Winchester Ammunition Sponsors 2009 Grand Pacific Trapshooting Event

Winchester Ammunition Sponsors 2009 Grand Pacific Trapshooting Event

Winchester Ammunition
Winchester Ammunition

Olympia, Wash – -( The Pacific International Trapshooting Association is set to host the annual Grand Pacific Trapshooting event, July 19 to July 25, at the Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club in Olympia, Wash.

Winchester® Ammunition is one of the proud sponsors of the 2009 Grand Pacific and will provide the ammunition for the warm up day, donated ammunition to be used as awards and support their youth program.

“We are extremely proud to support the Pacific International Trapshooting Association and expect this to be a very competitive event with talented shooters,” said Dick Hammett, president of Winchester Ammunition.

Trapshooting, which is a type of clay target shooting, is a game of movement, fast-action and split-second timing. It requires the accuracy and skill to repeatedly aim, fire, and break a 4 1/4-inch disc, which is hurled through the air at a speed of 41 mph, simulating the flight path of a bird fleeing a hunter.

“The 2009 Grand Pacific will be a celebration of the successes we have enjoyed for the past seventy-eight years,” said Sharon Gillis, executive committee president. “You will be amazed at how much fun you will experience. I am blessed to be part of this long line of contributors who gave us the responsibility of preserving the past traditions of trapshooting and ensuring the future of the Pacific International Trapshooting Association.”

The Pacific International Trapshooting Association is a non-profit organization made up of both state and provincial organizations. Their goal is to promote the sport of trapshooting through organized shooting events such as the Grand Pacific.

For more information about the Grand Pacific, visit or call 541.258.8766.

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