Southern Deer Stands Licenses Hidden Antler Camouflage

Southern Deer Stands Licenses Hidden Antler Camouflage

Denton, Texas – Southern Deer Stands is pleased to announce that is has completed a licensing agreement with Hidden Antler Camouflage.

Under this agreement, Southern Deer Stands is authorized to use the Hidden Antler Camouflage brand on its deer blinds. “The Hidden Antler pattern is a unique and effective camo pattern matched to the Texas landscape. In addition, the Hidden Antler team shares our business philosophy and values making a great partnership for our customers.” said Rob J. Griffin, President of Southern Deer Stands, LLC.

“With the addition of this partnership, Southern Deer Stands continues to build its product offering and relationships in the outdoor industry. “Our customer and partner relationships are a key differentiator for Southern Deer Stands.” said Rob J. Griffin.

About Hidden Antler Camouflage:

Hidden Antler™ camouflage is the end product of many years developing an honest and true camouflage pattern that hides the hunter naturally. Hidden Antler™ was created to enhance the hunter’s ability to stay hidden when it matters most. Hidden Antler™ is owned and developed by a professional wildlife biologist in Texas, who takes pride in providing a future in the outdoors. Hidden Antler™ works well in all areas of the world, by using factual images of natural vegetation and antlers to create a true and honest camouflage pattern. For more information please visit or call toll free at 866-770-7781.

About Southern Deer Stands:
Southern Deer Stands, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of insulated hunting blinds using 100% aluminum insulated panel construction. In addition to standard size blinds, Southern Deer Stands also offers custom application and fabrication capability. The company also manufactures duck blinds, hunting and fishing camp houses, handicapped accessible blinds and ice fishing houses. Many popular options and features are available, such as shooting shelves, staircase towers, porch landings, trailer mounted blinds, interior wood paneling and solar powered lighting. Dealer inquiries are welcome. For more information, visit or call 214-551-1530.