Ammunition Sales Restrictions, Gun Show Ban Moving Forward in California

Ammunition Sales Restrictions, Gun Show Ban Moving Forward in California
Please Stand-Up and Make Your Voices Heard!

National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

Sacramento, California –-( Yesterday, the Senate gave final approval to Senate Bill 585 by a 21-18 vote. SB585 now heads to the desk of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) for his consideration.

SB585 is a stepping-stone to banning gun shows on all publicly-owned property in California. Introduced by State Senator Mark Leno (D-3), SB585 would prohibit the sale of firearms and ammunition on the property or inside the buildings that comprise the Cow Palace in Daly City, just outside of San Francisco.

The Senate also passed Assembly Bill 962 yesterday by a 21-18 vote. AB962 will now return to the Assembly for concurrence.

As we reported earlier this week, AB962 was amended by the Senate in an effort to make the bill easier to pass. It remains, however, a serious threat to our rights.

The Senate removed a requirement that ammunition retailers be licensed to sell ammunition. In addition, the bill would no longer prohibit the private transfer of more than 50 rounds of ammunition during a 30 day period.

Despite these changes to the bill, AB962 is still unacceptable and represents a dire threat to our ability to exercise our Second Amendment rights. Ammunition retailers would still have to store ammunition in such a manner that it would be inaccessible to purchasers. The bill still requires that individuals purchasing ammunition be fingerprinted at the time of sale, mandates that dealers keep these records and make them available for inspection by the Department of Justice.

Finally, mail order ammunition sales are still prohibited under AB962.

Please contact Governor Schwarzenegger TODAY and respectfully urge him to veto SB585. The Governor can be reached by phone at 916-445-2841 or via fax at 916-558-3160. To email Governor Schwarzenegger, please visit Also, please contact your Assemblymember IMMEDIATELY and respectfully urge them to oppose AB962. Contact information for your Assemblymember can be found at the link below.

Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. Four million members strong, NRA continues its mission to uphold Second Amendment rights and to advocate enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. The Association remains the nation’s leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the military

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Plese dont make this happen only thing this is going to do is make people go out of state to buy ammo.

George Saunders

How can California regulate commerce by banning mail order purchase of ammo?

If the sale is interstate, then that law is unconstitutional as California does not have the authority to regulate interstate commerce.

If the sale is intrastate, then how is the State of California going to monitor the USPS and private carriers for content?

If this law passes, I can see a boom in business for sporting good stores in Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon.

RD Boyles

To many liberal gun haters in CA. I bet the governor signs this anti-gun bill.

If he does vote him out of office and the 21 who voted for it.

These legislators have no respect for the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

Control, control, control – is all they care about. They think they know what's best for everyone.