Vita-Rack 26 from Hunter’s Specialties Proven to Control Ticks on Deer

Vita-Rack 26 from Hunter’s Specialties Proven to Control Ticks on Deer

Hunter's Specialties Vita-Rack 26 Deer Feed
Hunter's Specialties Vita-Rack 26 Deer Feed
Hunter's Specialties
Hunter's Specialties

Cedar Rapids, IA – -( After years of research and in-field testing, Hunter’s Specialties has announced an exciting added benefit of feeding Vita-Rack 26 – the virtual elimination of ticks and other pests on the deer that eat the mineral.

In many parts of the United States, ticks can represent a huge problem to the overall health and well being of each animal within the deer population. Ticks can create enough stress to deer that body size, antler development and even survival are compromised. Vita-Rack 26 aids in controlling ticks with the synergistic reaction of seven different B vitamins with minerals and other vitamins contained in the highly developed formulation. Fewer ticks means healthier deer and enhanced antler growth.

“Our main concern in bringing Vita-Rack 26 to consumers was to provide a nutritional system that would help them grow bigger bucks on their property,” said Dave Forbes, Hunter’s Specialties Co-CEO. “We soon started to see that the deer would eat the mineral year round, even the fawns. This led to a healthier overall herd. After only a few months we also observed fewer and fewer ticks on the deer during the warm months. You could see the results of stress reduction on our deer as they put more energy into producing bigger racks and overall body mass. The does we harvested were starting to weigh as much as our bucks did in the past. I can’t recall any place I have hunted before, including our own farm, where the early bow season deer we harvested weren’t covered in ticks.”

David Fuhr, who developed the formula for Vita-Rack 26, said in a recent interview, “Our studies have shown that deer are often lacking in the essential vitamins and minerals they need to maintain good health. Many factors, including weather, geographical location and current farming practices can limit nutrients found in the wild. Our goal was to develop a year-round nutritional program that would address these deficiencies in a deer’s diet. We have seen incredible improvements in the body size and health of the deer on our test farms. Bucks are growing larger, with heavier racks, and multiple births are common among the does in the herd. We soon discovered after feeding the supplement for a few months that there was a huge reduction in the number of ticks and other pests bothering the herd. Since the vitamins in Vita-Rack 26 are designed to work together and compliment each other, the deer have a healthier immune system and as a result, fewer pests. With the prevalence of tick borne illnesses throughout the country, this provides a health benefit not only for the deer, but hunters as well.

Vita-Rack 26 contains a balanced blend of minerals and human food grade vitamins that create an important nutritional supplement for deer. Unlike many of the supplements currently on the market which contain mostly salt or sugar, Vita-Rack 26 will keep deer visiting your mineral sites year-round because they are attracted by the smell and taste of the minerals and vitamins they need. The food grade vitamins maintain their strength over a longer period of time, providing greater shelf life. They are also water soluble, so they are easily absorbed into the deer’s digestive system. This ensures consumers will be providing the best nutrition available to the deer in their area.

Vita-Rack 26 should be placed near trails and other areas frequented by the deer in your area. To start a new feeding station, make sure the ground is clear of leaves and debris. Loosen the ground with a rake, leaving an indention 2-3 feet in diameter to help prevent run-off from heavy rain. Pour ¾ of a 5-pound bag into the indentation and mix into the ground. Pour the remainder of the bag on top of the ground. Deer will instinctively seek out the nutrition they need. When they find your site, they will visit it repeatedly, so we recommend that you refresh the site every other month. To refresh, simply pour a 5-pound bag of Vita-Rack 26 on an existing lick site and mix into the ground.

Vita-Rack 26 comes packaged in 5-pound and 25-pound bags to accommodate hunters with land holdings of any size. Every 40 acres, depending on terrain, should have a feeding station.

The Vita-Rack 26 Total Whitetail Nutritional System from Hunter’s Specialties will help sportsmen develop a healthy deer herd with plenty of quality bucks.

For more information, log onto the Hunter’s Specialties website at, write to 6000 Huntington Court NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402, or call a Consumer Service Specialist at 319-395-0321.

Hunter’s Specialties is the world’s largest manufacturer of hunting accessories and has been producing quality products since 1977. Hunter’s Specialties manufactures over 900 products. Owners David and Carman Forbes, who live by the company motto “For Sportsmen, By Sportsmen,” started H.S. with just one product–No-Mar Camo Gun & Bow Tape.

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Please let me know the price of the powder vita Rack 26 supplement that helps prevent ticks. THE POWDER Vita rack 26. Thank you