Operation Switch Hunt Begins

Operation Switch Hunt Begins
BLADE and liberty lovers partner to stop authoritarian knife grab.

Operation Switch Hunt
Operation Switch Hunt

Washington, DC – -(AmmoLand.com)- Never in its history has BLADE undertaken such an operation. But the country has not seen this kind of sweeping knife legislation since the 1958 Federal Switchblade Act. The United States Customs and Border Protection Agency (Customs) is seeking to redefine assisted openers, as well as other knives operated with one hand, as illegal switchblades.

If put into effect, the measure will drastically alter the knife landscape in the United States, and not in a good way. For more background on this push by Customs, click here.

But kicking the toe of the Customs giant is not going to change its mind.

Enter Operation Switch Hunt.

Membership in Operation Switch Hunt is free to anyone interested in preserving their right to keep and bear arms. No application. No fees. Members are asked only to stay informed and take action.

The first phase of Operation Switch Hunt is to follow the money. Customs is more likely to buckle to pressure from the people who allocate its money.

Overseeing Customs is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Funding for DHS, as with all government operations, comes from the United States Congress.

Operation Switch Hunt Begins
Operation Switch Hunt Begins

Both houses of Congress have committees that oversee DHS activities. The people who sit on these committees are the ones Operation Switch Hunt members need to contact about the Customs issue.

Click here to see a list of those people.

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