B.E.A.R. Group – One Reason Why Citizens of NJ are Put in Harms Way

B.E.A.R. Group – One Reason Why Citizens of NJ are Put in Harms Way
(Vernon B.E.A.R. Group, an animal extremest organization supporter, places bears rights before peoples – AmmoLand.com)

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

Belmar, NJ – -(AmmoLand.com)- Below is a copy of an alert sent out by a group of people (B.E.A.R. Group) with ties to the extremist group New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance.

This greater mission of these organizations is not based on the precepts of conservation but changing the law to provide constitutional rights to all animals. In fact, many of the people in the animal extremist movement are members of different front groups with initiatives that deflect attention from their advancement of a greater cause – the advancement of a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle for all people.

The reason NJ citizens are being placed in harms way is that the B.E.A.R. Group (see below) and similar organizations have been able to influence the Corzine Administration to manage people instead of bears. Although “people management” is a useful tool in minimizing bear/human conflicts it is a tool with woeful limitations in managing the complex variables that contribute to bear/human conflicts. B.E.A.R. Group is working in conjunction with groups the likes of Humane Society of the United States, PETA, Sierra and New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance to ban bear hunting as a means of bear population management.

Each of us recognizes that when we are under stress we are at risk of behaving in ways contrary to our natures – we become slightly “less predictable.” We may lose our temper or “knee jerk” react to a situation. It is the same with wildlife – when under stress they may react in ways contrary to their “natures.” Their “knee jerk” reactions may have serious repercussions to the safety of humans.

Bears in NJ are under territorial duress. Their populations are expanding at prolific rates and the young must expand their boundaries. As a result of this (and other factors) they are coming into increased contact with people and in the process losing their fear of humans – or “habituating.” As a result, our government’s “hands off” policy is putting NJ citizenry in harms way. It is also acting irresponsibly with the greater welfare of bears and the ecology.

You may wonder how the animal extremists can have any degree of success with their movement since it is based on emotion and not science or environmental stewardship. Below is an example of why politics and science don’t always work hand-in-hand.

It is a good reason for all of us to be “conservation activists.” Be sure to attend the meeting if you are able to do so.

Call for Activists:
Come out and speak up for Vernon’s black bears

JOIN US at the next Vernon Town Council Meeting

The BEAR Group needs ALL activists-especially those residing in and around Vernon-to speak out at the upcoming Vernon Township Council meeting. For those pro-bear Vernon residents, remember-your voice and your VOTE is important to the elected officials of the township committee. If you do not wish to speak, please attend to show your support with your presence.

Thursday, August 13th
7:00 PM
21 Church Street

Talking points:

The man who resides on Birch Street has intentionally had THREE bears killed. The Division of Fish & Wildlife is happy to comply with his mission, as it inflates their “Category I” bear statistics, which they then use to drum up support for a trophy hunt. Something is VERY wrong when one individual/family continually attracts bears to their home-especially when it is done INTENTIONALLY to result in a bear killing.

The garbage in Vernon is rampant whereby residents, businesses and VERNON Municipality are not in compliance with the Black Bear Feeding Ban Law.

Residents must understand how easy it is to attract bears to property, and the Vernon police must redirect the onus onto homeowners by enforcing the Black Bear Feeding Ban Law. (especially for homeowners living adjacent to PRIME BEAR HABITAT, i.e. Waywayanda State Park)

Thank you bear supporters-we look forward to seeing you on August 13th

Please do the following two things today to help
Vernon’s black bears:

1. CALL Governor Corzine’s office at 609-292-6000 and
ask for Constituent Services:

Please relay these messages:
– Shooting bears-when PEOPLE refuse to bearproof
their property-is wrong and unethical
– The Black Bear Feeding Ban N.J.S.A. 23:2A-14 must be
enforced. (This law includes improper storage of anything
that attracts bears)
– THANK Gov. Corzine for his firm stance on nonlethal black
bear management
2. WRITE these newspapers, and tell them why shooting:
bears-instead of enforcing the feeding ban-is wrong
New Jersey Herald [email protected]

Vernon Advertiser-News [email protected]
Vernon AIM [email protected]

Speakers Bureau Training
Learn how to give a bear education presentation…or just brush up on the
bear facts Wed., August 19, HillCrest, 1810 Macopin Rd, West Milford, 7 to 9 PM, Room 10.

Questions? Contact Elaine Dunn, Acting VP for Public Relations and Educational Programs, at: [email protected]


Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.
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