Announces the Launch of New Website

Team Southern Bowhunting Announces the Launch of their new website and Third Annual Archery Team Competition

Homer, Louisiana – -(,has launched the premier bow hunting website dedicated to the southeastern region of the United States. The new site was brought online in early May this year. Though the sites primary focus is on the archery sports, there is much for the outdoorsman who partakes in gun/rifle hunting and fishing.

In conjunction with the launch of the new site, the Southern Bowhunting Staff has announced the Third Annual  Southern Bowhunting Archery Team Competition. Different for the 2009 – 2010 competition, Southern Bowhunting will be awarding some very nice prizes to the winning team. These prizes have been furnished by our affiliates and sponsors. Included in the prizes are a FREE Shoulder mount of the biggest buck taken provided by Riverside Taxidermy, numerous attractants, minerals, and scents, by Trophy Blend, Mastins Deer Scents, and Rach Attack Wildgame Minerals. Also awarded will be New Custom Made Bow Slings by ParaMadness and a Tree Silencer by Jx4Outdoors.

Along with the ATC, Southern Bowhunting will be hosting a Big Buck by Crossbow contest. The winner of the crossbow division will win 2 years free membership in the North American Crossbow Federation and 2 years free subscription to Horizontal Bowhunters Magazine. A Tree Silencer from Jx4Outdoors will also be awarded to the winner of this contest.

To sign up for the competitions, visit the Southern Bowhunting website and register on the Message Boards. Once within the Message Boards, follow the postings to sign up for the Archery Team Competition and the Big Buck by Crossbow contest. There are no entry fees and both contests are completely free for your chance to win some terrific prizes.

As the Southern Bowhunting website continues to grow and expand, it consists of a Message Board, an Image Gallery where you can posts pictures of your trophies, product reviews on items that will be tested by the Team Southern Bowhunting staff of field testers, and various articles that will be drafted by our experienced staff.  There are also areas for our dedicated membership to submit their hunting or fishing stories, product reviews for equipment they use personally, and articles for any expertise that they may want to share.

For more information on the Souternbowhunting website or the upcoming competitions and contests, contact a member of Team Southernbowhunting at [email protected].

Submitted by Team Southern Bowhunting
Paul Rogers, Chet Babin, and Hank Enete Jr.
Prostaff and Coowners
Team Southern Bowhunting