Thune-Vitter CCW Reciprocity Amendment Is Really A Win

Thune-Vitter CCW Reciprocity Amendment Is Really A Win
The Thune-Vitter amendment to S. 1290 received 60% of the senate vote.
By Christopher J Hoffman

Las Vegas, NV –-( The headline is somewhat misleading. Let’s not forget that the amendment did pass, 58 to 39. It just did not have the votes to overcome the threat of a veto. 48 states already have concealed carry permit issue. No less than 40 of them are mandatory issue, meaning if you pass the background check and the course, the permit must be issued. Most of the concealed carry states already have reciprocity with most other such states.

What is astounding is the doomsday rhetoric that measures like this continues to inspire:

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat of New York, and generally a supporter of gun rights, said she opposed Mr. Thune’s amendment because it infringed on states and cities. “The Thune amendment would invite chaos in our cities,” she said.

“The passage of this amendment would have done more to threaten the safety of New Yorkers than anything since the repeal of the assault weapons ban,” said Senator Charles E. Schumer.

The so-called assault weapons ban was not repealed, Senator Schumer, it was allowed to expire, because everyone knows it didn’t and couldn’t deliver as promised The so-called assault weapon ban outlawed certain semi-automatic rifles with military-style cosmetic features unrelated to the performance characteristics of the firearm.

Violent crime has steadily dropped before, during and since the expiration of the ban. Gun accidents are now at an all-time low, while gun and ammunition sales are at an all-time high. Finally, rifles of all types have a statistically insignificant role in gun violence, according to the FBI uniform crime report. This issue is nothing more a political football kicked around to distract voters from the ineptitude of our leaders to fix the more pressing problems of joblessness, poverty, rampant foreclosure, and health care.

In every single state that has passed concealed weapon permit legislation, 48 out of 50, the same old chicken little dialog erupts. Alas, the sky does not fall, the old West doesn’t reappear, and blood does not “run in our streets”. What does happen where lawful citizens carry? Violent crime, especially gun crime plummets at a disproportionate rate. Home invasions, rapes, robberies, gay bashing, all fall in numbers wherever lawful, trained, and screened citizen exercise their gun rights.

The assertion by Feinstein and Bloomburg that the demise of this measure will save lives is undermined by the facts. Indeed, lives will be lost, rapes and robberies will be committed, and gay bashing will proceed unhindered by any fear that the victims may successfully resist the attacker.

In the next term, the Supreme Court of the United States will step in again where congress has failed, by incorporating (applying) the Second Amendment to the states as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals already has done in Nordyke vs Alameda County (2009).

One day soon, a lawful, peaceable gun owner will be able to enter the Kingdom of New York with his legally transported, locked, unloaded handgun, without risking a felony, as is the case in New York at present. New York State will not issue the required pistol permit under any circumstances to a non-resident. Forget about a carry permit, even if it’s unloaded and locked in your hotel safe, you are now facing a felony. This is the complete and utter disregard for the 2nd amendment that exists in New York, and Illinois. Policies such as this will fail any constitutional standard of review.

As the Heller vs DC court indicated and as common sense dictates, “keep” means own, store, transport, and possess, and “bear” means carry. Plain and simple. The scope of the Heller case happened to be limited to possession in the home. But some confuse the scope of that case with a restriction on the right. This is a misunderstanding that gun control extremists are seizing upon to spin the meaning of the Heller ruling. But no other fundamental constitutional right ends at your doorstep, and the courts will have plenty of opportunity to clarify the extent of permissible restrictions going forward.

Take a deep breath, folks.

Nationwide, licensed concealed carry is coming, and it’s going to be OK, really it will. The sky will not fall, nor will the old West reappear, and blood will not run in our streets. We don’t have to guess about the outcome. There are 40 states that already have mandatory issue for CCW licenses, and there are 8 more states that have discretionary licensing. Together, 48 States have demonstrated in the last decade that licensed, concealed carry works, that public safety and security is enhanced, and that as a public policy, it measurably suppresses violent crime.

Americans have demonstrated once again that we can be trusted with our own safety and security. And that we can and must be trusted with our liberty.

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Wild Bill

Paul, “why…” you ask?! But… we do see. And that is why we access this forum to spread around good ideas and discard the ideas that sound good, but would not pan out.


why don't we see that the congress is not Interested in the constitution if they were then they would not of rammed the heath bill down AMERICA'S THROAT WHICH IS A PLAIN VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION NO ONE SHALL MAKE ANY LAWS THAT INFRINGE ON THE FREEDOM'S OF THE PEOPLE we don't have a right to chose our own healthcare anymore and to boot we are fined if we don't obey this is out right communism not DEMOCRACY SO WHAT IS TO STOP THIS MAD MAN FROM OUT LAWING OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS TOMORROW AND WHERE DID 60 VOTE MAKE… Read more »

Optimistic Dude

From what I’ve seen here, the mayors in our country’s largest cities have banded together and positioned themselves AGAINST reciprocity with the permits.

I’m amazed!


AMEN from a criminal court judge…well said. The way to preventing a criminal society is to keep criminals guessing and to allow the people their constitutional rights!

Wild Bill

@Judge Thorner, Welcome, but do be careful of what you write on this very public forum. You know how people with liberal agendas can and do capture, twist, and use for their own purposes what you may write. At least use a cover name, and edit, edit, edit.


This is a typical politics of everyone looks good but no results while fallowing individual agendas. DING DING DING, give the man a cigar! There absolutely were back door deals going on. One person in particular, Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor, initially voted against the amendment when the vote was still in question. After the votes were all in and it was clear that it would have failed without his vote, he changed his vote to a "yes". That way, even though he was sure that the amendment failed as he wanted it to (or as his democrat leadership demanded), he… Read more »

The Dude

Look for the videos of them using there voting sticks. They sit around pushing missing representatives vote buttons racing around trying to beat each other to the switch. Talk about perverting the system. Pretty sure that’s not the way it’s supposed to work.


It sounds like the outcome was calculated before it went for a vote. And apparently According to "missed the point" there were side deals made. I read the whole bill and it contains few items directly impact south Dakota.

This is a typical politics of everyone looks good but no results while fallowing individual agendas. Wake up.

Missed this point

Opponents of the second amendment in arguing federalism against the Thume Amendment may rue the day.

The Thune Amendment required that states recognize other states licenses without changing any state laws.

The so-called Assault Weapons Ban, which would override any state law, would be contradictory to any state's rights arguement.


I do not want to turn this post to a discussion board but I was told by 2 people from senator Trune's ofiice that this ammanment did not pass. I don't get it. You sound sure it passed. Let's not get people' s hopes up unless you are %100 sure about this.

Christopher J Hoffma

Editor- Nice Job! Please correct the following error on my part:


Let’s not forget that the amendment did pass, 58 to 38. It just did not have the votes to overcome the threat of a veto.

Should have read thus:

Let’s not forget that the amendment did pass, 58 to THIRTY NINE. It just did not have the votes to overcome the threat of a FILIBUSTER.



Far as I was told by the senator's office this ammenment did not pass because it needed 60 votes. I don't kbow why this was intruduced as a ammenment, instead of a reqular bill which requires 51 votes is a bit mystery. This is what I think, democrats would not vote yes to a bill they for sure knew Obama would veto. They only would vote for a ccw gun bill if dems knew it would fail. So the dems get the credit for voting for it. They also get the credit for shutting it down. It is a shame… Read more »