Creigh Deeds Has Returned A Signed Virginia Gun Owners Pledge

Creigh Deeds Has Returned A Signed Virginia Gun Owners Pledge

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
Virginia Gun Owners Coalition

Virginia –-( He has committed to 3 out of 4 things and unlike Bob McDonnell, he has signed the pledge.

Specifically, Mr. Deeds pledges to:

1. Protect Virginia’s new Stop Dangerous ID laws that prevent your Virginia Driver’s License from being used as a United Nations Tracking and Control device – – complete with a biometric data chip tracking device.

2. Repeal the ban on concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol – – provided the gun owner does not drink.

3. Repeal the one gun-a-month gun rationing scheme.

However, Mr. Deeds failed to commit to protecting the free market right to sell your guns privately at a gun show.

So how should Virginia Gun Owners rate the two candidates?

I would like to hear from you.

As I said in June, this is the best of all worlds for gun owners because Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds are competing for the gun vote.

On the one hand, “Gun Ban Bob” McDonnell had such a bad voting record in 2005 that even the NRA endorsed Creigh Deeds based on his solid pro-gun voting record.

But on the other hand, thanks to the hard work of Virginia Gun Owners Coalition supporters, Bob McDonnell has clearly flip-flopped and is now telling the liberal Washington Post that he will even protect the right to sell your guns privately at a gun show.

That is good news.

Heck, I don’t want to have to do a background check on my daughter before I give her a gun on her 21st birthday.

But McDonnell continues to refuse to say whether he will stand up to the Obama administration and protect Virginia’s new Stop Dangerous ID laws.

This is all the more critical now that Mr. Obama is trying to shove a new version of the so-called 2005 Real ID federal mandate down the throats of the states because no state to date has complied with the current mandate.

So how should VGOC rate the candidates?

Bob McDonnell has committed to 3 out of the 4 issues on the gun owners pledge, but will not sign the pledge.

Creigh Deeds has committed to 3 out of 4 issues and has signed the pledge.

I cannot give either one of them an A rating with a straight face.

However, I need to rate them.

I seldom ask for input like this because, quite frankly, I believe it is my job to provide leadership.

However, this is one of those moments when I would appreciate hearing your opinions.

If McDonnell had not flip-flopped publicly to the Washington Post the best he could have received is a D rating.

There is no way that I can rate McDonnell higher than Deeds given all the factors, such as past voting record and response to the pledge.

But should I give Deeds a B+ and McDonnell a B rating or should McDonnell get a C rating?

Please hit me back with your opinion.

For Liberty
Mike McHugh
President, VGOC

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition is Virginia’s only no-compromise, non-partisan gun lobby patterned after Gun Owners of America on Capitol Hill. VGOC is a non-profit tax-exempt organization under 501(c)(4) of the IRS code. Because we lobby politicians to protect and defend the 2nd Amendment, contributions are not tax deductible for IRS purposes.

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Take a stand

One candidate will say anything to get elected. He signed Grover's tax pledge and now says it doesn't bind him on transportation. he's turned his back on other conservative causes because it doesn't suit his purposes right now. And he won't sign.

How is that a passing grade?

Look, we all change our minds from time to time. But seriously, one of them has a better voting record and is willing to sign a statement. The other won't. Isn't that worth more than just one grade higher?