NJ Fish & Game Approve Crossbows

NJ Fish & Game Approve Crossbows for Hunting in New Jersey

TenPoint 200 Pound GT MAG Crossbow
One of the Crossbows now allowed for Hunting in NJ
New Jersey Fish and Game
New Jersey Fish and Game

Trenton, NJ – -(AmmoLand.com)- On Tuesday, June 16, the New Jersey Fish and Game Council voted on adopting proposed amendments to the 2009 – 2012 Game Code. The Council voted to adopt all the proposed amendments except amendment 29, which proposed boundary changes to Deer Management Zones 19 and 23. The full proposal containing the amendments can be viewed at www.nj.gov/dep/rules/proposals/040609b.pdf (PDF) on the NJ DEP website.

The most significant amendment adopted expands the definition of “bow” by removing the prohibition on all draw locking and draw holding devices and by including crossbows in the definition. This allows the use of crossbows in any bow and arrow hunting season and other hunting seasons for all species where the use of bow and arrow is allowed. Crossbows must have a minumum draw weight of 75 pounds and a minimum stock length of 25 inches.

This amendment, in addition to the recently passed law allowing Sunday bow and arrow deer hunting on Wildlife Management Areas and private property, is expected to increase participation in New Jersey bow and arrow hunting seasons. Hunters who have never purchased a New Jersey bow and arrow hunting license or have not purchased one prior to the implementation of the electronic licensing system must present one of the following to purchase a license: 1) a hunter education archery certificate, or 2) a prior year resident bow and arrow license (from NJ or any other state), or 3) a prior year nonresident NJ bow and arrow license. Information on hunter education requirements for bow and arrow hunting and hunter education session schedules can be obtained at www.njfishandwildlife.com/hunted.htm.

The 2009 – 2012 Game Code becomes law five days after it is published in the New Jersey Register. Hunters are advised to consult the NJ Division of Fish and Game website for updates on the Game Code publication date and effective date of the amended Code.

Division of Fish and Wildlife is a professional environmental agency dedicated to the protection, management and wise use of New Jersey’s fish and wildlife resources.

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Joseph Custer

Does anyone know How Much New Jersey's goose control program will cost?

Herding & gassing sure sounds expensive, plus I do not think that will eliminate the problem.

I would offer the suggestion of increasing bag limits and extending the season on geese, especially the resident goose population.

Also, excess bag limits could be donated to local food banks.

Thanks for listening.