This Week on Benelli Presents Duck Commander – FORE!

This Week on Benelli Presents Duck Commander – FORE!

The Benelli Duck Commander Crew
The Benelli Duck Commander Crew

Benelli Duck Commander TV
Benelli Duck Commander TV

ACCOKEEK, MD – This week, Benelli Presents Duck Commander ventures outside of the duck blind and onto the golf course, where sibling rivalry among the Robertson boys results in a high-stakes game of golf.  Watch as Phil’s sons, Jase and Willie go head-to-head in a game that could swing in either one’s favor. Jase proposes a unique bet with a surprise payoff and the potential for establishing who is the better player-Jase or Willie.

The game brings out the competitive Robertson spirit as the brothers chide each other, throw clubs, and push the bet to save some dignity. But, it’s not all golf, as ducks come back into the picture.

You’ll learn from the Duck Commander, himself, how he maintains his land in order to attract the greatest number of ducks possible in preparation for the upcoming duck season.

This episode airs July 25, at 9:30 am (EST), July 26, at 12:30 am (EST) and 8:30 am (EST), and July 29, at 12:00 pm (EST). Log on to or or for current schedules and show times for Benelli Presents Duck Commander.

Upcoming episodes:

  • Episode 5: “The Split”-Duck season in Louisiana is closed for two weeks. The gang piles into the RV in search of ducks but Willie’s oversight throws a wrench in the plan.
  • Episode 6: “A Duckman is Born” -It’s cold in Kansas, just ask Godwin. Phil and the boys whack ’em and stack ’em to keep warm while Jep races home for the birth of his son.
  • Episode 7: “We’re Not in Kansas Any More” -On the road again, the Duckmen head to Arkansas where they meet up with an old friend, a red dog and some familiar problems.

“Since the first show we’ve heard nothing but great reviews from critics and our fans,” said Stephen McKelvain VP Marketing & Communications. “Join us for the fourth episode and see what everyone is raving about.  We hope you’ll enjoy a great season of Benelli Presents Duck Commander on the Outdoor Channel.”

For current schedules check Benelli Presents Duck Commander show lineup at or

Join us on the Outdoor Channel for the seventh season of top-rated Benelli’s American Safari. Host Tom Knapp and his guests hunt birds and big game all over the world using a selection of Benelli firearms. Also appearing on the Outdoor Channel is Benelli’s newest TV show Benelli Presents Duck Commander, showcasing the “first family” of duck hunting and featuring the original “Duck Commander,” Phil Robertson. Benelli On Assignment returns to the Versus network for the third year with host, Joe Coogan traveling the globe with recognized writers and photographers, hunting large and small game, and putting the Benelli guns to the test for articles and photography appearing in top national publications. Benelli TV has the hunting shows to watch, featuring high adventure, exhilarating hunts and your favorite guns from the complete Benelli USA family of fine firearms.

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i have watched and recorded your tv show ever since i first saw it , there should be more shows like this that the entire family can watch unlike most other tv shows! i particulary enjoyed the Kansas trip and would like to know who i could contact to see about booking a duck hunt with them . any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you in christ name.

charlie kilpatrick

4820 jacksonville rd

chrisfield md 21817

Mr. Chris Patterson


I am a retired professional, 57 year old, and California hunter licensed since age 7, and today for the first time saw Duck Commanders on the Outdoor Channel. OUTSTANDING!

From crosschecking the Duck Commander web site, and this one, I believe I saw Episode 5. Great!

Is there a way for a viewer to purchase DC episodes? I find technical value in them as well as entertainment and excellent photography.

I would like to share the episodes with the members of my duck club.

Thanks you,

Mr. Chris Patterson

[email protected]


Cameron Park, California