Jerry Miculek on Sub-Gun Challenge And Playing Army with an AR-15

This Week: Jerry Miculek Takes on the Sub-Gun Challenge. And Playing Army with your new AR-15.

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – The Uzi Challenge

Pro shooter Jerry Miculek tries to out-run a full-auto sub-machine gun with his 1911 pistol. Then Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton is splitting miniature playing cards. And Bob Munden puts down his six guns and picks up a slingshot for his impossible shot. Brian Speciale reports the stories of the world’s best exhibition shooters and their amazing feats of marksmanship.

Shooting USA – USAMU Three Gun at Fort Benning
This time civilians are playing army in combat simulations for the most realistic Three Gun competition of the year. And the Army is using the event to help teach soldiers. It’s the Army Marksmanship Unit’s Three Gun match from Fort Benning, Georgia. More Info…

Sighting In With Shooting USA – Open Division Shotguns / Monterey Gang Task Force
First John is Sighting In on Open Division shotguns and the new trends to compete faster. Then we’re on the streets with the members of the Monterey County Gang Task Force in California’s version of paradise. Brian Speciale reports on the unit, their training and their assignment to control the dangerous gangs of California’s tourist mecca. More Info…

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