Knight Revolution Rifle Recall Notice

Knight Revolution Rifle Recall Notice

Knight Revolution Rifle Recall
Knight Revolution Rifle Recall
Knight Rifles
Knight Rifles

Decatur, AL – -( Knight Rifles has received a small number of reports from the field of Revolution muzzleloading rifles accidentally discharging as the user closed the action. While there were no reports of personal injury, we asked those customers to return their rifles to us for inspection. Although we were unable to duplicate the claimed accidental firings in most of the rifles, we have instituted this recall for ALL Revolution and Revolution II rifles to allow us to inspect and repair the trigger mechanisms. Even if you have never had a problem with your Revolution or Revolution II rifle, you should not use your rifle until you have returned it to us for inspection and repair under the recall program. This recall only applies to Revolution and Revolution II rifles, and does not apply to any other models of Knight muzzleloaders.

If you own a Knight Revolution or Knight Revolution II you should immediately stop using your rifle(s) and discontinue any further use until your trigger assembly(s) have been inspected by our designated Knight Rifles factory personnel and returned to you by Knight Rifles. This recall ONLY requires that your trigger assembly be returned and inspected.

If you own more than one Knight Revolution rifle affected by this recall, click the “Add another rifle” button and indicate the model and serial number for each rifle. The form below should be filled out completely. When completed the “submit” button will initiate a process whereby a trigger assembly return kit (complete with prepaid return labels and all required packaging material) will be sent to your address. The trigger assembly return kit will be sent to your address by USPS and should arrive 7 to 10 business days after the date when the return request was received. When this trigger assembly return kit arrives please follow all of the included instructions.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Knight Rifles

Tony Knight worked several years for the Rock Island railroad company in Illinois. As times changed Tony was laid off and moved home to Missouri. Being an avid hunter and gunsmith, Tony opened up a shop in his home doing repairs and selling firearms. Several of Tony’s customers had drawn muzzleloader Elk tags and had had bad luck with the inclement weather they had encountered during their hunt. Several misfires from there flintlocks had made for an unsuccessful hunt. After coming home and speaking with Tony about their hunt, Tony started working on a much more reliable ignition system that would retro fit their muzzleloaders. After reading several books and articles on muzzleloading Tony ran across an older 1800’s version of in-line muzzleloading. From that article, Tony used his tools and knowledge to make the first modern day in-line muzzleloader in 1985. The MK-85 was named after his daughter Michele Knight. Tony’s idea became well known throughout the next several years and he moved the company to Centerville Iowa where the company resides to this day. In 1997 Tony once again shocked the muzzleloading world with the Knight DISC rifle which has set the standard for all muzzleloaders today.

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Jerry Shelton

I have a Knight Revolution Stainless Steel. The breech plug has been damaged. How can I purchase a new one?

david douthwaite

im still waiting on my recall kit been 2 weeks….

frank Mccreery

I have a knight revolution with the laminated stock.
The stock is loose and has a hairline crack where the metal assembly projects into the wood.
How do I repair this?
How do I remove the butt stock to repair?
Also, it has missfired several times. I see that others are experiencing these same problems. Will Knight repair these?
There is a recall on the trigger assembly.
Where do I send it to be checked/ repaired?

William biddle

I’m not having any problems as of yet. But my son said that it wouldn’t Fire after sighting in the scope it ony shot once What is the next step to get this resolved ? This is the only gun we hunt with. Thank you

Perry Peltonen

my knight vision suposed to be stainless came bluedsent back too factorythey rebarreled couldnt shut with 209 primer on sent backagain still wont shoot now it wont fire unless breech plug way to loose firing pin not hitting primer deep enuff any bod y got a fix recipe or its a boat anchor

George Meadows

I have a Knight Revolution and the but stock has become very loose can you tell me how to tighten it

Brian Burk

I own a Knight Revolution ad the stock has become loose. can you tell me how to tighten it please?

I have not had a problem with firing. Do I need to send in my trigger assembly?


bruce schnur

i have'nt had a problem with my gun fireing when i close the action, my problem is the thing will not fire after the action is closed. the firing pin do'es not seem to be lone enough to strike the primer.

ernest green jr

i have a knight revolution please e-mail me how i should go about the recall

Robert Higgins

I have a revolution rifle could you e-mail me and let me know what I need to do


I have the same problem with my Knight Revolution, as the firing pin will not hit the primer to fire the weapon. My dissatisfaction is complete as I now cannot find any suitable options to rectify the situation. I now hunt with a Wolf Muzzleloader that is 100% better than the Knight as it fires and kills game as indicated. Knight should provide a viable soution as so many people invested $ in their product,

Seriously dissatistfied.


bill sweet

i also bought a knight revolution i used it for a few years and was very pleased than the firing pin quit hitting cap hard enough to fire i sent in for the recall but trigger housing was sent back not repaired . im 63 the gun should of lasted a life time i am now getting a new firing pin made by a local farmer i know he will make it right Knight will not stand behind there guns


I purchase a Knight Vision rifle #S002120. The firing pin doesn't hit the 209 primer hard enough to cause the rifle to fire. I just returned from a Colordao elk hunt that took me 8 years to get. Because your rifle did not fire I missed an extremely good bull. I am extremely dis- satisfied with your product.

mike knoper

Does anyone know how to remove the butt stock from a revolution? I need to do some work to the trigger lock

Dennis Bowles

I own a Revolution and have not had a trigger assembly problem. Please respond as to the return policy and address for shippping the assembly. I have experienced misfires with the gun and called customer support 2 years ago and was told there was no fix for the gun. Upon further investagation I realized the breach plug was mfg. too short allowing for the frequent misfires. I screwed the plug out 1/2 turn and corrected the problem Do you have a repair for the problem to date. I think a simple solution is to offer a replacement breach plug, longer… Read more »

m st martin

I have a Knight Revolution I am concerned about this recall

Harry Miller

I have been asked to return my trigger assembly but it has been lost. Can you please send me a new trigger assembly?


David Armstrong

Dear Sirs I submitted my Revolution rifle recall info on the 13th of September 2010 at 8:51 AM on line. As of 9/29/2010 I haven't received my return kit yet. Please let me know what is going on and if I need to do anything more to get the return kit sent to me. Thanks David A

Johnny Shaw Jr

I have a Knight Revolution that will not fire.

The will strike the 209 primer but not hard enough to cause it to fire, I can re-cock it and try to fire a second time and sometimes it will go off after re-cocking it but not always.

I also need to get submitted for the recall of my gun, what do I need to do about this recall and problem?