Team Hornady Shooters Score Big With Hornady Bullets And Ammo

Team Hornady Shooters Tate Moots And Sean Dexter Score Big With Hornady Bullets And Ammo

Hornady Ammunition
Hornady Ammunition

Grand Island, Nebraska – -( Hornady-sponsored shooters, Tate Moots and Sean Dexter, posted impressive scores at the Midwest 3-Gun Championship, MGM Iron-Man 3-Gun competition, Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Championship, and Western States Police and Fire Games.

Charles “Tate” Moots used Hornady® 308 110 gr TAP® and Hornady® 9mm 124 gr XTPTM to place first in Tactical Optics Heavy at the FNH USA Midwest 3-Gun Championship, June 5-7, in Fayette, Missouri. He took the Top Law Enforcement Award, as well. The event featured over 170 competitors in five categories.

Moots finished first in the 11th annual MGM Iron-Man 3-Gun competition, June 11-13, in Parma, Idaho. Informally referred to as the Mother of All 3-Gun Matches, the Iron-Man involves 10 timed stages, each requiring the use of all three guns. Competitors averaged 11 hours of intense shooting each day, and fired over 1,000 rounds of ammunition in the course of the event.

He also used 155 gr TAP® and 45 ACP 230 gr XTPTM ammo to win first place in Heavy Metal Optics and High Law Enforcement at the 2009 Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Championships, August 6-8, at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico.

“My loyalty for Hornady® ammunition is unfailing,” said Moots. “I have had great success with this high quality ammunition, and absolutely no malfunctions!” Moots has been a member of Team Hornady since 2005.

Sean Dexter used Hornady® 223 55 gr Varmint ExpressTM and Hornady® 9mm 124 gr XTPTM to take the Silver Medal in the Police Action Pistol event, and Bronze in the 3-Gun event, during the 2009 Western States Police and Fire Games, June 13-20, in Santa Clarita, California.

The annual Western States Police and Fire Games are highly prestigious within the Police and Fire community, with officers from 14 western states competing in 60 different events. The Police Action Pistol event is one of the most difficult shooting competitions available. Competitors shoot either revolvers or semi-automatic pistols in timed series of standing, sitting, prone and kneeling positions on 7 to 50 yard ranges, with barricades and scenarios that law enforcement officers may encounter in the field.

“Sometimes lightning does strike twice!” said Dexter. “As always, I owe Hornady a huge thanks for their generous support.”

Dexter is a K-9 officer and a 23-year veteran of the Beverly Hills Police Department, Beverly Hills, California. He has been a member of Team Hornady since 2006.


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