PA Game Commission Posts Draft Strategic Plan For Public Comment

PA Game Commission Posts Draft Strategic Plan For Public Comment

Pennsylvania Game Commission
Pennsylvania Game Commission

HARRISBURG, PA –-( Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe today announced that the agency has posted its Draft Strategic Plan for 2009-2014 on its website for a 30-day public comment period. To view the document, go to the agency’s website ( and click on “Draft Strategic Plan” in the “Quick Clicks” box in the right-hand column of the homepage.

“Once finalized, this draft strategic plan will be use it to guide the agency and its operations for the next five years,” Roe said. “We developed this plan to clearly define the agency’s priorities; how that work will be carried out; and how we intend to monitor our progress.

“This plan also will enable us to develop our annual budgets to reflect the priorities established to manage Pennsylvania’s wild birds, wild mammals, and their habitats for current and future generations.”

Roe noted that this draft strategic plan will replace the one developed to cover 2003-2008.

“In past reviews by the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee, focused on the agency’s compliance with its strategic plan, it was made clear to the General Assembly that the agency’s ability to fully implement the goals and objectives of the strategic plan is severely limited by its current funding structure,” Roe said. “It is not a matter of will, but rather a matter of funding that limits the agency from achieving many of the important objectives that enhance wildlife, wildlife habitats and provide more opportunity for our hunters and trappers.”

The draft strategic plan is divided into seven goals, which are then expanded on through strategic and operational objectives and a set of strategic outcome and output measurements.

The seven goals are:

GOAL 1: Conserve, protect and restore wildlife populations for their many public values.

GOAL 2: Improve the public’s appreciation of wildlife, and their awareness and understanding of wildlife resource management.

GOAL 3: Promote and perpetuate our hunting and trapping heritage.

GOAL 4: Manage and protect a network of public and private lands and waters to provide habitat for wildlife.

GOAL 5: Enhance the public’s understanding of the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s mission and its responsibilities.

GOAL 6: Develop sustainable funding sources that support the agency’s mission and identity.

GOAL 7: Promote a diverse, professional and efficient organization.

Roe noted that after the agency gathers and reviews public comments received on the draft plan, a final version will be posted on the agency’s website.