PA Game Commission Plans Improvements For Shooting Range On SGL 127

PA Game Commission Plans Improvements For Shooting Range On SGL 127

Pennsylvania Game Commission
Pennsylvania Game Commission

HARRISBURG, PA – -( Pennsylvania Game Commission officials today announced plans to move the location of the present shooting range on State Game Land 127, in Monroe County, to improve public access, maintenance and security of the range.

The new range will be on the north side of Route 423, just behind the PennDOT equipment storage facility, about one mile west of the I-380 interchange. Also, the Game Commission maintenance building is about one-quarter mile away from the new site.

On June 3, the Game Commission opened bids for the project. N&T Transport & Excavating, of Mayfield, bid $130,565.52 and was the lowest of 14 bidders. N&T has reconstructed three other Game Commission shooting ranges in the northeast corner of the state. Funding for the project is from the Game Commission’s Growing Greener II allocation.

“This new site will provide for easier public access to the facility, and make it easier for the Game Commission to maintain and patrol the range,” said Steve Schweitzer, Game Commission Northeast Region director. “The new range will have backstops and side-berms that conform to the NRA-recommended guidelines for safety. We plan to create eight rifle shooting stations for 100-yard targets and four rifle shooting stations for 50-yard targets. One shooting station at each of these distances will be a handicapped-accessible station.

“The new range also will include a pistol range with 10-yard and 25-yard targets. Each pistol distance can accommodate up to six shooters.”

Schweitzer said that the new range will have a parking lot that can accommodate up to 44 vehicles, including four handicapped-only spaces. Stone access paths and stone faced backstops for lead retention and recovery also are part of the new range features.

“The old range will be razed as part of this project, including the removal of all old shooting tables,” Schweitzer said. “The material in the old range sideberms and backstops will be transported to the new range and incorporated into the new range’s embankments. Lead remediation of the old range was completed last summer.

Additionally, the site of the old range area will be graded and reclaimed by planting a food plot mix containing clover, alfalfa, orchard grass and rye grass. The Game Commission’s local Food and Cover Corps Crew also will plant trees and shrubs from the agency’s Howard Nursery to further enhance the habitat for wildlife.

“The new range should be completed before the end of this summer, depending on weather conditions,” Schweitzer said. “Also, depending on weather conditions, construction of the new range will begin sometime next week.”

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Gene Yacuboski

When will the new range at sgl 127 be opened? The entrance road has a range closed sign on it…….