DHS Reveals NJ Based Groups Provide Cover for Ecoterrorists

DHS Reveals NJ Based Groups Provide Cover for Ecoterrorists

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

Belmar, NJ – -(AmmoLand.com)- NJOA E Action Alert members continue to ask that we keep them apprised of the animal extremism in New Jersey, since the movement targets fishing, hunting, trapping and conservation practices.

Yesterday I was forwarded an unclassified “For Official Use Only,” document. It is apparently from The Department of Homeland Security alleging national groups (that also have operations in NJ), and a local New Jersey group, are providing cover for “ecoterrorists.” I have read similar reporting from two premiere civil rights organizations; Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center.

Contents from the document follow:

The term ecological terrorists, or ecoterrorists, refers to those individuals who independently and/or in concert with others engage in acts of violence and employ tactics commonly associated with terrorism to further their sociopolitical agenda aimed at animal and/or environmental protection.

From a security standpoint, the activities of the ecoterrorist movement are significant for several reasons and should be of interest to domestic security and law enforcement officials. First, Ecoterrorists have perpetrated more illegal acts commonly associated with terrorism on U.S. soil than any other known group, including al-Qaeda and radical Islamic militants.

In addition, various groups that constitute the ecoterrorist movement [Animal Liberation Front aka “ALF”] are also believed to interact, to one degree or another, with mainstream environmental and animal-rights organizations and/or individuals. Although none of the mainstream organizations officially endorses or participates in the illegal and violent activities championed by ecomilitants, some prominent members of mainstream groups are known to sympathize with the ecoterrorist movement.

Mainstream organizations with known or possible links to ecoterrorism include the following:

  • • Greens
    • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
    • The Sierra Club
    • National Wildlife Federation
    • Audubon Society
    • Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
    • Friends of the Earth
    • Greenpeace
    • Earth First!
    • Coalition to Save the Preserve (CSP)
    • Environmental Task Force
    • The Frogs
    • In Defense of Animals
    • New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance
    • Fund for Animals

Among the [above] organizations, PETA… the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance, and certain individuals within the HSUS are known or suspected of having financial ties to individuals and groups associated with ecoterrorism. In addition to financial ties to ecomilitancy, both HSUS and PETA, or at least individuals within those organizations, have an established record of supporting individuals and/or groups commonly associated with ecoterrorism.

The current crop of ALF spokespersons, who now call themselves “press officers,” includes a New Jersey activist named Angi Metler, whom PETA News once described as a “PETA spokesperson.” Another self-appointed ALF “press officer” is Dr. Jerry Vlasak. In 2003, while acting as a spokesperson for the PETA-affiliated Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), Vlasak openly endorsed the murder of doctors who use animals in their medical research. “For 5 lives, 10 lives, 15 human lives,” he told an animal-rights convention, “we could save a million, 2 million, 10 million non-human lives.”

Ecomilitants target primarily those entities and individuals who, in their view, directly engage in exploiting animals and desecrating the environment. As such, the most frequent targets of ecoterrorist groups such as ELF and ALF are:

1. Commercial enterprises and/or individuals engaged in housing and urban development
2. Commercial enterprises and/or individuals involved in the logging industry
3. Sport utility vehicle (SUV) dealerships
4. Commercial enterprises and/or individuals involved in the production, sale, and
5. of animal products (leather and fur producers, sellers, and distributors; restaurants;
and meat, poultry and fish producers)
6. Animal research facilities and personnel
7. Commercial enterprises and universities involved in genetic engineering
8. Animal farms and nurseries
9. Hunting clubs and associations
10. Animal service facilities and personnel (animal shelters and veterinary clinics) engaged in animal vivisection procedures

Down Load the entire report here: DHS: Eco Terrorism in US 2008

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: “We’ve got your back!”

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The story of this is well told in the book, The Animal Research War– a just read it. A really good story.


The letter, mentioned above, from FEMA who has no jurisdiction nor authority over the Presidential Executive Order which is what the DHS report is.

FEMA is not DHS and that joker has no authority to “fix” anything, much less an EXECUTIVE ORDER.

Smoke and mirrors…. mirrors and smoke,,, what else ya got ALF?

Besides killing innocent animals and stealing people’s property?

Michael Markarian

DHS has sent a letter saying it was a mistake to include HSUS in this report, and the agency has affirmed HSUS good standing. You can see the DHS letter here: http://www.hsus.org/web-files/PDF/dhs-letter.pdf