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Leitchfield, Kentucky – -( Welcome to StolenWeapon.Com, the internet's #1 resource for submitting and recovering Stolen Guns and Stolen Weapons. We hope that you find our database easy to use and a resource that you can continue to use well into the future. If you would like to submit your Guns and make use of our system, please register so you can submit your Stolen Gun or search our ever growing database.

We have set out to create a place for victims of gun theft to post their stolen firearms as well as a place for the rest of the world to easily search for stolen gun serial numbers. We have worked very hard to make this site user friendly but at the same time secure. Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions as we are evaluating all feedback as we move forward.

Although gun recovery is difficult, it is not our website's only purpose. At the moment, a stolen weapon is instant cash for any thief, but with our website's capability it will now allow the general public to privately and easily identify a stolen gun. This will ultimately drive down the value of these guns; therefore, possibly preventing and deterring a thief from stealing firearms. Remember, after logging in you can enter as many stolen weapons into the database as you see fit. There is no limit and no need to register multiple accounts.

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    1. Stolen Smith&Wesson .45 caliber 6-shot revolver Model 44 SN 191310
      Registered with Michigan Dept of State Police 4-19-91

    2. My Smith and Wesson 38 special was stolen. Serial no. CRM6689. Please help! Gratefully, Parker…Reward will be offered if found and returned to me, the rightful owner.

    3. GUNS Stolen from my home 8/13/2018:
      1). Springfield Armory XD45 – US670282
      2). Vulcan (VIO-45) 45cal – F10692

      Rewards if found

    4. Taurus 709 9mm TRK88985 was stolen from me on 8-4-18 please post this I would like to get it back Thank You

    5. Don’t waste your time on this site, it’s just a stupid sales advertising site. They don’t care about helping you recover your firearm.

    6. Stolen from my car. S&W 1066 SN TBF9001.Bought new, have records.When I attempted to report the firearm stolen the trooper tried to tell me that my pistol had been on the stolen firearm list since 2006.I told him that was wrong ,and that someone must have transposed a no. Anyway the gun was stolen in March of 2013 &was reported. The firearm is also on a couple other stolen firearm sites. Thanks for any info

    7. Hello, my home was broken into a while back. Heard nothing from police dept. Could you check a few #s for me?
      Ruger SS Super Blackhawk 44 Mag: #87-47895
      Ruger SS Mini-14 Ranch Rifle: #184-65293
      Ruger SS 10-22, green laminated stock: #237-34028
      Winchester “Saddle Ring” Model 94, 30-30: #3140637

    8. People, the website is gone. It comes up as a sellable domain. The owner didn’t maintain it. Go to

    9. Stolen gun Charter Arms 44spl Bulldog serial 300708. Douglas McPherson sold it to some guy. Any information to recover my stolen revolver please contact me I live in Colorado Thanks

    10. S&W .40 cal SD40VE SERIAL #: HFP0872 Stolen in sterling colorado January 2016.. Police report filed with sterling PD

    11. Benelli Super Black Eagle 2 RH Max 4 camo, 28″ barrel stolen from me. Serial # U254616. Police report has been filed.

      Snohomish, WA

    12. Black synthetic beretta 390. Green tru glo front sight with ducks unlimited sticker on the stock.
      Anaheim, CA

    13. Stolen sweet sixteen gauge browning it was my grandpas gun trying everything to find it Serial number 118827 Salem Mo.

    14. Stolen – 12/28/2015 approx. 3PM from an office in Delray Beach Florida
      Remington 700 PS all black .307/7.62
      5×25 counter sniper scope / bipod / green digital camo drag bag
      SERIAL NUMBER G6853294
      Delray Police Report #15-20254 PD Phone 561-243-7832

    15. My 38 special was stolen from me and 25 cal hand gun from my house today how do I post on the site. I reported to police already. Not sure what all they took.

    16. Hey do you gys mind Keepin an eye out for ah couple pistols that were stolen from me? Thanks!
      – Taurus PT1911 .45 Black Tactical w/rail >Srl# NFN44561
      -Springfield XDs 9mm 4.0 (Bi-Pistol)
      Brushed Slide, Black bottom. Srl# S4911023

    17. Can you check thisRuger 22lr new bearcat handgun, for me please, serial number 93-59822. I cannot get the site to come up anymore either and id love to hear the news on this gun.Bought used, thanks.

    18. Is the website not available anymore? I had my gen-3 Glock 26 listed on there (serial number HLA418), but can’t seem to get the site to open anymore for whatever reason.

    19. Stolen from my green Chevy Crew Cab 1500 parked at a Circle K in Arizona.
      Springfield Armory 1911 Serial # N507057. $50.00 Reward Flat black, wooden grips.

    20. I left my loaded glock 400 mega killer out on the kitchen table with a hord or booz and drugs- the kids got high and shot each other – am I responsible- please help- I know its a bit late??? David D

    21. Please list a Keltec .380 P3At. Serial number HO329 stolen day after bought maybe by x girlfriend in Asheville nc . Thx Mike Davidson

    22. Is StolenWeapon.Com still up and running???????

      Sent check in last year, was never cashed. Also tried to load several stolen handguns, but don’t think I ever managed to get them into the system.
      What’s your status???

    23. Aaron Crowder I was looking for the web site on the stolen Guns it want let me pull the page up
      Just checking for the Gun I submitted I join last year and posted the pistol 357 silver with pearl handle
      really would hope to find it. It was sold without my permission and the dude who purchase it probably did
      not know it was stolen Just want to get it back.

    24. reward , glock model 30

      45 acp caliber ,

      mte 368 L#24177,

      state: New Mexico

      law enforecement with report

      espanola pd 505 753 5555

    25. I was hoping that you could add these guns to your site. They were stolen from my house. Winchester 94-30/30 Lever action Serial Number WC52512, Remington 35 caliber pump model 141 SN-C54286-Stevens 22 caliber Rifle Model 1915 SN-P61B-Stevens 22 caliber Rifle Model 1915 SN-J628-A.F. Hedges Winchester 52 22 long Rifle SN-29045

    26. Teddy,

      feel free to give us a visit and submit your pistols. If you would like maximum exposure to them submit a video. Mine has been seen almost 2000x in 80 days. Good luck to ya.

      Aaron Crowder


    27. I was hoping you could add these to your list. Someone stole these from us:

      Glock 17 ERA218

      Glock 20 LHZ596


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