TNR for Feral Cats is Horribly Cruel and Only Makes People Feel Better

TNR for Feral Cats is Horribly Cruel and Only Makes People Feel Better

Feral Cats are Invasive Species
Feral Cats are Invasive Species

Manqsquan, NJ – -( There has been much made of the supposed “Positive Results” of Trap Neuter and Release (TNR). What proponents fail to mention is that Feral Cats are not outside pets and suffer horribly from the lack of food, water, shelter and regular medical care while living outside exposed to the elements.

The number of feral cats suffering under the guise of TNR is staggering. It is estimated that the township of Jackson, NJ has 1000+ feral cats, while Point Pleasant Beach NJ Animal Welfare Committee estimates there are some 200 -300 feral cats in Pt Beach, NJ alone.

The popularity of TNR programs has been put forward as an acceptable solution by animal rights extremist organizations.

Under the guidance of radical NO-Kill groups, whose admitted goal is equal rights for animal and humans, they have been promoting TNR as a way to prevent the euthanization of cats and pushing forward their “Feel Good” policy of keeping animals alive at all cost.

Feral Cats Are an Invasive Species:
Feral Cats are so damaging to the environment that the Global Invasive Species Database lists Feral Cats as number 38 out of 100 of the World’s Worst Invasive Alien Species. More dangerous than Fire Ants (86), Rats (80) and Killer Bees. Would you Trap Neuter and Release rats or killer bees and they are consider less of an environmental threat?

The domestic cat hunts and eats over a thousand species. Even well-fed domestic cats may hunt and kill, mainly catching small mammals, but also birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish. Hunting by domestic cats is the leading cause of the decline in the numbers of birds in urban areas.

Yet under TNR cats are trapped, then provided with medical care and food in warm clean environment. Once they are judged to be healthy their ears are clipped, to identify them as being previously trapped, and they are released back into your local back yard cat colony.

Feral Cats Spread Rabies:
In recent weeks there has been a dramatic upswing in the incident of rabies in local wild animals. Many times the vector source of the spread of rabies is established cat colonies as evidenced by the recent warnings by Point Pleasant Beach’s animal control officer and the suspension of their much touted TNR program. This close proximity of rabid feral cats, living on our beaches and in our parks, exposes natural wildlife and all of us to increased risk of rabies and other serious diseases. Oh, did I mention that with the current suspension there is no trapping of feral cats so rabid cats are left to infect more animals and possibly humans, while they suffer the maddening consequences of rabies and die alone in the wild?

Feral Cats in the Wild is Animal Cruelty:
Domestic cats left in the wild even with “animal sponsors” suffer from horrible conditions. Cats are territorial so when a new cat is trapped under TNR and its brief vacation in a loving animal shelter is over it is released in the local “Cat Colony” where it must now fight for its life with established feral cats for food, water and territory. Not to mention the cold, heat, rain, fleas, tics, parasites, automobile traffic and encounters with indigenous wild animals that this frightened house hold pet must endure just so individuals can feel good about not having had to euthanize this poor creature.

A Better Solution:
A Better Solution would be towns taking responsible steps to reduce the chance of domestic cats escaping or breeding in the wild followed with a comprehensive Trap and Keep policy.

All towns should pass ordinances so domestic cats are licensed the same as dogs, and like dogs, the ordinance should read that cats can not be allowed outside without a leash. All the same fines and penalties for dog owners should apply to cat owners found letting their cat run free or unlicensed. This would reduce the negative effects that household pet cats have on wildlife and would greatly reduce the chances of them breeding with each other and with feral cats in the wild.

In fact this solution is the preferred choice of the following organizations over TNR.
• American Bird Conservancy
• Humane Society Of The United States (HSUS)
• Audubon Society
• Bird Conservation Alliance
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Lastly existing wild cats and cat colonies should be trapped, rehabilitated and adopted out or euthanized. Money raised from the cat licensing process should be used to fund the Trap and Remove Program.

The No-Kill animal organizations will disagree and fight these common sense ideas tooth and nail even if it means these poor cats will continue to suffer.

So that leaves level headed town residents to be the ones to ask their Mayor and Councils to end this cruel and inhumane practice of Trap, Neuter and Release. This is a hard step but the best one for animals and one that responsible animal lovers should do for unfortunate animals in bad situations.

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Tred Law

This post is RIGHT ON and the Kitty lovers have tried to beat the common sense out of it with their twisted logic but the TRUTH is cats loose in the wild are an invasive species. They kill so much natural wild life that they are destroying the natural balance. Anyone who tries to argue for them to remain loose is unfit to manage our wildlife.

Hello kitty

All you TNR people are morons that simply want to hoard and collect cats but not have your homes stink and become social or casts that get evicted by the city so you try ft o force your ‘pets’ on the neighbors. You simply claim you have no control where the cat decides to go and wash your hands of the problem. Trying to reason with such dots only brings more problems. The best way to solbe this …cat problem …. is to quietly get rid of the cats somehow and be done with it. TNR WILL NOT keep other… Read more »


Sounds like you are uneducated about TNVR. I’ve seen it work first hand. The chemicals , pesticides and poison people put on their lawns kill many more birds than well fed ferals. It is not the cats fault irresponsible people don’t spay and neuter their cats. They deserve to live. You are apparently just a cat hater. Sad for you .


hopefully someone eventually rids us all of u “quickly & painlessly” one day aswell #sadexcuss4ahuman


and what is so bad by the use of feral cats as feeders for giant snakes? it does free a feral from suffering and frees wildlife form a serious problem, it also reduces the support of the cruel industry hehind breeding mills and commercial feeder animals. so it’s a wii win win solution. best of all very most cat diseases wont spread to snake and for the rest there are the frequent shots.


oh and another one for all you ignorant cat lovers. why do we TNR cats wile we hunt and kill pythons in florida? both are invasive species that prey on native wildlife and do massive harm. lets say a cat do kill up to 10 animals a day what do you think a python do kill? you will be surprised a python only kills one animal every few weeks!!! so now give me a valid reason why the hell we shouldnt hunt down feral cats??? remember to look cute and fluffy in opposite to look evil and dont have fur… Read more »


how could it be a logical argument when the TNR number one argument is trap and kill wont work but TNR does? by TNR you just bring the neutered cats back to the collony what causes the collony will need many years to extingt. at trap and kill you reduce the number of members of a collony instantly! now the TNR fraction speaks about the vacuum effect that will cause just other ferals will take the now free place. yes thats true, but what do you believe these new strays come from? do they come from out of space??? no… Read more »


you really need to learn about the difference between native predators a non natural invasive species!
and please dont call it nature when a cat preys on native wildlife, this cant be nature because cats arent nature they are domestic. this is 5th grade biology you really should know that! grow up twisted mind cat lover.


to all you ignorant people that say trap and kill wont work but TNR does. when you trap and kill a cat there is one less cat, when you TNR there is still a cat! ok now you will come with your vacuum effect that another cat will take the free place will take but what the hell you stupids think this cat came from? comes that cat from out of space??? of course this cat was there already only out of the collony! so try to use your brain if there is any left. when you just TNR the… Read more »


wow u r truly a special kind of stupid huh? you dont have a single clue do u? bahaha! #dumbass


In New Jersey, it is against the law to feed feral cats and you will nr fined up to $1500 if caught. TNR can and does feed ferals. Why are they allowed? Tax payers money has been spent so this select group can feel good. They believe they are saving these cats lives. Perhaps they are but what kind of life is it? They will profess they are spayed, neutered, vaccinated, fed and provided boxes for warmth. These feline “tent cities” do not protect them from wild animals, weather, cars, people who revel that they hate cats, dogs, illness, etc.… Read more »


This is grotesque generalization. Sure, we all wish our colonies weren’t dumped by humans, or born into the environment which humans so cruelly bestowed upon them. But the point of TNR is not to just release them to forever fend on their own, cold, hungry and killing all the birds and squirrels. It’s to provide regular feedings, clean water, shelters, vaccinations and required medical care. It’s not an easy task, bu there are plenty out there (like myself) willing to do it. We are with the cats every day and sure, if they knew better and were caught young enough,… Read more »


We found our cat abandoned at 4 weeks old hiding under our truck. Waited until after midnight hoping mommy would come back for him before taking him in so he wouldn’t fall prey to predators. He has never since shown any desire to go outside or leave the house. We’ve also been caring for 2 Ferals, and after TNR, they come to the door twice a day for feeding. In 5 years, aside from our adopted inside kitty, we’ve never even seen any other ferals in our yard. There’s lots of birds, but I’ve never seen the ferals go after… Read more »


Feral cats fill the niche in the food chain vacated by bobcats which have been driven out by human activity. They are NOT ‘invasive’ as long as they are uncontrolled. My last outside cat (dead afor 10 years now) hunted rodents and English sparrows. He didn’t eat them, he ate cat food. I fail to see how TNR is ‘cruel’ to feral cats who are left – they are WILD (that is what feral means) – if it is not cruel to leave bobcats in the wild. Ferals the same environment as a bobcat would. You think trapping and killing… Read more »


The only difference between rats and cats is that people who own and love pet-rats aren't severely mentally unbalanced and trying to hoard sterilized feral-rat populations on other people's public and private properties, while relentlessly petitioning all their law-makers to do so. Pet-rat owners at least have their sh** together.

(Yes, I still think it's their cats' T. gondii parasites in the cat-lovers' brains that make them so unfalteringly blind to their own stupidity, hypocrisy, and absolute absurdity.)


FACT: Trap & Kill failed because cats cannot be trapped faster than they exponentially breed out of control. FACT: Trap & Sterilize is an even bigger abject failure because they cannot be trapped faster than they exponentially breed out of control, and they also continue the cruelly annihilate all native wildlife (from the smallest of prey up to the top predators that are starved to death), and the cats continue to spread many deadly diseases that they carry today — FOR WHICH THERE ARE NO VACCINES AGAINST THEM. Many of which are even listed as bioterrorism agents. (Such as Tularemia… Read more »


Correction: To the person who says that PETA is for TNR. Newsflash. They are not. We have boycotted them for their new viewpoint is that all ferals should be killed. Imagine that! yeah – PETA! Of all the organizations, it is amazing to me that they are against TNR. They – suck!


I find your story ridiculous and non-credible.Yes cats kill some birds. Cats also kill rodents which are disliked by, and a problem to, most people.They would rather eat kibble I believe if it provided to them.When cats are TNR'd you must sign a paper that you will continue to feed the cat and care for it.Someone that is going to go through all that they do to TNR is not going to NOT take care of it then.Neutering and spaying will help cut down the population of wild cats and therefore will help control it.I am probably not off base… Read more »


What a bad photoshop job.

The "photo" is just like the article, arranged to make TNR look bad.


It is true that the image is bad but it reflects the true nature of feral cats.

It is also true that this is a real image, nothing photoshoped about it. The reality of TNR is a hard pill for belivers to swallow.

Thanks for all your responses.

Geraldine Clarke

Well, the feral cats in my neighborhood show no signs of suffering and are doing quite well after TNR. Feral cats have provided an essential service for humans for millenia. The Egyptians made the cat into a goddess for that reason. And when anti-cat hysteria took over Europe and they killed every cat they could get their hands on, the bubonic plague spread by the rats that the cats would have killed decimated the population. Feral cats have a place as anyone who has ever had a barn knows. TNR makes sure that the population does not swell and vaccinations… Read more »


I understand some parts of this article,but I am on the other side of it.A few years ago a female cat showed up at my house and had kittens under my deck.Not wanting more kittens and because it was too expensive thru a regular vet to have them fixed I found someone to TNR them.Feral cats are not friendly so you cannot pet them or pick them up so getting them in a carrier doesn't work,so you must trap them.A few months later another female appeared with a kitten,then another, etc.We tried shooing them off but of course that didn't… Read more »


I totally agree. I live next to a dairy farm and people were dropping cats there . Unfortunately the farmers didn’t want them there. So I bought a trap and TNVR’d all of them. Found homes for the kittens and friendly ones . Now I am down to three happy healthy cats that are getting tamer everyday now. Also pesticides and people dumping chemicals are killing more birds in neighborhoods than feral cats.


Excellent article. I did T.N.R. for thirty years and after witnessing first hand how even a well-cared for colony lives and dies, I am now 100% pro-euthanasia. Euthanize all feral cats in a colony, and then stop putting out food. The vacuum effect will then be greatly lessened. I think your alternative to T.N.R. under “a better solution” is a far more humane solution. Thanks for having the courage to write this.


NYC is over-run with rats. They can use more than a few feral cats.


I’m not a fan of this site with its gun culture, but I must say, we can find something we agree on. A stopped clock is right twice a day.


haha bad photoshop work? you really need goggles, this is a stuffed cat! 😛


marc on what planet do you live? a well fed cat just huns way better than a starving! most tines cats hunt and it’s just for fun not for food that’s fact and the big deal with them.


woodsman i am 100% on you! the idiotic cat lovers just ignore these facts. same like they ignore the fact that TNR cant be the solution to reduce stray population effectively. they always argue trap and kill wont work but TNR will do. then they argu withwhen yo kill ferals there will come another thst takes their place. what do these people believe where these “new” ferals come from??? they just ignore these ferals were around already just waiting for their chance. and missing the fact when you just TNR and let the collony extingt over years exactly these oustanding… Read more »


partly right but the averange human wont kill +10 native animals a day just for fun.


you really say cats are not invasive when unconrolled??? how dumb someone needs to be to say this about worlds most invasive species???


you really need to learn the difference bewteen native wildlife and a invasive species that isnt natural!


In my back yard I’ve seen Hawks kill more song birds than the community feral cats. I’ve seen more squirrels and birds killed by cars than cats. Every person I’ve ever spoken to on the topic that happens to be anti-TNR always latches onto the cat killing birds debate to prove their “weak” point. Give me something new. It’s the way of nature and yes, cats are animals. Humans are animals. Animals pray on animals, insects, reptiles, etc. Cats kill for play? Hunters kill for sport. Nine times out of ten the cat will make a meal of its trophy.… Read more »


So in the future we can TNR gun nuts or euthanize them to end their misery. What would you prefer ?

Also kudos on agreeing with peta- the real animal rights extremist organization. IP#

Just me

In the middle and I hate for animals to be euthanized. There is one feral cat here at our house, we live in the country. It was starving and catching birds and mice, chipmunks, baby rabbits. I am feeding it 2x a day, still it is under the bird feeder, got a chipmunk or mouse this morning and not much later today was thinking it would take on a squirrel. Local shelter will euthanize by policy, it is feral, a danger to staff, no one will want to adopt. I need a barn for it to go to once I… Read more »

Animal lover

I am totally disgusted with the animal control in nj . I feed a feral cat who was starving to death . And was having multiple litters . Took all of kittens spayed and neuter , vaccinated, this was a total of 9 kittens in all found them all good homes and finally got the momma cat spayed she was very tough because I knew she lived on the street and wasn’t vaccinated but I finally trapped her by myself ! Got her spayed vaccinated with a clean bill of health . She is an old cat who never lived… Read more »

cats claw

all the problems across the globe is a result of human overpopulation, and never-ending-stupidity.. People shoot their mouths off, they complain about everything, and most of them do ”’nothing””” to make the problems better. MOST HUMAN BEINGS ARE “””LAZY”””. They talk a blue streak, but they never take action to find solutions. And it is only going to get worse. social media isn’t helping, it’s just one big hate-fest.


"One of the posts here, did a very good reminder about what happened in Europe, few centuries ago, becouse of the rats." No, it was terrible and shows how delusional the majority of cat owners are. Cats can also carry and spread the plague. Cats will also go out of their way to find and kill rodents that aren't even bothering people. I used to live with my parents on a quiet street near a field. We lived there for a long time, and not once did anyone ever see a mouse or a sign of a mouse. None of… Read more »

Tred Law

@Woodsman – who are you Dr Seuss? "Rats and cats both should be trapped so stop the crap, how about that?"


No, I would not TNR a rat, but a cat is not a rat. duh.


Well now … let us just look at how to become JUST AS HUMANE as EVERY LAST TNR ADVOCATE. Shall we? Don't close your eyes, you don't want to miss this … How to reduce feral-cat numbers THE-TNR-WAY by "natural attrition", but without traps & sterilizing them first: (or "The Way That *ALL* Stray-Cats Die") 1) Aim your car for cats when it's safe for all else to do so. 2) Put out poison for cats (Acetaminophen/Paracetamol (1-capsule generic tylenol) pain-relievers (the most cat-species specific), antifreeze, vermin-poisons, poisonous plants or animals — the ways that all TNR'ed cats succumb to… Read more »


Be cautious about using any cats taken from outdoors for adoption or you could be held criminally responsible. There’s no way to know a wild-harvested cats’ vaccination history, if any, nor their exposure to all the deadly diseases cats carry. If a cat has contracted rabies then a vaccination later will do no good. It’s already too late. There’s no reliable known test for rabies while keeping the animal alive. They need to be destroyed after they are trapped. It’s the only sane and sensible solution. This is why all wild-harvested animals of any type intended for the pet-industry must… Read more »


the photo is absurd…..feral cats are neither mean, nor dangerous!!


really?? if you knew anything about "feral cats" you would see that 99% of what you write in here is bs…..stick to what you know!

Cat lover

Your articles arrogant tone was offputting and your stance isn't something I found credible. Try writing a scathing article about the losers who dump their animals and cause this whole problem instead of trying to make me feel bad for spending so much time energy effort and emotion into helping these creatures through TNR at feeding spots and rescueing and fostering the friendly and small ones for adoption.


He, I see your point on some bits but you forget one realy important thing! It is impossible to keep al the feral animals shelterd. If you catch animals and don't return them, or if you kill animals there will be a new cat waiting to take it's place. Young cats of new nests have more chance in surviving because of the food source being free since the cat was taken. it is inpossible to catch all animals at once, always one or two in a area will be missed wich can breed allong as they like. In TNR animals… Read more »

kate day

People are ignorant. Tnr does work. You have designated people to feed and shelter the cats. They don't kill birds like you say they do, not in mass quantity. Pesticides from humans kill more birds than cats do. Cats have personality conflicts, indoors or outdoors. You don't integrate cats into a colony unless they are from that colony. You can take cats to the vet for check ups. Educate yourselves before opening your pieholes.

86 ferals

TNR is rapidly being exposed for the fraud it is. Town after town that were seduced by the theory of TNR and the hoarders (Alley Cat Allies), have seen that after a decade or more of TNR their feral populations have exploded geometrically. Alley Cat Allies are a bunch of post-menopausal ladies and the men that love them. They have nothing better to do than dump food on the ground, which is literally the least someone can do to reduce the feral cat population. They have succeeded in putting people who have to deal with nuisance ferals in second-class citizen… Read more »


At one point under Chairman Mao, Chinese extinguished all or almost all of its feral cats as bird-killers, the source of disease and "the enemy of the people" – the city was immediately overrun by mice, rats and other critters, and China had to spend millions of dollars trying to fight them, and then had to spend millions more buying cats abroad. What you are proposing is Chinese Communist policy – that failed and cost millions of $.


first off i do have a comment because TNR is good because despite the conditions in the wild(which a feral cat is adopted to) it will reduce the population naturally. simply adopting out an agressive cat is like adopting out a wild tiger. cats are FELINES all FELINES have the very same instincts embedded in thier brains. cats are much smaller true but it is proven scientifically that a great white shark has less bite strength per square inch than the common housecat(though sharks have much more mass.) removing cats from thier families is the exact same thing as why… Read more »


It is ironic that the article and some of the commenters call people who do TNR extremists, yet to support their opinions, they reference the positions of PETA and use PETA talking points! That is a FAR more extremist "Animal Rights" group led by people who want all use of animals and all human-animal interaction ended, from hunting to livestock farming to even pets. Of COURSE they are anti-TNR. They think ideally domestic dogs and cats should be extinct and humans should only look at animals from a distance. They've killed over 90% of cats and dogs, puppies and kittens… Read more »


Pt Beach TNR Veteran : I had to laugh at your stupid statement that 'these poor babies had to undergo painful rabies treatments that would make an adult cry'. LOL I got bit by a feral kitten I was trapping for taming. I underwent the rabies vaccines. They aren't much different than a Tetanus shot. Yes there are more of them, but certainly not as traumatic as a child who needs to get sutures. I work in pediatrics. Trust me. It's part of life and not a traumatic experience when it comes to saving your life. And – if they… Read more »


I have to point out some things here. First, both HSUS and PETA support TNR, contrary to what was mentioned earlier. In fact, from the HSUS sight: "The HSUS advocates community-based Trap-Neuter-Return programs with on-going responsible management as the most viable, long-term approach available at this time to reduce feral cat populations" The Audubon Society IS an extremist animal rights group as well, and they are concerned about protecting Canadian Geese that are an enormous pest problem in the North East so it would appear that to each his/her own in this situation. Aside from trapping and killing or TNR,… Read more »


Get your facts straight before spouting off, or try this, visit a feral cat organization.


"the painful rabies treatments children suffered because of my selfish need to try and save feral cats." I'm a bit confused by the above post – were the TNR'd ferals vaccinated for rabies? If so, then the problem is unvaccinated animals, not the TNR'd animals, unless many years had passed. We vaccinate all of our animals and request boosters whenever possible (contrary to popular belief, I've been able to catch every feral I've tried to catch multiple times, though it gets progressively harder and some require drop traps). From what I read online, the Point Pleasant scenario started with a… Read more »

Pt Beach TNR Veteran

As a state licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator, myself and former TNR supporter I have recently resigned from my towns TNR program. The program has been a complete failure and now is putting children's health and safety at risk. I once believed all the same wishful truths as my friend Scot in the post above but have seen first hand the horrors of TNR and still feel inconsolable guilt over the torture I subjected TNR cats to and the painful rabies treatments children suffered because of my selfish need to try and save feral cats. I too once believed that… Read more »