Ducking Poaching Video On Youtube Has Nothing to Do With Hunting

Ducking Poaching Video On Youtube Has Nothing to Do With Hunting

Saskatoon, CA – -( The recent “Duck Hunting” video playing on Youtube that showed 3 Saskatoon Canada poachers has nothing to do with the real sport of Duck Hunting or Waterfowling.

The video is now being used by the national media and anti hunting groups to portray honest ethical hunters in a bad light.

In typical bad taste the video, shown below, starts off with a clip from the Video Game Duck Hunting but in no way does it reflect the actual sport of duck hunting.

The poachers are seen shooting birds of all ages, out of season, from a car, on the water and with rimfire rifles. All things that are illegal and never done in the actual sport of Waterfowling.

A spokesman for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment said all three suspects, whose names have not been released, were arrested Saturday morning in a small Saskatoon-area community.

Search warrants were also carried out at two of the individuals’ residences.

Gary Harrison, manager of the department’s special investigations unit, said provincial and federal wildlife officers and the RCMP were also able to pin down the location where the video was shot.

“It’s close to the community that the arrests were made in,” he said.

The accused men, who are all in their early 20s, are to appear in Saskatoon provincial court on Monday to face a variety of charges under provincial and federal wildlife laws.

The overwhelming number of tips in this case shows that the public, including law abiding Canadian hunters, understands the value of the wildlife resources in Canada and isn’t willing to put up with animals being slaughtered, he said.

A conviction under the Migratory Birds Convention Act can carry fines of between $300,000 and six months in jail for individuals, up to $1 million – though Petrar noted that maximum penalties are rare.