Whitetails Unlimited Unveils 3 For Three Archery Program

Whitetails Unlimited Unveils ‘3 For Three’ Archery Program
A new branch of WTU’s successful Kids on Target program introduced.

Whitetails Unlimited
Whitetails Unlimited

Wisconsin – -(AmmoLand.com)- Inspired by the overwhelming success of Whitetails Unlimited’s Kids on Target firearm marksmanship program, WTU is now implementing the “3 For Three” archery component for young archers.

“This is a great way to get young people involved with archery in a positive, safe and supervised manner,” said Whitetails Unlimited Executive Director Pete Gerl. “The firearm component of Kids on Target, which is sponsored in part by Rossi USA, has been an overwhelming success, and now we are able to provide encouragement for youngsters to get involved outdoors in a terrific life-long activity – archery.”

Designed for archers 18 and under, participants receive a free kit with official targets, program guidelines, and the 10 Commandments of Archery Safety. They are encouraged to practice as much as necessary, under adult supervision, at a public shooting range. When they are confident in their shooting abilities and ready to qualify, they then use an official target and must place three arrows within the 6-inch colored portion, from a minimum distance of 12 yards. Upon qualification the young successful archer will return the target with the completed witness verification form and receive a WTU Kids on Target gold medal and a personalized color certificate, suitable for framing. These awards will serve as a reminder of their accomplishment of hitting “3 For Three.”

There is no charge to individual participants for any part of the program. For clubs or organizations interested in group participation there will be a nominal fee to help offset a portion of the expense.

“We really want to get young people out of the house and involved in the shooting sports,” said Gerl, “and since the firearm branch of Kids on Target was so successful, expanding into archery was a natural second step. We’d like to get kids away from all the electronics in their lives, and get them outdoors involved in the shooting sports. Obviously, we hope some of them take up archery hunting, but even if they don’t, they will learn a fun sport and some life lessons about success and accomplishment through practice and perseverance. Receiving the medal and certificate is just the kind of outside motivation that most kids respond to in a very positive way.”

Gerl noted that WTU has a long history of recruiting and developing new hunters and participants in the shooting sports, and the Kids on Target program is a continuation of Whitetails Unlimited’s mission of preserving an American tradition.

Participating in the program requires everyone follow the 10 Commandments of Archery Safety, and young archers must be supervised by an adult. In many situations, kids that don’t have success with other sports are excited about the shooting sports.
For more details about Kids on Target, visit the WTU website at www.whitetailsunlimited.com.

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