Golfing for the Brave Tournament Helps Fund Trips for Troops

American Military Family’s Golfing for the Brave Tournament Helps Fund Hunting Trips for Troops

Freedom Hunters
Freedom Hunters

ELIZABETH, CO –-( Freedom Hunters, a non-profit outdoor adventure organization under American Military Family Inc., first met SFC Jeremy Henderson on a Research Capture at the Elk Research Institute in Durango, Colorado.

SFC Henderson’s road to Durango with Freedom Hunters started long after his first tour of duty with the 1st Battalion 506th Airborne Infantry on his first deployment to Iraq.

He spent a year attached with the 1st and 2nd Marine Division securing the AL Ambar Province. When his deployment was up, he returned to the United States and was stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado. His unit reflagged from 1-506th Infantry to 2-12 Infantry 2nd Infantry Division.

“We then began our new training and preparing for our most recent deployment to Iraq.” reflected SFC Henderson. “In April 2007, I was preparing my platoon on the upcoming mission and as we were getting into the vehicles I was struck by an incoming mortar round that almost took my life and right leg,” said SFC Henderson. “My injuries include a fractured femur, fractured hip and pelvis, 25% compression fractures to the back and multiple shrapnel wounds to the legs, stomach and back,” he said. “I was EVAC to BAMMC in FT. Sam Texas where they put me back together and got me on the right tract to recovery.”

Jeremy is now retired from the military, but has been working to help other wounded soldiers recoup and recover from their injuries. Jeremy’s outdoor passion includes both hunting and golf. Thanks to generous donations through Freedom Hunters, he was able to dart a bull elk, administer vaccinations and remove the antlers for a memento. Part of the experience at ERI was a chance to see elk up close and personal. It’s one thing to look at elk across a field, but to get within feet of a herd during the rut is simply breath taking.

Jeremy also learned about Chronic Wasting Disease and its effects on the future elk herds. ERI believes the answer to protecting elk is in the genes of elk. Research shows that elk with a certain gene are immune to CWD. Breeding rather than vaccinations may be key to saving this natural resource.

Freedom Hunters was able to rekindle their relationship with Jeremy at the American Military Family “Golfing for the Brave” tournament. Thanks to outdoor industry leaders like the Upper River Chapter of SCI and TechnoHunt, Jeremy along with ten other wounded soldiers from Fort Carson were invited to play golf.

The tournament helped raise money for the Freedom Hunters program as well as other AMF projects. Giving back to the Military families is the main mission for AMF. Gerber, Cold Steel, Brunton, Kelty and SOG provided product to help further our mission. It is inspiring to see soldiers like Jeremy find ways to enjoy the sports they love. Freedom Hunters has seen time and again how the outdoors can help heal wounds that medicine can’t.

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About Freedom Hunters:
Freedom Hunters is a non-profit outdoor adventure program under American Military Family Inc., a Colorado Springs-based organization that provides financial support to service members and their families. We are dedicated to honoring those who protect our freedoms. Our program takes active duty, wounded, Gold Star and families of the deployed on hunting and fishing trips to relax and recoup. Our vision is to recognize, thank and extend appreciation to all members of the military and their families. We hope to share outdoor traditions and our hunting heritage. We value honor, respect, sacrifice and freedom, service to country, loyalty and patriotism. Our mission is to honor and support all members of United States Military and their families, who together serve and sacrifice so much for all of us as they protect and defend our Freedoms.