Animal Rights Groups and Conservation Do Not Mix

Animal Rights Groups and Conservation Do Not Mix

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

NJOA, NJ – -( It is not the purpose of this NJOA update to distort or disparage the missions of other organizations. The purpose is to be factual and keep us informed of issues and developments that may impact matters of conservation and our freedoms to fish, hunt and trap.

One of the biggest threats to the functioning of the ecology and our way of life is the animal extremist movement.

It uses words to fool people into believing that an animal right is rooted in environmental stewardship when in fact there is little or no correlation. Just as confusing are environmental organizations that advance animal rights while fixating the public on their environmental moniker.

Recently, we exposed that the director of the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance was a press officer for domestic terrorist organizations. The purpose of the OpEd was not only to disclose unseemly actions but to highlight that the mission of the organization is unrelated to any environmental facet.

We have also published communications from this organization that detailed a working relationship between national animal rights groups operating in New Jersey (HSUS, PETA, NJARA, Animal Protection Pac, etc.) Also in these communications was revealed what appeared to be a cooperative effort between NJARA and NJ Sierra, specifically to derail Sunday bow hunting. What should concern conservationists is a possible collaborative effort that is growing between the animal rights movement and a segment of the environmental movement such as NJ Sierra.

Below is an article on Black Bear sightings in NJ. What is noteworthy is that the writer is referencing both NJ Sierra and NJARA as “animal rights activists and environmental groups” in the same sentence. The teaming of the organizations by the writer may not be as much coincidence as the unconscious recognition of a philosophical merging between the entities. We’ve seen references of a collaboration against Sunday bow hunting, the 150′ bow perimeter bill and the below article relates a teaming of ideas against the culling of bear populations.

Again, this update is simply for our consideration. It should be of special note to all those who believe that environmental stewardship is rooted in conservation and the mechanisms of ecology and not in the advancement of superficial agendas. It should also be said that regardless of our approaches we all have the best aspirations for our lands, waters, flora and fauna.

“The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.” Albert Camus

Here is the article:  Black Bear Sightings Continue To Rise In NJ

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NJOA has formed with the support of leaders of major pro-hunting, pro-angling, and pro-trapping organizations. We are not a hunting, fishing, or trapping “club” or “group,” and do not compete with the interests of such organizations. NJOA helps to ensure that strong wildlife and natural resource protection laws are produced by outdoor-minded elected officials. The best way to ensure a “conservation presence” in Trenton is to support the election campaigns of representatives who understand the relationship between a balanced ecology and hunting, fishing, and trapping.