Shooting with the .22 – On Midway USA’s Cowboys

Shooting with the .22 – On Midway USA's Cowboys –-( Cowboy Action Shooting is not only limited to big caliber firearms. Practicing with .22 caliber revolvers and lever action rifles is an inexpensive way to improve your shooting skills.

In this episode of Cowboys, Tupelo Flash discusses this very topic with Long Hunter and pay a visit with Cimarron Firearms and Taylor & Co to look at what they offer in .22.

You can also look at a completely restored and fully functional Shooting Gallery from the 1930s, now available to the public at Founders Ranch in New Mexico.
On Outdoor Channel, Wednesday, September 2 @ 4:00PM, 7:30PM and 12:00AM. All times Eastern.

About Cowboys:
The show Cowboys covers every facet of Cowboy Action Shooting, old west firearms and the people embracing the sport and the western lifestyle. Cowboys, now in its 7th season, is part of Midway USA's Wednesday Night at the Range lineup on Outdoor Channel. For more information, video trailers and news about the show, visit

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