Kenney Wins Silhouette Shooting Championship

Kenney Wins Silhouette Shooting Championship

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

LINCOLN, Neb. – -( Kenney of Beemer posted a score of 37X40 to win the annual Pressey High School Silhouette Championship on Saturday at Pressey Wildlife Management Area south of Broken Bow.

“We enjoyed great weather, great scores and a wonderful group of young shooters, families, coaches, and spectators,” said Jeff Rawlinson, assistant administrator for the Information and Education Division of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Metallic silhouette shooters compete in the 40-round .22 rimfire match. Competitors shoot at metal targets from 66 yards to 109 yards, firing 10 rounds each at four ranges. Shooters may use a .22 rimfire sporter with iron sights, a scope-sighted rimfire or a .22 rimfire target rifle.

“All shooters have been through the Nebraska Hunter Education course, and the events put on by Match Director Matt Haumont of Broken Bow and volunteers and coaches is a tribute to the responsibility and sportsmanship of the young boys and girls,” Rawlinson said. “The shooting sports offer fun, excitement and challenge to all who participate.”

The results are:


  • State Champion – Mariah Kenney, Beemer, 37X40.
  • High Boy – 1. Collin Moser, Pawnee City, 35X40; 2. Johnson Winemiller, Sterling, 34X40; 3. Tony Hipke, O’Neill, 34X40.
  • High Girl – 1. Alyssa Wolken, Beatrice, 34X40; 2. Rachael Schoenrock, Cortland, 30X40; 3. Grace Moore, Inman, 29X40.
  • Class B – 1. Garrett Tooker, David City, 33X40; 2. Bryce Hermsmeier, DeWitt, 30X40; 3. Cody Dierking, Broken Bow, 29X30.
  • Unclassified – 1. Andy Buhr, Adams, 31X40; 2. Austin Russell, Broken Bow, 25X40; 3. Andrew Simpson, Wayne, 24X40.
  • Novice – 1. Jonathan Jones, Eddyville, 19X40; 2. Parker Jones, Odell, 18X40; 3. Falicia Shepards, Mason City, 17X40.
  • Heavy Scope – 1. Alex Ferguson, Ansley, 29X40; 2. Tyler Hipke, O’Neill, 28X40; 3. Kevin Hartley, 27X40.
  • Light Scope – 1. Lacey Clarke, Berwyn, 28X40; 2. Cody Lorenz, O’Neill, 27X40; 3. Carson Badgley, Oconto, 27X40.
  • Heavy Iron – 1. Tyler Parthemer, Beatrice, 22X40; 2. Jacob Kramer, Litchfield, 15X40.
  • Light Iron – 1. Tawny Nekuda, Wisner, 27X40; 2. Tyler Krivohlavek, Seward, 25X40; 3. Levi Clarke, Berwyn, 22X40;
  • Senior – 1. Joseph Knobbe, West Point, 27X40; 2. Jason Pike, Beatrice, 27X40; 3. (tie) Brandon Maloy, Seward, 25X40; Alex Striern, West Point, 25X40.
  • Junior – 1. Colten Mack, Broken Bow, 19X40; 2. Trevor Maloy, Seward, 18X40; 3. Jared Schlueter, Milford, 18X40 (tie broken by shoot-off).


  • Overall – 1. Homestead 4-H No. 1 (Bryce Hermsmeier, Jason Pike, Rachael Schoenrock, Alyssa Wolken), 121X160.
  • 4-H Team – 1. Holt County 4-H Top Guns (Tony Hipke, Tyler Hipke, Cody Lorenz, Grace Moore), 118X160; 2. Cuming County Sharpshooters A (Mariah Kenney, Tawny Nekuda, Aaron Spenner, Alex Striern), 114X160; 3. Homestead 4-H No. 2 (Andy Buhr, Kylie Garvey, Collin Moser, Tyler Parthemer), 96X160.
  • Open Team – 1. Krayton Conell, Brock Maloy, Cody Shears, Garrett Tooker, 76X160; 2. Hayley Anderson, Joseph Knobbe, Ricky Magner, Aubrey Schultz, 68X160; 3. Chris Bird, Braden Garwood, Alex Hausmann, Kyle Lorenz, 54X160.
  • School Team – 1. Broken Bow Public School (Lacey Clarke, Laine Clarke, Levi Clarke, Cody Dierking), 103X160; 2. Litchfield No. 1 (Hope Downer, Michael Heapy, Breanna LeFever, Joe Thomas), 82X160; 3. Broken Bow High School (Travis Connely, Jonathan Jones, Zane Smith, Colton Williams), 69X160.

The event was sponsored by the Commission, with the support of the Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation, Hornady Manufacturing and Pony Express Ramrodders of Gothenburg.