Ma. Governor’s Proposed Regulations Would Make Firearms Education Virtually Impossible

Ma. Governor’s Proposed Regulations Would Make Firearms Education Virtually Impossible

Gun Owners' Action League - The Official Firearms Association of Massachusetts
Gun Owners' Action League - The Official Firearms Association of Massachusetts

Northboro, MA – -( As you may know, Governor Patrick has proposed regulations that would make firearms education and training virtually impossible at local sporting clubs.  We asked that you contact your state legislator and urge them to sign the attached bi-partisan petition opposing these proposed regulations.  Fifty-one legislators have signed this petition, and we ask you thank them for their support!

Language of the bipartisan legislative letter in opposition to the proposed regulations 501 CMR 15.00 Firearm Exhibitions

We the undersigned legislators wish to express our opposition to the proposed regulations regarding “Firearm Exhibitions.”The proposed regulations would place a burdensome process on the very organizations that provide for firearm safety education. These establishments and the training events that are run at these facilities have an exceptional safety record that most likely far exceeds any other activity within the Commonwealth.

For many decades, the local fish and game clubs and other membership based shooting facilities have successfully fulfilled the vital public safety need in providing safe firearms training and education. The Commonwealth should be doing what it can to encourage the general public to seek firearms safety and education. These regulations will only discourage clubs from providing, and people from seeking, these important educational opportunities.

We would urge the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security to not impose further burdens on our constituents and clubs that are providing this important service to their communities. We would however encourage the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security to work with these organizations to allow and encourage more citizens to be able to take advantage of the essential educational programs provided by the clubs in our communities.

GOAL would like to thank Representative George Peterson and Senator Richard Moore for leading the signatures on this bipartisan legislative letter.
The following legislators have signed this petition to OPPPOSE these regulations:

Rep. George Peterson
Senator Richard Moore
Rep. John J. Binienda
Rep. Charles A. Murphy
Rep. Brad Jones
Rep. Brad Hill
Rep. Elizabeth Poirier
Rep. Geraldo Alicea
Rep. James Arciero
Rep. F. Jay Barrows
Rep. Jennifer Benson
Rep. Jennifer Callahan
Rep. Christine Canavan
Rep. Vinny deMacedo
Rep. Christopher Donelan
Rep. Carolyn Dykema
Rep. Lewis Evangelidis
Rep. John Fernandes
Rep. John P. Fresolo
Rep. Paul Frost
Rep. Susan Williams Gifford
Rep. Anne Gobi
Rep. William G. Greene, Jr.
Rep. Robert Hargraves
Rep. Kate Hogan
Rep. Don Humason, Jr.
Rep. Robert Koczera
Rep. Paul Kujawski
Rep. Stephen Kulik
Rep. Jeffrey Perry
Rep. Smitty Pignatelli
Rep. Karyn Polito
Rep. Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.
Rep. John Quinn
Rep. Michael Rodrigues
Rep. Dennis Rosa
Rep. Richard Ross
Rep. John Scibak
Rep. Todd Smola
Rep. Joyce Spiliotis
Rep. David Sullivan
Rep. Daniel Webster
Rep. Robert L. Rice, Jr.
Sen. Stephen Brewer
Sen. Marc Pacheco
Sen. Robert Hedlund
Sen. Michael Knapik
Sen. Benjamin Downing
Sen. Jennifer Flanagan
Sen. Michael O. Moore
Sen. James E. Timilty

Gun Owners’ Action League is the official state firearms association in Massachusetts. We are an association of law-abiding citizens who believe in the basic right of firearms ownership for competition, recreation and self-protection. GOAL works hard to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights against those in Massachusetts who wish to infringe upon the freedoms guaranteed by our forefathers. The programs sponsored and developed by Gun Owners’ Action League are supported by competitors, sportsmen, recreational shooters and law enforcement throughout the state. We were formed in 1974 to protect the right to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are recognized as the state’s premier gun rights association.