Senator Fred Madden of NJ No Friend To The Constitution

Senator Fred Madden Of New Jersey No Friend To The Constitution
WARNING VOTERS: Turn-coat Gun Banning Senator Fred Madden was the lone vote that sold out NJ Gun owners rights in spring 2009.

NJ Gun Banner Senator Fred Madden
NJ Gun Banner Senator Fred Madden
New Jesery
New Jersey

Trenton, NJ – -( In spring 2009, Senator Madden cast the single vote that limited the Second Amendment rights of New Jersey gun owning residents when he worked with Gun Banning Governor John Corzine to pass a gun rationing bill.

Madden who has served in the New Jersey State Senate since 2004, where he represents the 4th Legislative District was once consider a friend of the constitution but now is clearly on the side of anti gunners.

Under the direction of Governor Jon Corzine (D) and with little notice to the public to ensure that New Jersey sportsmen and gun owners were not prepared to defend their Second Amendment rights from gun rationing schemes; the New Jersey State Senator, Fred Madden, tuned his back on the state police and law abiding gun owners and voted YES to bill S1774 “One Gun-A-Month”.

As passed, this bill will prohibit an individual from purchasing more than one handgun within a 30-day period.

It is unclear at this point what Madden traded with Corzine to sell out NJ gun owners but looking at his history Senator Fred H. Madden, Jr. has repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on issues through the National Political Awareness Test when asked to do so by Project Vote Smart.

New Jersey voters need to take a stand against Senator Fred Madden and vote him out of office to show politicians that we will not stand by and let our constitutional rights be stripped from us.

Vote No for Senator Fred Madden when running for re-election in 2011.