports that Tom at CO Arms has had multiple problems with missing funds, unpaid bills and stolen deposits. If they are still in business I would look to spend my money elsewhere.


This program is terrible and not worth them money unless you do either little or no retail sales. It can't handle transfers of NFA items to trusts. You can't use a military or other federal ID as primary because it requires a state. It doesn't accept a one or two letter middle or last name, regardless of the fact that there are a lot of Asians, and others with just one or two letter names in the US. It still, in version 4, has known bugs that are common and obvious. This feels more like a beta than a program… Read more »

Anthony Ballo

We've been using eBook and the program is awesome! David is also tops in service and support. We love this program!