– Remember I Do This To Entertain Me Not You – Remember I Do This To Entertain Me Not You

Maryville, TN – -(’s featured Gun Blogger of the Month, for June 2009, is SayUncle at

SayUncle,com keeps a constant dialog on guns and related news that is fun to read, but be warned SayUncle marches to his own beat.

We know, getting this brief interview from him was like pulling teeth.


Say Uncle Interview:

Q: What is your Blog’s Official Name?

Q: What is your Name?
A: Not disclosed

Q: What is your Online Name that you may post under?
A: SayUncle

Q: Where are you located?
A: Maryville, TN

Q: What is the point of view or purpose of your blog?
A: To entertain me. It gives me an outlet to speak my mind.

Q: How long has your Blog been active?
A: Since August 2002

Q: What do you do for a living or is your blog a full time job?
A: I’m in finance.

Q: Do you have a specific agenda or goal of your blog?
A: I mostly speak my mind with a slant toward individual rights. No real agenda or goal in any measurable sense.

Q: Do you have any other digital sites?
A: No.

Q: What is one thing that you want your readers to know about you?
A: There is no one thing.
(he does not want you to know anything…AmmoLand)

Q: What was the best thing you did on your blog that go the most reaction from your readers?
A: All kinds of things, from getting media retractions, putting pressure on a TN gubernatorial candidate to quit an anti-gun group. I’d say the thing I’m most proud of is the amount of grassroots activism my site can generate.

Q: What was the worst thing you did on your blog that go the most reaction from your readers?
A: Making fun of another subset of gun owners. I learned our effort is better spent fighting the real enemy and not each other.

Q: Obviously since we are featuring you your blog is Pro gun? What do you think the outlook is for the future of gun rights in America?
A: We’re winning.

Q: What is your favorite firearm and why?
A: Probably my suppressed Walther P-22. Fun to shoot, cheap to shoot, and doesn’t annoy the neighbors.

Q: What hunting or shooting sports hobbies do you have?
A: I don’t hunt because I don’t like killing things. I prefer shooting paper. I have participated in Glock Shooting Sports Foundation matches and plan on expanding to IDPA or IPSC at some point.

Q: Of the topics you cover what do you enjoy writing about the most?
A: guns.

Q: What pisses you off the most in shooting sports in America today?
A: The divide. We classify ourselves and that seems at odds with each other. Hunters don’t got to bat for self-defense people; Black rifles guys don’t go to bat for hunters. Etc. Can’t we all just get a long gun?

Q: What makes you happy in shooting sports in America today?
A: Trigger time

Q: What things would you like to do or expand in your blog to in the future?
A: Haven’t thought about it.

Q: What would you like to say to those that are anti gun or maybe just unsure of the purpose of guns in our society today?
A: I say it to them every day at my blog. has an entertaining blog with several years of content.


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Robert Farago

Congrats! Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for the hard work and refreshing honesty.