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Salutations From –-( A lot of amazing feedback was received after featuring Lifer and TalkBack Moderator Jeff Christensen in our first ever Lifer Profile newsletter. The Team is keen to feature another lifetime BloodBrother or Sister for August, so if you are a Lifer and have an event or cause to promote, get writing and send an private message to the site administrator GoldieLockNLoad!

Here are some of the things we heard on the TalkBack Forum from some of the subscribing members about Jeff and his newsletter appearance…

Pretty cool that Tedquarters has decided to do this! Enjoyed reading the 1st one today (Jeff C). I joined back in the TWBH days too, but haven’t had the extra cash to become a “Lifer” I believe it would be money well spent! A great place to be!
– Dixiehawghunter

Yup, I also enjoyed the email about Jeff! Good stuff indeed! Congrats Jeff and thanks for all you do around here. Someone has to sweep up now & then.
– Guitarmike

Being new here I do not know many of the regulars, but I am learning. Not a Lifer at this time but thinking very seriously about that very thing. Great place to spend time, many of you think like me…
– goocher

Thumbs up on the first Lifer Profile. Having known Jeff for sooooo many years, I learned a lot about him.
– Tom and Shawnee Pacholski

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Hunting in South Africa, of course!

Ted’s on safari, and shooting tons of new footage for the next season of Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild!

Be sure to watch for it, and other all-new hunts, tech tips and more on Tuesdays at 1:30 and 7:30 pm EST, and Sundays at 12:01 am EST on the Outdoor Channel.

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11 years ago

enjoy the show.