Charter Arms Wins Domain Name Battle with Cyber Squatter

Charter Arms Wins Domain Name Battle with Cyber Squatter
Charter Arms, Dayton, OH – Charter Arms wins their rightful name back.
Charter Arms
Charter Arms

Dayton, OH –-( Background: As a PR/media relations firm we look at anything and everything to help our clients-that’s our job. When we first started representing Charter Arms we were not fond of their long and cumbersome URL.

We asked, why not just the actual brand name of (skip the firearms). We were told that had been taken by a cyber squatter and it was felt that nothing could be done about that. We knew better!

Ramifications: This kind of thing can affect trademarks through dilution as well as copyrights so we advised Charter to go after the cyber squatter. The particular cyber squatter (people or companies that register other company’s names) is super rich and one, if not the biggest in the world with hundreds of thousands of URLs registered to them. They were using with a link to the actual Charter site and even had their own graphics department design a nifty looking home page representing Charter Arms on their squatted site to the consumer.

Real money makers: A cyber squatter with as few as 1,000 squatted domains (which at this volume cost nearly nothing to register) can make really big money. Now let’s say the squatter has ten advertiser links on each domain site and gets just 100 connections a day for each of those ten companies at 1/10 cent each. He will earn around $1,000 a day-so it pays to be a cyber squatter. There is more money to be made in other ways depending on what the linked companies pay the search engines and which the squatter gets part of, but you get the idea.

The battle: We advised Charter what and how to do what they needed to do.Cyber squatters don’t give up easily (especially true in this case) if they are headquartered outside the U.S. Charter Arms management fought the good fight and after much wrangling in the legal world as well as involvement with ICAN, the international body that governs website registrations…

We win: Charter Arms management would not be bullied by a multi-billion dollar (yeah, billion) cyber squatter and fought back and won. Charter recently got its registered trademarked domain name back for the first time. So now we will be known as but will also retain and use the old URL name link. Plans are to use the shorter version on ads and other communications in the future. We will show only the shorter version on our releases and ask you to do so in any works you might publish.

However, this points out that right is right and a company does have a legal and business right to its name on the Internet-especially if it is their registered trademark, ya just have talk the talk and walk the walk and be ready to seriously fight for your rights and good name.

We hope you will take a look at our recently revised website and tell us what you think. The About Us tab will give you a quick look at a portion of the assembly process.

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