Lucky Gunner Ammo Has Fiocchi Ammunition Instock

Lucky Gunner Ammo Has Fiocchi Ammunition Instock

223 Rem - 55 gr FMJ - Fiocchi - 50 Rounds
223 Rem - 55 gr FMJ - Fiocchi - 50 Rounds

Knoxville, TN – -( Lucky Gunner Ammo is proud to announce the arrival of Fiocchi 223 / 5.56×45 Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) rifle ammo that’s in stock for $23/50 rounds. That works out to $0.46 a shot. Or you can buy an entire case of the Fiocchi 223 rifle ammo for $395, which gets your per-shot price down to $0.39.

Reknowned for it’s high quality, Fiocchi makes ammo that’s excellent for shooting exercises or target practice. Each round is brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable. This ammo is both accurate and economical. Plus, it’s manufactured right here in the U.S. by an established cartridge producer. Right now, this ammo is in stock and ready to ship today.

Not looking for 223 Fiocchi FMJ rifle ammo? Check out Lucky Gunner Ammo’s wide selection of other in stock rifle ammo:

  • 223 Remington Ammo (5.56×45) from Golden Bear, FMJ, Wolf, and Fiocchi
  • 243 Winchester Ammo from Remington and Winchester
  • 270 Winchester Ammo from Remington and Winchester
  • 30-06 Ammo from Remington and Winchester
  • 30-30 Ammo from Remington
  • 308 Ammo (7.62×51) from Remington, Winchester, Wolf, Federal, and Prvi Partizan
  • 5.45×39 Ammo from Russian
  • 7.62×39 Ammo from Wolf

Also, keep your eyes peeled early next week as Lucky Gunner Ammo will be receiving a shipment of .30 carbine made by Wolf. Also known as 7.62×33, this ammo has been really difficult to find as of late. Lucky Gunner Ammo is going to have it next week so stock up!

Lucky was started by two businessmen whose passion for sport-shooting has helped to build a following of law enforcement officers, members of our military, and many responsible citizens. Our focus at this time is narrow: to source and supply law enforcement and defense agencies as well as responsible citizens with quality ammunition for a competitive price.

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Wayne Ochsner

I own a class 3 shop in Louisville Ky, and have been looking for some 9mm 158 gr. Fiocchi ammo, to run in a Mac-11. Macs, don't have a barrel "ramp" and this ammo is great when using a suppressor!

Could you enlighten me please? Thanks, Wayne with SD&I. (502) 552-8106.