TNR for Feral Cats is Horribly Cruel and Only Makes People Feel Better

TNR for Feral Cats is Horribly Cruel and Only Makes People Feel Better

Feral Cats are Invasive Species
Feral Cats are Invasive Species

Manqsquan, NJ – -( There has been much made of the supposed “Positive Results” of Trap Neuter and Release (TNR). What proponents fail to mention is that Feral Cats are not outside pets and suffer horribly from the lack of food, water, shelter and regular medical care while living outside exposed to the elements.

The number of feral cats suffering under the guise of TNR is staggering. It is estimated that the township of Jackson, NJ has 1000+ feral cats, while Point Pleasant Beach NJ Animal Welfare Committee estimates there are some 200 -300 feral cats in Pt Beach, NJ alone.

The popularity of TNR programs has been put forward as an acceptable solution by animal rights extremist organizations.

Under the guidance of radical NO-Kill groups, whose admitted goal is equal rights for animal and humans, they have been promoting TNR as a way to prevent the euthanization of cats and pushing forward their “Feel Good” policy of keeping animals alive at all cost.

Feral Cats Are an Invasive Species:
Feral Cats are so damaging to the environment that the Global Invasive Species Database lists Feral Cats as number 38 out of 100 of the World's Worst Invasive Alien Species. More dangerous than Fire Ants (86), Rats (80) and Killer Bees. Would you Trap Neuter and Release rats or killer bees and they are consider less of an environmental threat?

The domestic cat hunts and eats over a thousand species. Even well-fed domestic cats may hunt and kill, mainly catching small mammals, but also birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish. Hunting by domestic cats is the leading cause of the decline in the numbers of birds in urban areas.

Yet under TNR cats are trapped, then provided with medical care and food in warm clean environment. Once they are judged to be healthy their ears are clipped, to identify them as being previously trapped, and they are released back into your local back yard cat colony.

Feral Cats Spread Rabies:
In recent weeks there has been a dramatic upswing in the incident of rabies in local wild animals. Many times the vector source of the spread of rabies is established cat colonies as evidenced by the recent warnings by Point Pleasant Beach’s animal control officer and the suspension of their much touted TNR program. This close proximity of rabid feral cats, living on our beaches and in our parks, exposes natural wildlife and all of us to increased risk of rabies and other serious diseases. Oh, did I mention that with the current suspension there is no trapping of feral cats so rabid cats are left to infect more animals and possibly humans, while they suffer the maddening consequences of rabies and die alone in the wild?

Feral Cats in the Wild is Animal Cruelty:
Domestic cats left in the wild even with “animal sponsors” suffer from horrible conditions. Cats are territorial so when a new cat is trapped under TNR and its brief vacation in a loving animal shelter is over it is released in the local “Cat Colony” where it must now fight for its life with established feral cats for food, water and territory. Not to mention the cold, heat, rain, fleas, tics, parasites, automobile traffic and encounters with indigenous wild animals that this frightened house hold pet must endure just so individuals can feel good about not having had to euthanize this poor creature.

A Better Solution:
A Better Solution would be towns taking responsible steps to reduce the chance of domestic cats escaping or breeding in the wild followed with a comprehensive Trap and Keep policy.

All towns should pass ordinances so domestic cats are licensed the same as dogs, and like dogs, the ordinance should read that cats can not be allowed outside without a leash. All the same fines and penalties for dog owners should apply to cat owners found letting their cat run free or unlicensed. This would reduce the negative effects that household pet cats have on wildlife and would greatly reduce the chances of them breeding with each other and with feral cats in the wild.

In fact this solution is the preferred choice of the following organizations over TNR.
• American Bird Conservancy
• Humane Society Of The United States (HSUS)
• Audubon Society
• Bird Conservation Alliance
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Lastly existing wild cats and cat colonies should be trapped, rehabilitated and adopted out or euthanized. Money raised from the cat licensing process should be used to fund the Trap and Remove Program.

The No-Kill animal organizations will disagree and fight these common sense ideas tooth and nail even if it means these poor cats will continue to suffer.

So that leaves level headed town residents to be the ones to ask their Mayor and Councils to end this cruel and inhumane practice of Trap, Neuter and Release. This is a hard step but the best one for animals and one that responsible animal lovers should do for unfortunate animals in bad situations.

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    1. I don’t like guns or hunting with guns, but I will agree wholeheartly with you on this subject.

      I hunt with my eyes and enjoy wildlife therefore it does make us comrades in an odd way.

      TNR is the ultimate cruelty for cats. And TNR lies about it.

      I suggest for a read about the lies of TNR.

      And I also suggest that in order to fight this movement, and it is becoming more so every day, that you join forces with those of us that fight TN and Abandon. There is organized money behind TNR and that is needed to fight it also.

      The ones who support TNR do it to fulfill their need to be a “savior”, it is a personal agenda. They see the horrors but deny them. Thanks for expressing your opinion on this issue, but I implore you to take it further.

      1. Seriously, what a disgusting group of cretins pathetically attempting to hide their hatred for cats under a totally spurious argument that TNR is cruel. Mankind causes far more damage to the environment and habitats than any number of.cats could ever do, so I believe we should euthanize all you disgusting cat haters before you can spread any more disease and stupidity.

    2. So killing cats in order to “save” them is the idea here? Hmmmm…. How about feeding them (so they won’t have to hunt). Or, is that too much to ask…. I guess it’s just easier to kill them and then go on with our own lives.

      1. Mike a lizard is great for eating pest bugs…its all fun for the cat, maybe one will get stuck in its throat and return’s the favor…. cats need tags cats should be tied up while outside. Or kept in the house

      2. I think that it is great that you would feed a hungry feral cat, but I feel that,
        in order to not make the problem even worse, you should ALSO make sure that particular cat
        is spayed or neutered.
        As for organized TNR programs, I feel that cat-contraceptive laden food or “contraceptive
        darts” (similar to some used on deer to reduce overpopulation) would be better choices
        than trapping a few cats, traumatizing them with surgery, and releasing them to simple
        “fend for themselves” in a “concrete jungle”.
        IF feral kittens are rescued young enough, they should be adopted out.
        Meanwhile, the BIGGEST problem of irresponsible pet owners not altering their pets and/or
        abandoning them when they become a burden must be more seriously addressed.
        Also, laws should be passed that only allow pet stores to sell shelter animals.

        1. Hi. Here in Oregon we have what is called Barn cats. I have many and I take GREAT care of my feral animals. It’s free, it helps me and in return I get service animals! Win win. Oregon has many kinds of different animals to choose from. Animals want a job and if farmers can get free help boy howdy, farmers have too much land to keep mice out. And the feral dogs, I got me one and he is THE BEST DOG EVER! Think harder and be smarter on if you should exicute an animal who just needs a job.

          1. @Mindy, Welcome to this site. As for me the people of Texas have been very generous about sharing their unwanted dogs with me. But they keep driving off before I can thank them. My eleven dogs and four “guest” dogs form the front yard security division , the back yard security division, the indoor geriatric division (all inside the perimeter wire), the out post division (also fenced), and the four “guest’ dogs provide roving patrols of my fields and meadows between breakfast and supper. And yes the whole bunch are spayed and neutered.

    3. The article is not about killing them.

      It is clearly about removing them from the enviroment because they are so harmfull and destructive to natural wildlife and to prevent prolonged suffering.

      Once they are rehabilitated you can adopt them out as pets and if they are not adoptable only then they should be put down as it is the humane thing to do.

      Clearly letting then suffer out in the wild is not the way to go and feeding them does not stop them from hunting and killing the animals and birds that belong in our back yards.

      1. I agree that this site is misguided. They seem to believe that all cats can be rehabilitated, but the ones that can’t don’t deserve any kind of life. I take care of a cat colony, and yes I try to adopt out the ones that I can, but there simply aren’t enough people willing to take them in. They could end up euthanized in a shelter purely due to the overpopulation problem. I have several cats that will never let me close enough to touch them, but they still enjoy afternoon naps in the sun, catnip toys, and the occasional treat. Giving them food, shelter, and medical care is the best I can do for them. Getting the population to stabilize is the only way to keep it from getting worse. This article was written by someone who has never lifted a finger to help them, or had to skip two meals a day for a month to be able to afford veterinary care for a stray. And when your congressman refuses to support a bill banning puppy and kitten mills because it would “put ‘honest’ people out of work” tell me what options you ACTUALLY have.

        1. Thank you so much for your education about feral cats. They can’t be adopted out when they are feral, only when they are very young. The TNR isn’t ideal, but better to hunt and kill them.

      2. Morons. You know nothing about ferel cats. The ones I take care of don’t suffer…..they just free roam. They are very well fed. Most you cannot socialize unless you get then as kittens. It woukd cost a fortune to attempt to “rehabilitate them” . I realize this is a very old article. My comment is for anyone that stumbles onto it like I did.

    4. The article does not say it but I do.

      They do not belong and are destructive pests, trap and kill them just like you would rats!

      1. Killing them only brings more cats. If you bring them to shelters, they CAN”T be adopted. They are not socialized with humans. If they get euthenized, you are killing cats who hunt to eat. Feral cats are not house cats. They are the same Genus and Species as house cats, but that’s it! Cats are not even a risk for transmitting diseases! Can’t we just calm down and be trigger happy for one situation? Many species in urban areas are killed because of urban development. That’s right, humans kill the birds because of pollution and taking away their habitats. Did the cats cut down trees and build houses? NO! Don’t blame them for that! Not surprised the BIRD organizations are mad with CATS (a completely different species). Just stick to your birds Audubon. Can you find any organization OTHER than BIRD organizations to support your “facts”? One more thing, are you a bird person? I REALLY think you have something against cats.

        1. What is it that the proponents of TNR do not understand? These stray/feral cats are not a native species which affects the balance of the ecosystem when they are introduced and allowed to thrive. Also, as I have seen some say if we feed them, they will not hunt. This person has obviously not been around enough cats to know, they have what is called “prey drive” this is an instinct. It does not just kick on when they are hungry, it’s what they do! They will hunt and kill our native species whether they are hungry or not. I am not a cat hater by any means. I have loved and cared for many domestic cats in my home for many years. I do not believe we should be supporting cat hoarders with their outdoor communities.

    5. I understand some parts of this article,but I am on the other side of it.A few years ago a female cat showed up at my house and had kittens under my deck.Not wanting more kittens and because it was too expensive thru a regular vet to have them fixed I found someone to TNR them.Feral cats are not friendly so you cannot pet them or pick them up so getting them in a carrier doesn’t work,so you must trap them.A few months later another female appeared with a kitten,then another, etc.We tried shooing them off but of course that didn’t work.I eventually had all the cats TNR’d,some kittens were adopted to familes,others I kept,a few live outside on/under my deck.I feed them and give them shelter with insulated dog houses with heaters.If I hadn’t had them TNR’d I would have hundreds of cats in my yard.TNR works to keep the population down,and maybe save some kittens to be adopted to families.So in my opinion TNR is good.Perhaps alot of the problem is people,they should be lectured on getting their pets spayed or neutered right away especially if they are let outside to stop the multiplying.

      1. I totally agree. I live next to a dairy farm and people were dropping cats there . Unfortunately the farmers didn’t want them there. So I bought a trap and TNVR’d all of them. Found homes for the kittens and friendly ones . Now I am down to three happy healthy cats that are getting tamer everyday now. Also pesticides and people dumping chemicals are killing more birds in neighborhoods than feral cats.

    6. Well, the feral cats in my neighborhood show no signs of suffering and are doing quite well after TNR.

      Feral cats have provided an essential service for humans for millenia. The Egyptians made the cat into a goddess for that reason. And when anti-cat hysteria took over Europe and they killed every cat they could get their hands on, the bubonic plague spread by the rats that the cats would have killed decimated the population. Feral cats have a place as anyone who has ever had a barn knows.

      TNR makes sure that the population does not swell and vaccinations given at the time of neutering eliminates the rabies menace. (Most of rabies transmission is done by bats. Should we kill off all these wonderful animals who keep insects under control because of the chance of rabies?)

    7. This article is on the mark. But, just wanted to let you know that cats are listed as #38 apparently because that list is in alphabetical order according to the Latin names (Felis catus). Take another look. Still, point taken – they are in the top 100 for sure.

      Also, to the author, HSUS is proTNR as of 2006. Maybe they would not mind seeing feral cats in homes if possible but they are now one of the biggest supporters of this ridiculous method.

      Cats should not be used as mousers:

      As for rabies, the threat is not eliminated by giving the vaccine because there are a bunch of cats that congregate at the food source and not all of them are vaccinated, cats are usually not re-trapped for boosters, and coons and skunks are also at the colonies. Have not seen anyone pet a skunk, but the feeders sure do handle those ‘feral’ cats!! There are friendly ones there too ya know!!

    8. HAHA feral cats as pets! That’s a good one!

      Feral cats don’t like humans. They don’t have an interest in being domesticated and dependent upon us like other animals we have forced into domestication over the years.

      Cats are definitely a non-native species. But if we are going to discuss the whole nature argument, you would know that nature abhors a vacuum. There is no way to trap every single feral cat. When numbers reduce and more resources are made available by people killing them, they breed more and so on.

      With TNR, you keep the population in check while preventing further breeding. You also get the opportunity to give the cats medical care to prevent their illness or spread of it. It’s not rocket science.

      I know for sport-hunting-happy people, killing animals may seem like nothing. The comment about rats above shows just this (rats are extremely intelligent, affectionate, and loving by the way). But, fortunately, all of the life in the world does not revolve around what is a pest to you.

      TNR is the best we have right now. But, as long as people keep using lethal methods, feral cat problems will continue to exist- as will the song bird population problems that come with them.

    9. TNR propoganda is Kool-Aid for people with a soft spot for cats–but TNR is a nightmare for native wildlife. Even fed cats hunt. TNR never really reduces the number of cats running wild, and often attracts more and more cats. The alleged benefits of TNR have been as elusive to document as UFOs or Iraqi WMDs.

    10. Nature may abhor a vacuum, but cats are not part of nature. The only reason they congregate is due to an artificial food source. Remove the cats and remove the food – end of story. That does work.

      Cats do not thrive in the wild. They have no natural place in any North American ecosystem. And there are plenty of non-feral or semi-feral cats in these colonies. That is what TNR has turned into. Don’t want to see a cat get euthanized? Can’t find a foster home? Do TNR and stick it back outside! That is what these people do. And a lot of those cats CAN get tamed with a little time and patience.

    11. I can’t believe any sane person would be quoting Animal Rights propaganda as was done in this article. The “facts” quoted in the article about feral cats as hunters has been debunked. It was based on a “guesstimate” by a researcher in Wisconsin and has been quoted as gospel by PETA and other AR groups ever since. For more current studies on feral cat predation read the book “Redemption” or visit the Alley Cat Allies web site. According to the Center for Disease Control the rate of rabies transmission from feral cats to humans is near ZERO. Again the rabies scare is just Animal Rights nonsense. Extreme Animal Rights groups want to make cats and dogs extinct. Hunters and other animal lovers should stand up and speak out against PETA and their ilk instead of mindlessly accepting their propaganda.

    12. GeorgeE; I am a reformed Alley Cat Allies supporter and after seeing the horrible starving conditions of cats in the so called care of TNR I could not forgive myself if another beautiful cat was sentenced to this life.

      The people operating as sponsors are really cat hoarders taking advantage of this loop hole and the ignorance of people who mean well.

      End all TNR for the sake of god and kitty’s everywhere!

    13. Anyone who has owned a cat can testify to the number of animals they will bring to your door if left out to hunt in your back yard.

      It does not take an extreme animal rights group to make up numbers for support of keeping cats away from wildlife.

    14. That last comment shows the complete lack of understanding and ignorance that the so called animal lovers have for conservation and YES hunting groups.

      The truth is Hunting an Conservation organizations like TRCP, Pheasant Forever, Elk Foundation and Duck Unlimited of have done so so much more for nature than animal rights or no kill animal groups who only seem to care about controlling people than really helping animals.

      Yes we hunters do care, lets see your group offer up some proof of making real change in animals lives.

      TNR is cruel for cats and is destroying wild game bird populations for nothing.

      1. It is true that the image is bad but it reflects the true nature of feral cats.

        It is also true that this is a real image, nothing photoshoped about it. The reality of TNR is a hard pill for belivers to swallow.

        Thanks for all your responses.

    15. peta agrees that ferals should be killed, er, put to sleep peacefully.
      none of you have any clue about anything.

    16. George, what you refer to regarding that study is a red herring the TNR proponents use. There is PLENTY of scientific support to show that TNR is not effective and to show the seriousness of cat predation. Find it here:

      There is no scientific support to show that TNR significantly reduces the feral cat population.

    17. Many people who own pet snakes will trap these cats and use them as snake food. NOBODY is going to check up on stray and feral cats. Seriously. I know someone who knows someone who does just that. People who own Burmese pythons and anacondas have enormous appetites and the cost of bunnies and goats astronomical so they trap these cats OR answer free to good home ads for cats and dogs and use them for snake food. If a person can feed their snake a bunny or small goat, what makes you think they can’t feed them a dog or cat? They “justify” it by saying the snake has to eat-well, they didn’t have to buy the snake in the first place.

      These cats will also lick leaking antifreeze from under cars because it has a sweet taste to it and so much as 1/4th a teaspoon will permanently kill their kidneys and they die very horrible deaths.

      Many of these TNR cats will also die under the wheels of an automobile. Ever see a cat hit by a car? I did. It was hideous. The eyeballs literally popped out of the sockets and the cat was still alive, rolling down the street. It put me in a state of shock. I was unable to move. It was the most hideous thing I ever seen.

      Now tell me again TNR is humane. It’s far better to trap them and if unable find them a home – euthanize them. THAT IS BETTER THAN ENDING UP GETTING CRUSHED TO DEATH BY A SNAKE, which bones break and they can’t even scream or get hit by a car.

      1. Uh no. As a longtime snake owner and owner of several giants, as well as someone with a degree in herpetology (the study of snakes, lizards and amphibians), I can tell you this rarely if ever happens. Cats are too dangerous to feed to a snake, as they will bite, scratch, etc. Feral cats, loaded with fleas, ticks, and outdoor parasites are also piss-poor nutrition, so there’s really no point. Also, these large animals only eat about once a month, so I’m pretty sure an 8$ rabbit once a month is going to break approximately no one.

        Oh, and constrictors don’t kill by breaking bones. They kill by rupturing major arteries via pressure. Get your facts straight.

    18. People dump their cats due to old-wives tails they can “fend on their own”.

      Many people also refuse to spay/neuter their pet and get that cute kitten as a transient toy for their kid.

      As soon as it becomes a problem, that is, goes into heat, as little as six months they dump them.

      One pair of unaltered cats produces a litter and they can get pregnant as little as six months old. Before you know it you have a bad problem.

      There are literally millions of homeless cats in each state. There really is no solution because a homeless cat LOSES no matter what you do. Because it’s homeless.

      TNR is animal cruelty.

    19. This article is a totally wrong and no, I am not an extremist. I am a college educated, hard working member of my community who also runs an animal rescue.

      We have used TNR for the 8 years I have been involved and I have seen the incredible results first hand. I got involved as I was shopping at a store and there were kittens in the parking lot.

      I found out there was over 200 cats showing up behind this business (because there was a field behind it linking it to the fast food places).

      I started TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) on all ferals (wild cats). Tame cats and kittens were removed (by the way, these are the ones that cannot survive on their own, not ferals, ferals hunt for food–just like wild animals, they use the food chain to survive). After two years the population went from 200 to 10, now down to 5. TNR works!

      People who take care of colonies know that you do not leave the cats uncared for, you continue to monitor and trap every few months to make sure no new cats have come in that need fixing, also you feed them. The majority of ferals we help are on farms, but some are in the city limits as well. Trapping and removing should not be done as it creats a vacumn that allows other cats to take their place. Again, I have seen this first hand.

      Remember that cats, feral or not, are natural rodent protection. They will hunt mice first, because they are easier to catch. Birds expend too much energy for cats, so they only catch them if desperate or for fun. Regardless, we need mouse control in order to avoid diseases such as the hanta virus, which is in mouse droppings.

      TNR is not cruel. Ignoring the problem is. TNR solves the problem and keeps it from happening again. Cat population goes down naturally over time and the colony dies out. With trap and remove the population expands to make up for the missing cats.

      If you want good, solid info on ferals and TNR please visit

    20. Luke: AlleyCatallies is the biggest supporter going for TNR and are an Animal Extremest Organization.

      Show us the scientific proof that TNR works…whats that.. oh yeah their is none.

    21. “Tame cats and kittens were removed (by the way, these are the ones that cannot survive on their own, not ferals, ferals hunt for food–just like wild animals, they use the food chain to survive).”

      Baloney! None of these cats survive/thrive on their own. If they did, we would not feed them. That is why they are lucky if they make it out there for two years without human assistance.

      Cat Rescue, you use the word ‘natural’ a lot. Problem is that cats are NOT a natural part of any ecosystem. They are NOT part of the NATURAL food chain. They do not add to biodiversity – they deplete it. To imply we need cats to save us from rodents is ridiculous. Take a look here and do some homework:

      The only purpose TNR serves is to avoid euthanasia – that is it. And how did those 200 cats go down to 10? Were most adopted out? That is REMOVAL, not TNR. Did any die? And how did they die? Were those deaths a ‘success’ in your opinion?

    22. Cats are a pet species, and as such should never be abandoned into the wild, much less be subsidize fed and enabled to predate on our wildlife, and compete with our natural predators. The killing of our fauna by pets is anything but compassionate, humane, and non-lethal!

    23. here’s a little reality check for you guys:
      i live on a farm with 18 cats – all spayed/neutered, of course, and fed daily.
      of these 18 cats, approximately 11 are hunters. of these 11 only 7 are successful – most only on some rare (!) occasions. 3 of them, however, are – to speak in your terms – true ‘marksmen’.
      this year, so far, 3 birds have been killed.

      since they live in a ‘controlled environment’ (4 acres of mixed environment – trees, bushes, shrubs tall grass etc. – surrounded by an in-ground fence system), the chances of me missing a ‘hit’ are relatively slim – especially since they love to show off their prey (or do you hide your trophies in the basement?). in any event, i would eventually find it decomposing.

      you, who is reading this here right now, never misses a target, of course, but you certainly know of some of those ‘other guys’ who are not so ‘lucky’, right?
      so… isn’t it funny how people always assume that every cat is a. a hunter and b. successful?!?
      “ah!” for projections…

    24. Corinna,

      Unless the cats are enclosed and cannot access wildlife, that is not a controlled environment. You can miss some hits. Cats may completely consume their prey, take it somewhere you cannot see it, or it can appear to ‘escape’ only to die later of bacterial infection or internal trauma. Each and every one of those hits is a needless death.

      There is a difference between ethical hunting and cat predation. See below:

    25. Corinna, your cats are nowhere near so successful as the feral cats my neighbor feeds. After I lost a pair of Mockingbirds and a Bluejay that had been nesting here for years I stopped going out in my yard completely.

      My garden and flower beds were plowed under, and my grand children’s sandbox taken apart. I hire out my yardwork now.

      I go to my garage to check and reset my Havaheart trap several times daily, and transport the cats to Animal Control.

      Even one bird or native animal killed is too many, when it is killed by an unwanted domestic pet!

    26. Trap, keep, cook. Taste just like chicken. OOOOOOOOOO so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. This article is misguided and ignrores the REALITY of TNR. First of all, municipalities don’t “trap and keep.” Feral cats cannot be “kept.” They “trap and kill.” And the “vacuum effect” is real.

      Second, TNR advocates are often the only people in the community who are actually, actively, REDUCING the number of wild cats.

      Why? Because:

      1) Feral caretakers stay constantly aware of the size of the colony and new cats
      2) They spay and neuter the existing cats and any new cats
      3) They get the cats VACCINATED for rabies and other diseases
      4) They adopt-out the kittens
      5) Municipalities generally don’t/won’t fund a complete cat eradication campaign with a small number of (sometimes one) animal control officers
      6) Homeowners that care for (or know about) ferals WILL allow a TNR advocate to sterilize the cat(s), but won’t allow someone to come and trap them to be killed. Which means that homeowners that trap cats and bring them to the shelter have only dealt with an isolated symptom, which will just rebound
      7) Responsible feral cat caretakers will only release cats that are going to be actively fed and cared for.
      8) There are often dozens of 24/7 cat volunteers in a community, compared to one or two part-time or even full-time animal control officers. If the animals are going to be killed, there’s no incentive for all of those volunteers to spend thousands of dollars of their own money and hundreds of hours trapping, vaccinating, spaying, etc…

      I’ve been involved with a local TNR group for about 7 years. When I came to our town, some neighbors had been trapping cats for 4-5 years and bringing them to the local shelter to be euthanized. When I arrived, there were still anywhere from 50-100 cats between a few colonies. Killing a few random cats accomplished nothing. When I was done with a few years of TNR efforts, about 40-50% the cat colony was adopted out as kittens. About 20% disappeared (cars? trapped? lost?). A few had to be euthanized because of things like cancer. About 4 cats remained active in my colony and 8 in a neighboring colony. A small portion were relocated to another colony. Growth was down to a manageable (1) adult cat and 1-2 sets of new kittens each year, down from dozens of new cats each year for the “Trap-and-Kill” years.

      In addition, the “Trap and Kill” folks would also trap and relocate skunks, possums, raccoons, etc… The result? Orphaned animals, which normally would only come out at night, would emerge during the day starving to death. Weakened animals are a haven for disease and I’m now an expert on diseases (and medications) thanks to neighbors who couldn’t leave well enough alone.

      People need to learn that healthy, managed populations are MUCH better for both Society and the animals themselves.

      I’d estimate that my efforts reduced the local cat population by as much as 70-80% directly, and 1000+% exponentially over years.

      Even though it may seem superficially that TNR advocates are preserving outdoor cats, they are, in fact, the greatest controlling factor in reducing the number of wild, unvaccinated cats.

    28. Scott:

      Youare one of the true believers of TNR false hoods. There is nothing we can say that will convince you that science based management is best for these poor animals. There are so many incorrect assumptions and outright lies in your long winded pile of bull shit that it should just be deleted.

      You and your followers will just go on subjecting cats to awful conditions just so you can feel good about not doing the right thing which is to remove cats from the environment.

      Truth you cannot deny:
      TNR is Cruel.
      TNR does not have one documented case of working successfully.
      TNR colony sponsors are in fact cat hoarders in disguise.
      TNR cats are a plague on the environment.
      TNR organization like NJARA are DHS listed sponsors of eco terrorism.
      TNR colonies are source points for rabies outbreaks.
      TNR is a grassroots effort by “No Kill animal rights groups” to impose their brain washing on honest unsuspecting animal lovers.

    29. Let’s see, we’re comparing your opinions – with apparently no experience with TNR — to my 7 years experiece (365 days a year) with TNR. Since I also deal with other animals (raccoons, etc…), I went ahead and got my license as an NWCO (Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator) through the DEC. NWCOs have no authority over feral cats, but NWCO training includes training with respect to zoonotic diseases, trapping protocols, etc…

      There have been scientific studies (look up anything by Julie Levy, DVM). Frankly, I don’t need them. I’ve seen the effect of TNR every day, first-hand, with my own eyes. I’ve been directly responsible for the massive reduction in feral cats among multiple colonies through TNR. “Trap and Kill” has been public policy for years. Has it accomplished anything? No. The same shelters that euthanize a few hundred cats each year, just euthanize a few hundred more the next year.

      Does TNR mean you release animals without care? No – colonies have active caretakers.
      Do some animals need to be euthanized due to disease? Yes.
      Should anyone release an animal for whom food and shelter won’t be provided? Of course not.
      Do trapped ferals get rabies vaccinations? I’m not sure of the laws in every state, but here in NY, a cat HAS to get a rabies vaccination, and all of our ferals get vaccinated (some get the boosters as well if they’re trapped a 2nd time).
      Should cats be released near sensitive areas for birds, endangerd animals or other wildlife? Absolutely not.

      You seem to be ignoring many of the REALITIES of animal management. First, there are very few (if any) laws regarding feral cats. And when there are laws regarding “domestic” animals such as cats and dogs, they generally exist on the TOWN and VILLAGE level. Most towns and villages have one or two animal control officers, at best. There’s no such thing as “science-based management” at the local level for cats. If you’re talking about euthanizing feral cats – well, guess what? They already do that, and IT DOESN’T work.

      Anyone that manages a cat colony can tell you that:
      1) Cats roam
      2) Some only come out at night
      3) Some won’t go anywhere near a baited Hav-A-Hart, requiring on-site trapping with drop-traps or other methods.
      4) It’s almost impossible to know how many cats there are without constant monitoring. If you see five, there are probably 10 (made worse by the fact that it’s almost impossible to tell multiple black cats apart).

      If you think 20,000 municipalities are going to pass laws, and then going to PAY for a cat eradication campaign, hire a bunch of ACOs and then set up a 24/7 monitoring system to make sure they’ve got all of the cats – sorry, but that’s not reality. Reality is that those same people that adopt-out those cute kittens in pet stores are acting as a proxy force by conducting TNR on their own dime or through donations (I’ve personally spent $5k+ on managing and removing animals that was someone else’s “fault” and irresponsibility). Every ACO salary and every euthanized animal, however, comes out of PUBLIC TAX DOLLARS instead of private contributions. That’s reality.

      Where do you think many kittens in pet stores come from? People who “forgot” to spay their cat? No. TNR groups are continually moving kittens into the adoption network, which is part of the way colonies get REDUCED. So let’s see: cats vaccinted; LESS animals roaming free; lower euthanasia rates; and the whole thing is funded through PRIVATE donations and individuals, rather than PUBLIC tax dollars.

      You’ve got it wrong. TNR cats aren’t a plague on the environment. Unmanaged animals are the issue. TNR cats are MANAGED. They’re spayed. They’re neutered. They’re vaccinated. Some are removed. Some are euthanized for disease.

      Who’s taking responsibility and paying for all of that? The public? NO. The town? NO. The government? NOPE. Private individuals who participate in TNR are.

      1. What a colossal among of bullsh*t! It is clear you know nothing writing a a cv on how you THINK you are an expert does not make it so. Where did you learn this fool’s math you practice? Trapping a cat then abandoning it back where you find it doesn’t make it go away. It is still there. Here,let me show you: 1 cat – 1cat = 0 cat. Follow me so far? Ok, the way you count:1 cat – 1cat + 1 same cat (reabandoned) = 0. That is not correct. 1 cat – 1cat + same cat (reabandoned)= 1 cat is correct math.

    30. Oh, and among the organizations SUPPORTING TNR:

      – AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association)
      – HSUS (Humane Society of the United States)
      – AHA (American Humane Association)
      – ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

      The article is technically wrong about both the HSUS and PETA:

      Groups like PETA actually DO support TNR with specific conditions, such as providing food, shelter, etc…, for the cats (which any responsible caretaker should do).

    31. As a state licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator, myself and former TNR supporter I have recently resigned from my towns TNR program.

      The program has been a complete failure and now is putting children’s health and safety at risk.

      I once believed all the same wishful truths as my friend Scot in the post above but have seen first hand the horrors of TNR and still feel inconsolable guilt over the torture I subjected TNR cats to and the painful rabies treatments children suffered because of my selfish need to try and save feral cats.

      I too once believed that TNR saved the public money, but no more. With my bare hands I have had to catch and treat 100’s of feral cats only to find I need to re-catch the same cats year after year. Each year the cats were more and more worse for wear. Each health check cost our TNR program money in renewed vaccinations and other assorted Vet costs. Even though we followed the ear clipping and record keeping standards, as Scott pointed out above cats wonder so responsible TNR Groups need to check each and every cat even the ones with clipped ears and that is if we could catch them as many cats became trap smart after just their first trapping.

      All this cost time and money, I came to realize that it was far more cost effective to remove the animals the first time.

      Because as a colony sponsor there is really no way to monitor cats and I was lieing every time I had to say that the cats were well supervised but you just can go were the cats are hiding so you really have no idea.

      The straw that broke my back was when we could not control the rabies outbreak. Being house pets left loose in the wild my cats had no way to defend themselves from other infected animals and as Scott mentioned above there is no way to trap every cat, the rabies spread like wildfire. Leaving many of my beloved cats to suffer horrible deaths that I could have prevented over and over.

      YES!! I know most would be put down but at least it would be pain free and quick unlike the deaths they suffered under TNR.

      But the worst was when small children ended up being attacked on four separate occasions. these poor baby’s had to undergo the painful rabies treatments that would make any adult cry. It got even worse when the state NJARA representative wanted us to cover it up so as to down play the failure of TNR and it was then I realized the caliber of people promoting TNR at a national level that I had fallen in with and how selfish I had been.

      If I had not been so naive to think that I could save these poor kittens and then some of these children would not have been forced to suffer through the horrible rabies treatments. The nerve I had that I thought I could change the facts of nature as God designed them. Gods truth is cats are house pets and not designed to live outside.

      Scott from the post above has quote the same TNR points that I so whole heatedly belied word for word, line by line but take it from me as I have been there and TNR does not work! There is to much at risk for the cats involved and the people of our communities. No money is saved, infact I have all my records and it has cost a fortune to accomplish nothing. The feral cats really do suffer even with me there day and night.

      If you town is thinking about TNR tell them my story and do not make the same mistakes I have. Save our kittys Spay Neuter and Adopt but please DO NOT RETURN THEM!!

    32. “the painful rabies treatments children suffered because of my selfish need to try and save feral cats.”

      I’m a bit confused by the above post – were the TNR’d ferals vaccinated for rabies? If so, then the problem is unvaccinated animals, not the TNR’d animals, unless many years had passed. We vaccinate all of our animals and request boosters whenever possible (contrary to popular belief, I’ve been able to catch every feral I’ve tried to catch multiple times, though it gets progressively harder and some require drop traps).

      From what I read online, the Point Pleasant scenario started with a hoarder, not an effective TNR program. Was the cat that tested positive ear-tipped? Was it vaccinated?

      I don’t know all of the details of any existing Point Pleasant TNR program (and therefore, can’t comment on how responsibly or irresponsibly it was administered – or even if there IS one), but we’re back to my point: either every municipality in every state commits to a complete eradication and/or vaccination campaign (which has never worked), or the responsible people are the ones actually vaccinating and removing animals, which are the TNR folks.

      It also requires good sense and “best practices” on the part of the colony managers. For example, I never feed at night, to avoid attracting skunks and raccoons.

      I think part of the problem in these conversations is that people confuse supporting the concept of FERAL CATS in general with supporting TNR – and like the earlier poster tried to do – purposefully confuse “hoarding” with TNR.

      A responsible TNR program seeks to REDUCE the number of feral cats overall to a much smaller, healthier population. NOT increase the number, not keep them, not release them on their own without supervision, or release them in areas in which they’ll be a known danger to wildlife (or be in danger themselves).

      Another part of the problem with these conversations is the definition of “feral.” Some of the cats we deal with have barely ever experienced a human being – i.e., they’re truly “wild cats.” A significant portion of the colonies I work with have been exposed to humans since birth, however, and though they’re definitely not “indoor” cats, they’re also not completely wild, either.

      That’s why TNR needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis, and not as a matter of blanket policy.

    33. I have to point out some things here. First, both HSUS and PETA support TNR, contrary to what was mentioned earlier. In fact, from the HSUS sight:
      “The HSUS advocates community-based Trap-Neuter-Return programs with on-going responsible management as the most viable, long-term approach available at this time to reduce feral cat populations”

      The Audubon Society IS an extremist animal rights group as well, and they are concerned about protecting Canadian Geese that are an enormous pest problem in the North East so it would appear that to each his/her own in this situation.

      Aside from trapping and killing or TNR, I also don’t here any other solutions. Shooting all the deer in a season and having them not return to the feeding grounds the following season is different than removing cats and opening up a niche for other ferals to fill.

      And finally, isn’t the tone here getting to be partisan between the good conservative hunters and wealthy bird owners versus the evil “save the animal” liberals? We politicize everything now in America?!?!

    34. I find your story ridiculous and non-credible.Yes cats kill some birds. Cats also kill rodents which are disliked by, and a problem to, most people.They would rather eat kibble I believe if it provided to them.When cats are TNR’d you must sign a paper that you will continue to feed the cat and care for it.Someone that is going to go through all that they do to TNR is not going to NOT take care of it then.Neutering and spaying will help cut down the population of wild cats and therefore will help control it.I am probably not off base in saying that you just hate cats and so contrived an article about how cruel it is to TNR instead of “merely” killing them.Boo Hiss

    35. Correction: To the person who says that PETA is for TNR. Newsflash. They are not. We have boycotted them for their new viewpoint is that all ferals should be killed. Imagine that! yeah – PETA! Of all the organizations, it is amazing to me that they are against TNR. They – suck!

    36. Pt Beach TNR Veteran :

      I had to laugh at your stupid statement that ‘these poor babies had to undergo painful rabies treatments that would make an adult cry’. LOL I got bit by a feral kitten I was trapping for taming. I underwent the rabies vaccines. They aren’t much different than a Tetanus shot. Yes there are more of them, but certainly not as traumatic as a child who needs to get sutures. I work in pediatrics. Trust me. It’s part of life and not a traumatic experience when it comes to saving your life. And – if they were attacked, and rabies truly is a big deal in that area, then it is because you didn’t start your TNR program years prior, to avoid the rabies. If all cats had been vaccinated, there wouldnt’ be rabies in the cats. PA has hardly any rabies documented in cats. one or two per year in areas where there aren’t ANY TNR programs.

    37. It is ironic that the article and some of the commenters call people who do TNR extremists, yet to support their opinions, they reference the positions of PETA and use PETA talking points! That is a FAR more extremist “Animal Rights” group led by people who want all use of animals and all human-animal interaction ended, from hunting to livestock farming to even pets. Of COURSE they are anti-TNR. They think ideally domestic dogs and cats should be extinct and humans should only look at animals from a distance. They’ve killed over 90% of cats and dogs, puppies and kittens turned over them for rehoming and made no effort to find them homes. It’s no surprise they want to kill ferals too.

    38. first off i do have a comment because TNR is good because despite the conditions in the wild(which a feral cat is adopted to) it will reduce the population naturally. simply adopting out an agressive cat is like adopting out a wild tiger. cats are FELINES all FELINES have the very same instincts embedded in thier brains. cats are much smaller true but it is proven scientifically that a great white shark has less bite strength per square inch than the common housecat(though sharks have much more mass.) removing cats from thier families is the exact same thing as why you do not remove a bird from its nest mommy will reject baby and baby dies. would you trap and keep wild lions?
      furthermore euthanizing cats totally contradicts the purpose of this article. we are trying to reduce population HUMANELY and killing a cat or dog simply because it cannot speak in the tongue we do does not make it right. in my book its the same as killing a human and should be murder 1.

      the course of nature will take its toll thats the circle of life but let it be just that. cats will kill wildlife and wildlife will kill cats reduction in a humane way is the best option.

      the other parts of this article regarding leash laws should be enacted. if you dont want your kitty give them to a loving home that will love he/she for what they are a living,breathing,FEELING animal. humans are animals also.

    39. At one point under Chairman Mao, Chinese extinguished all or almost all of its feral cats as bird-killers, the source of disease and “the enemy of the people” – the city was immediately overrun by mice, rats and other critters, and China had to spend millions of dollars trying to fight them, and then had to spend millions more buying cats abroad. What you are proposing is Chinese Communist policy – that failed and cost millions of $.

    40. TNR is rapidly being exposed for the fraud it is. Town after town that were seduced by the theory of TNR and the hoarders (Alley Cat Allies), have seen that after a decade or more of TNR their feral populations have exploded geometrically. Alley Cat Allies are a bunch of post-menopausal ladies and the men that love them. They have nothing better to do than dump food on the ground, which is literally the least someone can do to reduce the feral cat population. They have succeeded in putting people who have to deal with nuisance ferals in second-class citizen status. That’s right, the back of the bus for those of us who live next to their colonies. Why are their rights to hoard more important than my right to enjoy my garden, my peaceful nights sleep, etc.? Has anyone ever thought about the legal concept of adverse possession? In most states you can grab someone’s land if you occupy it notoriously (without their permission), pay any back taxes owed, for a period of 5 years or more. By having a feral colony on someone’s private property without their permission you have met the legal burden of “occupation”. Better pay your taxes because it’s only a matter of time before the hoarders figure this out! If you don’t believe me check your state’s real estate statutes and then come back and comment how you think TNR is a holy act and it’s doing some good.

    41. People are ignorant. Tnr does work. You have designated people to feed and shelter the cats. They don’t kill birds like you say they do, not in mass quantity. Pesticides from humans kill more birds than cats do. Cats have personality conflicts, indoors or outdoors. You don’t integrate cats into a colony unless they are from that colony. You can take cats to the vet for check ups. Educate yourselves before opening your pieholes.

    42. Cats are serial killers. They will kill everything they can get their paws on whether they need food or not. Anyone that says “they don’t kill” is a FN liar!

      Cat are a plague on the environment and should be hunted down and killed just like rats, misquotes or roaches.

      [email protected] TNR

    43. He,

      I see your point on some bits but you forget one realy important thing! It is impossible to keep al the feral animals shelterd.
      If you catch animals and don’t return them, or if you kill animals there will be a new cat waiting to take it’s place. Young cats of new nests have more chance in surviving because of the food source being free since the cat was taken.
      it is inpossible to catch all animals at once, always one or two in a area will be missed wich can breed allong as they like.
      In TNR animals will not be caught alone they will be with their whole colony, and will only be kept for short. mostly they awaken in their own enviroment.

      I understand some people see cats as a plage, but even then the TNR methode is the only working methode. But only if done properly and for serveral years. It is a long term solution, it takes about 5 years before there will be a change. Killing them will only give other cats more opertunities to survive because the free food and shelter.

      The TNR methode will work best if al pet cats are castrated, and this is proscribed by the law. To contole this also manditory identification by a chip is needed.

    44. Your articles arrogant tone was offputting and your stance isn’t something I found credible. Try writing a scathing article about the losers who dump their animals and cause this whole problem instead of trying to make me feel bad for spending so much time energy effort and emotion into helping these creatures through TNR at feeding spots and rescueing and fostering the friendly and small ones for adoption.

    45. really?? if you knew anything about “feral cats” you would see that 99% of what you write in here is bs…..stick to what you know!

    46. Be cautious about using any cats taken from outdoors for adoption or you could be held criminally responsible. There’s no way to know a wild-harvested cats’ vaccination history, if any, nor their exposure to all the deadly diseases cats carry. If a cat has contracted rabies then a vaccination later will do no good. It’s already too late. There’s no reliable known test for rabies while keeping the animal alive. They need to be destroyed after they are trapped. It’s the only sane and sensible solution. This is why all wild-harvested animals of any type intended for the pet-industry must undergo an extended quarantine up to 6 months before transfer or sale of those animals to prevent just these things. Cats are no different than any other animal when wild-harvested. You’re risking this following story happening in every shelter across the land.

      Adopting any cat that’s been taken from outdoors is just playing Russian Roulette.

      Stray-cats, the very source of all feral-cats, need to be euthanized too or you’ll never be rid of the feral-cat problem.

      These are just the diseases they’ve been spreading to humans, not counting the ones they spread to all wildlife. THERE ARE NO VACCINES against many of these, and are in-fact listed as bio-terrorism agents. They include: Campylobacter Infection, Cat Scratch Disease, Coxiella burnetti Infection (Q fever), Cryptosporidium Infection, Dipylidium Infection (tapeworm), Hookworm Infection, Leptospira Infection, Giardia, Plague, Rabies, Ringworm, Salmonella Infection, Toxocara Infection, Toxoplasma. [Centers for Disease Control, July 2010] Sarcosporidiosis, Flea-borne Typhus, and Tularemia can now also be added to that list.

      Cat-Transmitted PLAGUE:

      Tularemia (rabbit-fever, transmissible to humans):

      Flea-borne Typhus:

      Their most insidious disease of all, cats’ Toxoplasma gondii parasite they spread through their feces into all other animals. This is how it gets into meats and humans get it from meats, cats roaming around stockyards and farms. This is why cats are ROUTINELY destroyed around gestating livestock or important wildlife by shooting or drowning them. So those animals won’t suffer from the same things that can happen to the unborn fetus of any pregnant woman. (Miscarriages, still-births, hydrocephaly, and microcephaly.) It can kill you at any time during your life once you’ve been infected. It becomes a permanent lifetime parasite in your mind, killing you when your immune system becomes compromised. It can last over a year in any soils or waters and not even washing your hands or garden vegetables in bleach will destroy the oocysts. Contrary to popular cat-lovers’ self-deceptive myths, a cat can also become reinfected many times during its life and spread new oocysts each time. It’s now linked to the cause of autism, schizophrenia, and brain cancers. This parasite is now also killing off rare and endangered marine-mammals along all coastal areas from cats’ T. gondii oocysts in run-off from the land, the oocysts even surviving in saltwater.

      Its strange life cycle is meant to infect rodents. Any rodents infected with it lose their fear of cats and are actually attracted to cat urine.

      Cats attract rodents to your home with their whole slew of diseases. If you want rodents in your home keep cats outside of it to attract diseased rodents to your area.

      The time has come to destroy them all whenever spotted away from supervised confinement. There’s no other solution. We have nobody but cat-lovers to thank for this ecological disaster.

    47. FACT: Trap & Kill failed because cats cannot be trapped faster than they exponentially breed out of control.

      FACT: Trap & Sterilize is an even bigger abject failure because they cannot be trapped faster than they exponentially breed out of control, and they also continue the cruelly annihilate all native wildlife (from the smallest of prey up to the top predators that are starved to death), and the cats continue to spread many deadly diseases that they carry today — FOR WHICH THERE ARE NO VACCINES AGAINST THEM. Many of which are even listed as bioterrorism agents. (Such as Tularemia and The Plague — Yes, people have already died from cat-transmitted plague in the USA. No fleas nor rats even required. The cats themselves carry and transmit the plague all on their own.)

      FACT: Hunted To Extinction (or in this case, extirpation of all outdoor cats) is the ONLY method that is faster than a species like cats can exponentially out-breed and out-adapt to. Especially a man-made invasive-species like these cats that can breed 2-3X’s faster than any naturally occurring cat-species.

      FACT: Alley Cat ALL-LIES have only managed to trap 0.024% to 0.08% of all feral cats in their own city, thereby allowing more than 99.92% to 99.976% to continually and exponentially breed out of control. Alley Cat ALL-LIES can’t even reduce the number of feral cats in their own city, yet they promote is as a worldwide solution, then even bigger fools fall for it and promote it.

      FACT: When researching all the most “successful” TNR programs around the globe, JUST ONE OF THEM has managed to trap more than 0.4% of cats in their area. Oregon’s amazing 50,000 TNR’ed cats (the highest rate I found) is only 4.9% of all feral-cats in their state. Yet, by applying advanced population growth calculus on the unsterilized 95.1% of cats they will have trapped only 0.35% of all feral-cats in their state sometime this year. <0.4% is a far cry from the required 70-80% to be the least bit effective.

      FACT: During all this investigation I have discovered something that is unfaltering without fail. Something that you can bet your very life on and win every last time. That being — IF A CAT-LOVER IS TALKING THEN THEY ARE LYING. 100% guaranteed!

    48. Well now … let us just look at how to become JUST AS HUMANE as EVERY LAST TNR ADVOCATE.

      Shall we?

      Don’t close your eyes, you don’t want to miss this …

      How to reduce feral-cat numbers THE-TNR-WAY by “natural attrition”, but without traps & sterilizing them first:

      (or “The Way That *ALL* Stray-Cats Die”)

      1) Aim your car for cats when it’s safe for all else to do so.

      2) Put out poison for cats (Acetaminophen/Paracetamol (1-capsule generic tylenol) pain-relievers (the most cat-species specific), antifreeze, vermin-poisons, poisonous plants or animals — the ways that all TNR’ed cats succumb to “attrition” by poisons).

      3) Infect them with deadly diseases.

      4) Turn your dogs or other large predators loose on them.

      5) Starve them to death.

      6) Let them die of thirst.

      7) Put them in heated boxes until they die of heat exhaustion (emulate hot weather).

      8) Throw them in freezers until they are dead (emulate a harsh winter).

      9) Scratch the cat’s eyes and gash their skin to emulate a cat-attack so they slowly die of infections. (Justifiably the same way they destroy all native animals. Though that involves more skinning-alive and disemboweling-alive so the cat can enjoy their play-toy writhe and twitch to death. The longer it takes an animal to die of wounds the more a cat enjoys it. The cat-lovers themselves also greatly enjoy this, or they wouldn’t let their cats do it.)

      10) Trap and drown.

      11) Shoot them.

      Can you think of more ways that *ALL* TNR’ed cats die?

      NONE of them die of old-age you know!

      Any of these are the “natural” ways that TNR’ed cats die, according to TNR-Advocates’ own definition of how their cats die through “attrition”, so TNR-advocates should have NO problems when you destroy their cats this way!


      It’s how they’re doing it! TO EVERY LAST ONE OF THEIR TNR CATS.

      If these methods are acceptable to all TNR-advocates then it’s PERFECTLY okay for anyone else to do the same!

      If you kill their cats this way and they complain, they’re just being whiny hypocrites. That’s all.

      The ONLY difference in destroying them immediately in the manner that ALL TNR’ed cats die; instead of trapping and sterilizing them first; is that some money isn’t going into an HSUS/SPCA board-member’s pocket, veterinarian’s pocket, cat-food company CEO’s pocket, or a drug-company CEO’s pocket. That’s the ONLY difference.

      And THAT folks, is how to become just as “humane” as every last TNR advocate!

    49. The only difference between rats and cats is that people who own and love pet-rats aren’t severely mentally unbalanced and trying to hoard sterilized feral-rat populations on other people’s public and private properties, while relentlessly petitioning all their law-makers to do so. Pet-rat owners at least have their sh** together.

      (Yes, I still think it’s their cats’ T. gondii parasites in the cat-lovers’ brains that make them so unfalteringly blind to their own stupidity, hypocrisy, and absolute absurdity.)

    50. @Woodsman – who are you Dr Seuss? “Rats and cats both should be trapped so stop the crap, how about that?”

    51. To all of you who “hate cats” and do not agree with TNR (Trap Neuter Return), don´t you ever think that the overpopulation of rats, could be a much more serious problem, than the overpopulation of feral cats. One of the posts here, did a very good reminder about what happened in Europe, few centuries ago, becouse of the rats. You think that producing poison for rats is how you can manage the rats. And that poisining rats is more “human” way to get rid of rats. Cats are God´s gift to humanity, becouse of that reason. That´s why cats were considered Gods, in old Egypt. TNR is not about that some people want to fell like “savors”!! Cats belong to outdoor life! They are NOT some “rum made creaturs”, who should just sit on a couch and wait for you to pet them and feed them. It is people who force them to live that way and those people feels like “heros”, they critizise everybody who do not hold a cat in a rum, as a prison, and call those people “animal abusers”. It is becouse of those people, who critizise, so many cats are left to the shelters, by their ex owners!! I never had a cat, who lived in a rum, but I had a lot of feral cats, who came to our home, to get food, water, sleep,to be peted and play and after a while, they tell me they want to go out. THEY HAD A LIFE!!! Of course, all cat breeds are not able to live outdoors as free, but most of them are and should live as free. As about snakes, it should NOT be allowed to keep such animals, or big cats, like tigers, chitas etc. as pets. It´s such a shame for USA and other countries, that some people legaly own such pets, while there are so many other things that are NOT allowed to do, becouse of the public security. And producing meat for human needs, is alredy a big problem for the environment and planet Erth. And now, people produce meat to feed big cats, like tigers. How sick is that! Those big cats “lovers” keep those wild animals in a cage and feel like “care givers”, while they are just animal abusers! Not to mention the danger, for other people and animals. The whole “modern”, westeuropean mentality is so sick. It remainds of cancer cells who think that “they are the helthy ones” and try to fight with the helthy cells of the body. And for the cars, you want to drive “from-door-to-door” instead of taking a walk, or taking a bus, no matter how much that poisens the air.

    52. This post is RIGHT ON and the Kitty lovers have tried to beat the common sense out of it with their twisted logic but the TRUTH is cats loose in the wild are an invasive species. They kill so much natural wild life that they are destroying the natural balance. Anyone who tries to argue for them to remain loose is unfit to manage our wildlife.

    53. “One of the posts here, did a very good reminder about what happened in Europe, few centuries ago, becouse of the rats.”

      No, it was terrible and shows how delusional the majority of cat owners are. Cats can also carry and spread the plague. Cats will also go out of their way to find and kill rodents that aren’t even bothering people.

      I used to live with my parents on a quiet street near a field. We lived there for a long time, and not once did anyone ever see a mouse or a sign of a mouse. None of our neighbors had rodent problems. When my parents got some cats, they purposefully went out of their ways to go to the field and kill the native voles that lived there and brought them back. If those voles had the fleas that spread the plague or other disease, our cats would have then transferred it to us.

      And if its so horrible to kill a feral cat, then isn’t it wrong what shelters are doing? Why aren’t feral cat advocates protesting shelters for euthanizing perfectly healthy cats? Why don’t they deserve to be let free and live in a colony?

      And how do TNR people manage colonies to make sure the cats do not bother the people around them? If a feral cat is spraying urine on someone’s car or scratching it up, are they just expected to put up with it? (And, no, neutering doesn’t get rid of marking behaviors in all cats. Our neighbor’s neutered male cat would come onto our property and spray on everything. He also fought with every cat he could).

      How is that fair to the public? Should I be free to let my lovebirds crap all over my neighbor’s car or lawn? Of course not.

      “As far as being an invasive species killing our wildlife is laughable. The biggest threat to wildlife is MAN, period.”

      Maybe we should just dump a bunch of mongoose across the U.S. If they flourish and eat everything in sight, including feral and pet cats, that’ll be okay. We’ll just set up a TNR program for them. Because at least they’re not as invasive as humans, right?

    54. I am totally disgusted with the animal control in nj . I feed a feral cat who was starving to death . And was having multiple litters . Took all of kittens spayed and neuter , vaccinated, this was a total of 9 kittens in all found them all good homes and finally got the momma cat spayed she was very tough because I knew she lived on the street and wasn’t vaccinated but I finally trapped her by myself ! Got her spayed vaccinated with a clean bill of health . She is an old cat who never lived in a home and doesn’t want to and not a nuisance she just comes to my home for food and water she is also ear tagged ! I kept one of the kittens because I ran out of friends to adopt . She likes to go out for a little stroll we’ll next thing I know she is missing for days I call animal control and they captured her . I go to pick her up nd she is now so sick with a very bad uri infection the vet told me this is due to the shelter they had her in . This cat never sick a day with me !! Why don’t they go after people who abuse and dump there animals !!! I was given a fine and the guy who worked there told me she would be In a freezer in 9 days could u imagine this is the thanx for caring and finding homes 4 all these cats that would have multiply forever . So I have no respect or think they truly care for animals ! They also told me they commend me on my help but gave me a fine ! Thanx again

      1. all the problems across the globe is a result of human overpopulation, and never-ending-stupidity.. People shoot their mouths off, they complain about everything, and most of them do ”’nothing””” to make the problems better. MOST HUMAN BEINGS ARE “””LAZY”””. They talk a blue streak, but they never take action to find solutions. And it is only going to get worse. social media isn’t helping, it’s just one big hate-fest.

    55. Carrie, to answer your question, it is horrible to kill a cat in the shelter, and we do work with the shelters to implement TNR programs in the shelters as well.

      People are tired of killing cats. And that method has not worked, as evidenced by the huge number of feral cats there are.

      I look forward to a day when there are no feral cats, but TNR works, and trap and kill does not.

    56. In the middle and I hate for animals to be euthanized. There is one feral cat here at our house, we live in the country. It was starving and catching birds and mice, chipmunks, baby rabbits. I am feeding it 2x a day, still it is under the bird feeder, got a chipmunk or mouse this morning and not much later today was thinking it would take on a squirrel. Local shelter will euthanize by policy, it is feral, a danger to staff, no one will want to adopt. I need a barn for it to go to once I get it spayed or neutered. No where to be found. Cannot live here, we are allowed on pet and have a Newfoundland dog. But the cat has to go somewhere. And I do see the term Trap – neuter/spay – abandon as quite relevant. These cats go back to the ‘wild’ and have to deal with freezing, fleas, illness, being caught by a hawk or owl. What to do? See them as wildlife? Preying on wildlife even though well-fed? Because it is very well-fed, even homemade cat food. Wildlife does not kill for nothing, they kill for food. The feral cats even well fed kill to kill. What to do?

    57. Humans do worse to the environment and wild life! Should we hunt them? Euthanize the sick and homeless???

    58. As someone who has seen success from TNR, your comment about rehabilitating them and either adopting them out or euthanizing them, goes to show how misinformed you are. Do a little research before you go around making suggestions on a subjecy you obviously know nothing about. True feral cats that are 6 months or older have a slim to none chance at being “rehabilitated ” and that’s why TNR is the only humane thing to do. You obviously know nothing about cats, you’re likely just a redneck gun freak who things killing the is the best thing to do. I think you should stick to what you know best mountain man…you are obviously someone who hunts for the fun of it, and obviously take pleasure in killing any living animal. Stick to killing baby deers, rabbits or whatever else you hunt. It’s people like you that I hope gets hit by friendly fire during hunting season… One less moron redneck running around makes the world a better place.

      1. I was shocked when I read his comment also… it scares me that such clueless people can have such a strong opinion about something the obviously don’t get. You do TNR in a colony and then someone whos not a dick feeds that colony…hey maybe a few people share the chore. why do people think they are too special and too important to care and act and help. I do TNR and I work damn hard at socializing who I can so I never have to send them back I have euthanized suffering ferals Ive trapped.. Ive released the healthy ones and any kittens I find are coming home with me. I lug traps and make vet appointments and show up for adoption weekends and work my heart out for strays and ferals… Im not ashamed of a damn thing.

    59. Feral cats fill the niche in the food chain vacated by bobcats which have been driven out by human activity. They are NOT ‘invasive’ as long as they are uncontrolled. My last outside cat (dead afor 10 years now) hunted rodents and English sparrows. He didn’t eat them, he ate cat food.

      I fail to see how TNR is ‘cruel’ to feral cats who are left – they are WILD (that is what feral means) – if it is not cruel to leave bobcats in the wild. Ferals the same environment as a bobcat would. You think trapping and killing is BETTER?

      I have TNR feral cat station just a block and a half from my house. They have been there for eight years. I have seen the number feral cats in my yard decrease in eight years from ten or more to to 1 – raccoons have increased to almost 30. I cannot let my Miniature Schnauzer out at night without checking the yard for coons. Where is the trap and kill or TNR for Raccoons – who DO carry rabies and DO destroy property and DO attack pets?

    60. I proudly allow my cat outdoors at all times. The fact that you agree with a plan that PETA endorses just makes it all the more silly. I’m kind of glad it pisses you off. My cat has rid the property of countless mice and lizards. She catches the occasional bird, but it’s not often, and let’s be honest, to pretend that most of these birds are anywhere near endangered is just laughable.

    61. So in the future we can TNR gun nuts or euthanize them to end their misery. What would you prefer ?

      Also kudos on agreeing with peta- the real animal rights extremist organization. IP#

    62. We found our cat abandoned at 4 weeks old hiding under our truck. Waited until after midnight hoping mommy would come back for him before taking him in so he wouldn’t fall prey to predators. He has never since shown any desire to go outside or leave the house.
      We’ve also been caring for 2 Ferals, and after TNR, they come to the door twice a day for feeding. In 5 years, aside from our adopted inside kitty, we’ve never even seen any other ferals in our yard. There’s lots of birds, but I’ve never seen the ferals go after them, or found any dead. Possibly because they’re fed wet canned food each morning? If we could get them inside, we would, and we’ve tried everything, especially since we know coyotes have been spotted roaming the neighborhood at night, but it’s not going to happen. Most feral cats can only be domesticated while they are still babies! So instead, we built them a very solid and secure wooden shelter, with 2 escape hatches to keep them warm, dry and safe. Using scrap wood, the cost was less than $20 for the electric heated pad, specifically designed for outdoor pets. In regions that don’t experience subzero temperatures, straw can be used instead to insulate and keep them warm. Our backyard is 1acre, fully fenced, with motion detector lights set to warn of any large predators. No doubt they could jump the fence, but cats are territorial, and I’ve never seen them outside the perimeter.

      They meow at the back door twice a day for feeding, so we know they are alive and healthy. Any uneaten food is picked up right after each meal, so as not to attract raccoons or other wild animals. Their vaccinations are up to date, and of course if they got hurt or sick, we’d take them to the vet for treatment. Their shelter is hinged, so if they didn’t show up one morning, we could open it up to take out an injured cat to bring to the Vet.

      Are the other TNR feral cats in the neighborhood? Sure, but our village has a program where twice a year a number of local vets provide free neutering and rabies vaccinations for feral cats, while animal control provides care information and loans out free traps. Many of our neighbors participate and care for their TNR ferals the same way we care for ours.

      Our TNR Ferals are not freezing or starving, are well cared for, and kept as safe as humanly possible while living outdoors. I see nothing cruel about it.

    63. This is grotesque generalization. Sure, we all wish our colonies weren’t dumped by humans, or born into the environment which humans so cruelly bestowed upon them. But the point of TNR is not to just release them to forever fend on their own, cold, hungry and killing all the birds and squirrels. It’s to provide regular feedings, clean water, shelters, vaccinations and required medical care. It’s not an easy task, bu there are plenty out there (like myself) willing to do it. We are with the cats every day and sure, if they knew better and were caught young enough, would they be better in a warm home snuggled on your lap? Absolutey. But they have food, shelter, companionship, freedom and quite frankly LIFE….and well they seem pretty darn content with that. Killing massive amounts of cats “for their own good” is a cop out for people who don’t to spend the time, money and effort trying as best they can to right the wrongs the human race caused to begin with. We are not the rulers of all creatures!

    64. This is grotesque generalization. Sure, we all wish our colonies weren’t dumped by humans, or born into the environment which humans so cruelly bestowed upon them. But the point of TNR is not to just release them to forever fend on their own, cold, hungry and killing all the birds and squirrels. It’s to provide regular feedings, clean water, shelters, vaccinations and required medical care. It’s not an easy task, bu there are plenty out there (like myself) willing to do it. We are with the cats every day and sure, if they knew better and were caught young enough, would they be better in a warm home snuggled on your lap? Absolutey. But they have food, shelter, companionship, freedom and quite frankly LIFE….and well they seem pretty darn content with that. Killing massive amounts of cats “for their own good” is a cop out for people who don’t to spend the time, money and effort trying as best they can to right the wrongs the human race caused to begin with. We are not the rulers of all creatures!

      PS Your statment about HSUS NOT supporting TNR is inaccurate. See below. Peta position is correct,, but keep in mind PETA has also been critiisized for pitiful adoption efforts for animals entering their facilities. SOmething like 80 or maybe even 90% euthanized. They are terrific for getting governments and industry to change policies on animal welfare. They are awful at protecting individual animals, so I wouldn’t put too much weight behind their position.

      To this end, we support Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and similar sterilization programs, legislation that allows for and supports non-lethal population control, and coalition-based approaches that involve community leaders, citizens, and stakeholders to implement effective community cat management programs. Programs that attempt to use lethal control to eliminate cat populations are inhumane, ineffective, and wasteful of scarce resources.

    65. It’s interesting that the pro-TNR comments are logical, fact based, and objective, while the comments against it are misinformed, contradictory, angry, and disregard facts. They frequently are personally offensive with a ton of grammatical mistakes. Wonder why?

      1. No one has to “justify”anything to you with their point. All you have to know is that I don’t want your cat at my house. That is all. If your cat comes here to hunt, crap on my grass, piss on my tires, keep me awake all night with its donic howling or even just to lay around, I will get rid of it. Nuff said. Me casa no is su casa. Is this simple enough or should I have broken this message to smaller bits with larger font so you understand?

    66. In New Jersey, it is against the law to feed feral cats and you will nr fined up to $1500 if caught. TNR can and does feed ferals. Why are they allowed? Tax payers money has been spent so this select group can feel good. They believe they are saving these cats lives. Perhaps they are but what kind of life is it? They will profess they are spayed, neutered, vaccinated, fed and provided boxes for warmth. These feline “tent cities” do not protect them from wild animals, weather, cars, people who revel that they hate cats, dogs, illness, etc. It is a waste of taxpayers money to endorse this program. It makes the volunteers feel good by saving a few. They should stay outside in the elements and see how great it feels to be saved. They are against shelters humanely euthanizing but fail to state how their feral cats eventually die. Its not from old age!!!

    67. In my back yard I’ve seen Hawks kill more song birds than the community feral cats. I’ve seen more squirrels and birds killed by cars than cats. Every person I’ve ever spoken to on the topic that happens to be anti-TNR always latches onto the cat killing birds debate to prove their “weak” point. Give me something new. It’s the way of nature and yes, cats are animals. Humans are animals. Animals pray on animals, insects, reptiles, etc. Cats kill for play? Hunters kill for sport. Nine times out of ten the cat will make a meal of its trophy. What do you do with yours?

    68. I have lived in this house in a suburban area for 4 years, before that I lived in a house on the other side of town where cats were not managed as well, although it was improving over the years. I have seen maybe 1 true feral in the time I have lived here, not even sure of that. The geese, on the other hand, roam in roving gangs, block the streets, poop all over our driveways and are really a pain and a nuisance. The birds here are also a nuisance, there are tons who are really noisy and wake you up every morning even on a day you might like to sleep in. I say go cats!

    69. to all you ignorant people that say trap and kill wont work but TNR does. when you trap and kill a cat there is one less cat, when you TNR there is still a cat! ok now you will come with your vacuum effect that another cat will take the free place will take but what the hell you stupids think this cat came from? comes that cat from out of space??? of course this cat was there already only out of the collony! so try to use your brain if there is any left. when you just TNR the collony stays full and more than enough othere rerals stay around unreachable, when you trap and kill then you offer the unreachable ferals a goal to come in and make them reachable. by that way you do have a real chance to reduce or even extingt the whole feral population in a good amount of time. by TNR the only you realise is to keep the collony in the same size over years and let the outststanding ferals do their business breed and grow to another collony or two! so How could it help to reduce the general amount of ferals when you just keep a collony of 50-100 cats stabile wile the others around do happy breeding??? in the time your TNR needs to extingt the outstanding ferals do raise 10 more collonies. people please start to use your brains or at least what is left of!

    70. you really need to learn about the difference between native predators a non natural invasive species!
      and please dont call it nature when a cat preys on native wildlife, this cant be nature because cats arent nature they are domestic. this is 5th grade biology you really should know that! grow up twisted mind cat lover.

    71. how could it be a logical argument when the TNR number one argument is trap and kill wont work but TNR does? by TNR you just bring the neutered cats back to the collony what causes the collony will need many years to extingt. at trap and kill you reduce the number of members of a collony instantly! now the TNR fraction speaks about the vacuum effect that will cause just other ferals will take the now free place. yes thats true, but what do you believe these new strays come from? do they come from out of space??? no they were already there just outside the collony and unreachable. once inside the collony they are reachable and easily can be killed like all the rest. so tell me what provides the bigger success, to make a TNR collony stay alive for years and let the outstanding ferals breed happy to raise a number of new collonies wilst you wait for extingtion of the first or just permanet kill the ferals?

    72. oh and another one for all you ignorant cat lovers. why do we TNR cats wile we hunt and kill pythons in florida?
      both are invasive species that prey on native wildlife and do massive harm. lets say a cat do kill up to 10 animals a day what do you think a python do kill? you will be surprised a python only kills one animal every few weeks!!!
      so now give me a valid reason why the hell we shouldnt hunt down feral cats??? remember to look cute and fluffy in opposite to look evil and dont have fur isnt a valid reason!

    73. you really say cats are not invasive when unconrolled??? how dumb someone needs to be to say this about worlds most invasive species???

    74. woodsman i am 100% on you! the idiotic cat lovers just ignore these facts. same like they ignore the fact that TNR cant be the solution to reduce stray population effectively. they always argue trap and kill wont work but TNR will do.
      then they argu withwhen yo kill ferals there will come another thst takes their place. what do these people believe where these “new” ferals come from??? they just ignore these ferals were around already just waiting for their chance.
      and missing the fact when you just TNR and let the collony extingt over years exactly these oustanding and waiting ferals will breed and raise a number of new collonies that time.kill them one by one is the only way to effectively get them rid off. only by that you can get the still breeding outstanders before they raise new collonies.

    75. marc on what planet do you live? a well fed cat just huns way better than a starving! most tines cats hunt and it’s just for fun not for food that’s fact and the big deal with them.

    76. and what is so bad by the use of feral cats as feeders for giant snakes? it does free a feral from suffering and frees wildlife form a serious problem, it also reduces the support of the cruel industry hehind breeding mills and commercial feeder animals. so it’s a wii win win solution. best of all very most cat diseases wont spread to snake and for the rest there are the frequent shots.

    77. PETA do support everything that makes them look good but they also support everything that saves them money. or what do you believe is the reason +90% of all animals given to them will be killed? it’s because of the money, they prefer to spend their moey into campaigns that makes them look good instead to spend this money to save the life of animals. propganda is all the life of an animal is nothing, thats how PETA works!

    78. I’m not a fan of this site with its gun culture, but I must say, we can find something we agree on. A stopped clock is right twice a day.

    79. I live in a country in South America and the TNR has been helpful in keeping the feral cats population in check. I feed 6 feral cats which are clean, unobstrusive and grateful. They keep warm in an area specially designed for them. Their food is part of my monthly budget.

    80. All you TNR people are morons that simply want to hoard and collect cats but not have your homes stink and become social or casts that get evicted by the city so you try ft o force your ‘pets’ on the neighbors. You simply claim you have no control where the cat decides to go and wash your hands of the problem. Trying to reason with such dots only brings more problems. The best way to solbe this …cat problem …. is to quietly get rid of the cats somehow and be done with it. TNR WILL NOT keep other cats from moving in when the current sterile cat dies fom disease or becoming highway pizza. You siply have to put up with this cat longer. This does not solve the problem which that one wants to get rid of THIS cat. The new one can be dealt with if and when it comes. Peronally,I like a bigger version of the Victor mouse/rat trap. Just supersize it for cats. And NO it is not cruel to finish them off quickly with it. They simply die right there on the spot. No painful slow death from eating poisoned mice,food or antifreeze. The success rate is 100 percent so the cat colony is soon reduced to 0 and if a new cat moves in,it is also taken out of the equation. The cat population remains at 0 and once word spreads in the neighborhood that cats ‘disappear’, owners Are more responsible all of a sudden. Imagine that!

      1. Sounds like you are uneducated about TNVR. I’ve seen it work first hand. The chemicals , pesticides and poison people put on their lawns kill many more birds than well fed ferals. It is not the cats fault irresponsible people don’t spay and neuter their cats. They deserve to live. You are apparently just a cat hater. Sad for you .

    81. I agree with the writer who states that you are uneducated about TNR. Many of your statements are false and are stated in a way to twist the true. For example, you state that the Humane Society of the United States is against TNR, that is not true, they support TNR. Just read their policy statement on TNR. Some of your solutions to the problem are so idealistic that you might as well be on another planet. And for someone who wants to keep government out of our lives, you sure are calling on them to establish more laws and penalties. There is no perfect solution but TNR has proven to be the best we have so far.

    82. Excellent article. I did T.N.R. for thirty years and after witnessing first hand how even a well-cared for colony lives and dies, I am now 100% pro-euthanasia. Euthanize all feral cats in a colony, and then stop putting out food. The vacuum effect will then be greatly lessened. I think your alternative to T.N.R. under “a better solution” is a far more humane solution. Thanks for having the courage to write this.

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