EOTAC Operator Grade News for August 2009

EOTAC Operator Grade News for August 2009


WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. — -(AmmoLand.com)- We continue to be busy expanding our dealer network and getting product shipped out to customers.

One thing we learned during that growth is that a certain competitor doesn’t want their dealers carrying our tactical pants. We must be doing something right.

EOTAC strives to produce the best tactical and discreet wear on the market. We use premium fabrics, superior fabric treatments, and the best dye process.

Every feature of each of our garments is thought out. We don’t believe in introducing styles that a few months later must be closed out at discount. With the input of our advisory board and beta testers, we design styles that end users want and see a need for. We will always strive to do that.

As our customers, we also want your input. Feel free to email us with your feedback. We want to hear from you.

Fernando Coelho

EOTAC taps decades of real world military, law enforcement, and private sector experience to produce the highest quality tactical and discreet garments available to operators today. Offering both traditional and next gen tactical clothing, EOTAC designs innovate without sacrificing utility or comfort. Leveraging outdoor industry experience and end user feedback, EOTAC continually refines the capabilities of its product line maintaining a high level of excellence in every garment offered.