Eggers Overall Winner at Nebraska Bowhunter 3-D High School Championships

Eggers Overall Winner at Nebraska Bowhunter 3-D High School Championships

LINCOLN, Neb. – -( Brett Eggers and his Elkhorn Valley team were winners Saturday, June 6, in the Nebraska Bowhunter 3-D High School Championships at the Prairie Lake Archery Range south of Juniata.

Eggers was the overall winner. He and his Elkhorn Valley teammates, Kacey Eggers, Brian Stuckwisch and Wade Oelsligle, won the team title.

Thirty-one youths ages 12 through 18 competed in the event, which was hosted by the Cottonwood Archery Club of Hastings. The event consisted of firing shots with a bow and arrow at 3-D targets resembling animals that commonly are hunted. The targets are set at different ranges in different terrain to simulate hunting. The objective was to score hits in the vital areas of the 3-D target.

The results:


Senior Division
Girls Freestyle – 1. Kacey Eggers Elkhorn Valley, 446; 2. Cara Crandell, Hastings, 347; 3. Justine Meis, Elgin, 330.
Boys Freestyle – 1. Spencer Endorf, Norfolk, 468; 2. Sage Schwedheln, Winside, 456; 3. Jared Eickhoff, Falls City, 428.
Boys Freestyle Limited – 1. Ethan Bergt, Schuyler, 295; 2. Greg Shepler, Wilcox, 290.

Junior Division
Girls Freestyle – 1. April Crandell, Hastings, 303 points; 2. Katrina Christiancy, Franklin, 285; 3. Emily Stewart, Norfolk, 266.
Boys Freestyle – 1. Brett Eggers, Elkhorn Valley, 470; 2. Zak Harper, Broken Bow, 459; 3. Jake Noelle, Norfolk, 436.
Boys Freestyle Limited – 1. Nick Bohannon, Tekamah-Herman, 334; 2. Tanner Davis, Hastings, 93.
Boys Traditional – 1. Ben Skeen, Broken Bow, 295.

1. Elkhorn Valley (Brett Eggers, Kacey Eggers, Brian Stuckwisch, and Wade Oelsligle), 1,325 points.
2. Norfolk (Spencer Endorf, Jake Noelle, Daniel Stewart, and Emily Stewart), 1,175.
3. Broken Bow/Callaway (Zak Harper, Ben Skeen and Carson Badgley), 1,152.