Dead Offenders and Ted Nugent

Dead Offenders and Ted Nugent
Ted speaks his mind and says what we all are thinking.

Texas – -( “I wish Ted was not so restrained in his words”. Ted takes some time to talk to the gun banners and give them an earful why we could all have the unmolested right to firearms ownership and self defense.

You have to give it up for Ted as this is the same logic and mind set that the writers of the United Sates Constitution had in mind when they wrote in the second amendment. Any repeat offender that tries to harm me or my family can exercise his right to die….a Dead Offender and I should not have to be a victim first before I get justice.

The quiet conservative folks of the USA are now starting to wake up and not let the gun rights banning left ruin our country and impose their misguided beliefs on us, the majority.

National Rifle Association of America
National Rifle Association of America
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get the IRS involved

When you receive a "benefit" from your employer, you are taxed on it's imputed value-I.E. the value on the use of a company car. So how much tax is the anti 2nd amendment politician paying for the benefit of 24×7 currently taxpayer paid armed bodyguard services? The politician should pay for their salary, benefits, and the 100% pension that they will receive. Otherwise, they should show how much they believe in disarming non criminals, by getting rid of armed bodyguards, and if they need bodyguards, they should be disarmed. Or did I contradict myself about armed protection for criminals? With… Read more »

Gene Wallace

I agree with Ted all the way and also My thought is …everyone should boycott all the left wing press plus the three news channels….and to tune in only to Fox…

Quitman Brady

The biggest threat to "our America" is the treasonous, liberal press, esp NBC, CBS and ABC.

Instead of defending our rights, we should attack those biggest offenders–with the naked intention of destroying their appararuses (apparati?) for good.

How? By boycott, letters to their local affiliates, letters to our Representatives (state, local, national), and jeering them publicly at every opportunity. But not in an arrogant, nasty manner. People resent that.

But boycotting could be the greatest weapon.

Meantime, I'm with Mr. Nugent!

Guy Garfinkel

Ted Nugent speaks for the Majority. It is a shame that the majority of the politicians speak for the monority.

We need to protect our rights. We need a real "Change" to our Government. Not what is being attempted in Washington.

Guy Garfinkel

Ted speaks for millions. He is so correct. The fact that our political system, which by the way is suppose to represent the "Majority" is not working as planned, is a sad commentary. also reflects the "Why" we have to fight to retain our rights. It makes it obvious to those who have a "clue" that the system is broken. We need to get back to our grassroots of government. We need to toss out those who only wish to "Change" our way of life for their own personal gain. Ted Nugent reflects what a lot of folks feel. Great… Read more »

Shannon Lee

Simple plane logic period.

Steve Robinson

I agree with Ted 100%.


Yoy didn't mention that most of the people that want to deny us of our right to self defense have armed bodyguards.

David Franklin

100% correct. Like Ted, I find it hard to fathom that there is even an argument about it.

Bluestone, PhD

Thank you Ted and Senator Thune of the great state of South Dakota. First of all Senator you can count on being the Senator of South Dakota for life. And as for Ted. Run for Office. Celebrities have run and won office. I think it is time to have a celebrity run and win that actually knows what he is talking about. The country would LOVE to start seeing bumper stickers. Thune for President or Nugent for President. I have been a NRA Life Member since 1977 and would love to give my vote to you two, along with a… Read more »

William Miller

Not weird, Ted.

Just common sense.