MidwayUSA World Leader In Shooting, Re-loading Supplies And Equipment

MidwayUSA World Leader In Shooting, Re-loading Supplies And Equipment

MidwayUSA - Shooting Supplies, Reloading, Gunsmithing, Hunting, Ammunition, Gun Parts & Rifle Scopes
MidwayUSA - Shooting Supplies, Re-loading, Gunsmithing, Hunting, Ammunition, Gun-Parts & Rifle Scopes
Midway USA
Midway USA

Columbia, MO – -(AmmoLand.com)- MidwayUSA offers a huge selection of Shooting, Reloading, Gunsmithing, Hunting and outdoor products to Customers worldwide.

We have designed one of the most sophisticated computer networks in the industry, which allows us to maintain real-time inventory and our trademark service. To find about employment with MidwayUSA, please visit the Careers page.

From our humble beginnings to our current modern 140,000 square-foot facility in Columbia, Missouri, MidwayUSA has developed an extremely loyal following of shooting and re-loading Customers worldwide. Enjoy this video tour of our operations with Gun Talk Radio's Tom Gresham.

MidwayUSA was incorporated in 1977 under the name of Ely Arms, Inc. In 1979, the name was changed to Midway Arms, Inc. In June 1998, the MidwayUSA name came into use. MidwayUSA has been under the continuous ownership and management of the Potterfield Family from the beginning.

Shop MidwayUSA online for shooting supplies, reloading, airguns, gunsmithing, rifle scopes, ammunition & outdoor products. Extremely competitive prices, great sales, huge in stock product selection, same day shipping, legendary service, passionate NRA supporter & family owned.

  • 21 thoughts on “MidwayUSA World Leader In Shooting, Re-loading Supplies And Equipment

    1. I have a Parker Hale 25-06. I would like to know what is the longest distance I can shoot before the bullet starts to drop also where can I find a bullet chart.

    2. About: Uncle Mike’s sidekick vertical shoulder holster left hand medium frame semi-automatic 3″-4″ nylon black – for a S&W Model 39, 4″ barrel, single stack 8 round clip, called a “thin” gun by some because of single stack clip:
      1) Is this the proper size-medium frame, 3-4″ for this gun or too wide/bulky, too short ?
      2) How is the gun held in place besides strap ? Do you lift the gun out of enclosed holster or pull away from holster ?
      3) Do you have clip pouches to go with this? 8 round clips ? 20 round clips ?
      4) Return policy ? Warranty ? Who pays shipping cost coming ? Return shipping cost ?

    3. Looking for competition pistol shooters box. Box sits on its side and top (lid) folds up to receive a spotting scope.
      Perhaps you have these and i don’t know what it is call so I can look it up.
      I have seen them used but do not know if they are manufactured for sale, or privately made.
      Can you help me, please?

    4. Guys,

      I’m an argentine shooter 72 years old. I’m still shooting (and winn) in SS IPSC pistol, and rifle. But I need something out of logic. I have a small “cañon” caliber 10 gauge shootshell and here, in my country, is not avaiable: Could you tell me about any posibility to get this, couldn’t you?.
      Thank you very much


    5. Guys,

      This is Ammoland, not a Midway website. There’s no reason to believe Midway reads your posts and they sure have no way to contact you, unless you’ve posted an address, still no guarantee.

    6. Do you still have the 12 ga. double 00 shotgun shells still on sale ? price per box and per case. We live at the Lake.
      We can pick them up. Thank you D

    7. I have a winchester 25-35, and I need information for re-loading “how many grains of powder using a 20-1 lead 217 grain bullet. Thanks

    8. I haven’t reloaded for quiet a while,and I would Like a new catalog to order more supplys. thank you

    9. I have a Makarov, 9×18 hi-capacity pistol and am looking for some 12 round magazines. It was made in Russia by IMEZ. I have looked every where without success can you help? Do you know of anybody that can help ?
      Thank you for your time
      T. Metz

    10. I am looking for a clip for an older Winchester model 88, 308 caliber and it is a lever action, any help would be appreciated.

    11. Looking for scope mount for 22 Hornet model 342 Savage, bolt action. Weaver side mount 1″ H will not work. Bolt rubs rear of scope when round is ejected. Scope is 3x9x40 model KY089488 Nikon. Can you help?

      1. Jim, I realize this is an old post, but I also have a Savage 342 22 Hornet and am having the same problem. Just curious if you found a mount and rings that would work better than the original Weaver? Thanks.

        1. get the 2 piece mount I have a 342 savage in 223 caliber and I have a 4x20x50 on it. leopold makes it mine is also a bolt action

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