Rifle Rods – Organize Your Gun Safe

Rifle Rods review and video how to organize your gun safe.

Rifle Rods Before and After
Rifle Rods Before and After

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Cooksville, IL –-(AmmoLand.com)- Like most other gun nuts I have a problem you gunnys may well recognize.

I have too many guns and not enough space to safely store them in my standard gun safe.

They are called Rifle Rods. One of those “Why didn’t I think of it” ideas that will revolutionize your gun safe.

So what happens is I end piling them in my Gunsafe or worse yet leaving some out and hidden around the house and not in the gun safe that I paid big money for and gave myself a hernia lugging up a flight of stairs.

So what to do? It is not the fault of the gun safe, there is actually enough room to get all my rifles and shotguns all inside the safe. The problem is the built in racks do not make maximum use of the safe space and I end up with guns piled on guns and can never get to the one I want to take to the range.

That all changed when I ran into Kevin Kinsella. Kevin has a great gun product I had never seen but is a pure stroke of genius on his part and it solves my gun storage problems at a fraction of the price of a new firearms safe.

Rifle Rods
Rifle Rods

They are called Rifle Rods and they are one of those “Why didn’t I think of it” ideas that you will love and will revolutionize your standard gun safe while doubling, maybe tripling, the amount of rifles you can store in your old safe.

Rifle Rods are simply a 16″, sturdy plastic rod with a Velcro head. They are made to fit 22 Caliber and larger rifles and they even have 17 Caliber Rifle Rods also available.

To install, staple the loop fabric (included in the Rifle Rods Starter Kits) onto the underside of the top shelf. Drop the Rifle Rod down the barrel of any long gun, set the stock in place and pull the Rifle Rod up until the Velcro attaches to the loop fabric. Rifle Rods will stabilize your gun in the upright position. Continue this process until the safe is “straightened up”. Rifle Rods are very versatile, so feel free to be creative when placing guns.

Yeah, it is stupid simple but it does the job better than you can imagine. The trick is that the Rifle Rods make your guns stand up straight in a gun safe or gun storage cabinet and by not leaning all over the place your your rifles and long guns lined up like good soldiers!

Rifle Rods Features

  • Easy to install
  • Will work in any gunsafe or gun cabinet
  • Maximize gun capacity (up to twice as many long guns)
  • Minimize gun damage
  • Maximize rifle accessibility
  • Breath new life into old guns safes
  • Customize your new gunsafe
  • Low price and great value
  • Reusable over and over for the life of your guns
  • Made in the USA

For less money than the tax you would pay on a new safe, you can make your existing safe organized and at the same time able to hold way more guns! You gotta try these out.

Rifle Rods -Organize Your Gun Safe
Rifle Rods – Maximize Your Gun Safe & Fit More Guns in Less Space

In one example: 18 long guns or 5 with scopes, fit in half of a 24 gun safe! Plus room for ammo, pictures, and irreplaceable items. This 24 gun safe can now hold up to 36 long guns. 18 guns: 6 guns across, 3 deep not counting room for handguns.

Customer Reviews:

“This system is simple to use, clean looking, and works! Thank you again for a very innovative product and your customer service.”

“All I can say is that they have been a life saver!! I cannot believe how much room I have in my safes after I started using these rods. Thanks again!!”

Soldier of Fortune Magazine said, “They will increase the capacity of your guns safe by 50%…no exaggeration!”

What are you waiting for visit Gun Storage Solutions today, Order Rifle Rods and maximize your gun safe!

Gun Storage Solutions: Our Mission is to develop a safe, usable, maximized storage space for your gun collection. Utilizing your shelf, the products from Gun Storage Solutions make even the smallest space store more guns. Transform your gun safes, cabinets, and closets to satisfy your gun storage needs.

Visit: StoreMoreGuns

PS: Check out the reversible shell shelf and add even more storage space while at the same time making your shorter long guns fit better.
PS: Check out the Reversible shell Shelf and add even more storage space while at the same time making your shorter long guns fit better.
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