Pheasants Forever, Great River Energy and Xcel Energy Partner

Pheasants Forever, Great River Energy and Xcel Energy Partner for Prairie Wildflower Restoration Project at Dakota County Tech College
Eighteen acres provide visual beauty, biodiversity and energy use reduction.

Pheasants Forever
Pheasants Forever

Rosemount, Minn – -( Pheasants Forever (PF) and Dakota County Technical College (DCTC) announce the completion of an 18-acre prairie wildflower restoration project at the DCTC campus in Rosemount. The project, developed by the college and the Mississippi Longtails Chapter of PF, was underwritten by Xcel Energy and Great River Energy.

DCTC initiated the idea of the prairie wildflower restoration project as part of the college’s “Green Campus Commitment.” With the help of PF, two areas – one at each end of the DCTC campus – were planted with native forbs, including Black-eyed Susan, Canada milk vetch, Common Ox-eye, Golden Alexander, New England Aster and Yellow Coneflower. Not only is the prairie wildflower restoration project adding to the aesthetic beauty of the campus, according to Paul DeMuth, DCTC Director of Operations, the two areas are saving the college over 20 hours a month of mowing, cutting down on maintenance costs, and gas emissions.

“There are so many positives with this project, and it demonstrates what’s possible when good ideas and good partnerships are created,” said Dan Richmond, President of the Mississippi Longtails Chapter of PF, “This project is not only great for the college, but it will benefit the local area and serve as a building block for future projects.”

“It was a pleasure bringing together the coalition of Pheasants Forever, Great River Energy and Xcel Energy for this project and working with all those involved,” said Janet Lekson, DCTC Foundation Assistant Director. “This partnership provided the college with the opportunity to complete 18 acres of prairie grass restoration at very little cost to the college. We look forward to partnering with Pheasants Forever in the future as plans are considered for restoring more acreage on campus.”

“Great River Energy recognizes that everyone has a responsibility to be a good steward of the environment,” said Mary Jo Roth, Manager, Environmental Services with Great River Energy, “We support native plantings and recognize their role in improving water quality, reducing soil erosion, and providing habitat for wildlife. We have demonstrated our support not only through collaborations with organizations like DCTC and Pheasants Forever, but also through native plantings at five of our own facilities.”

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever are non-profit conservation organizations dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasant, quail, and other wildlife populations in North America through habitat improvement, land management, public awareness, and education. PF/QF has more than 125,000 members in 750 local chapters across the continent.

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